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Subtle But Important Distinction Between Ron Paul And The Rest Of The GOP Field

The rest of the field has these grand plans to subsidize parts of the economy. Rick Santorum wants to subsidize manufacturing. Perry, Romney, and Newt (and I think Bachman and Huntsman) want to subsidize energy. Notice how Ron Paul never speaks in those terms though. While he agrees w/ the rest of the field on lowering taxes and getting rid of regulations (replacing those regulations with "free market regulation"), Dr. Paul feels that the government is there only to be the "referee". In other words, enforce laws, property rights, contracts, etc. But he never "pushes" energy or manufacturing or anything else. Ron Paul does NOT believe the president is the "job creator in chief" and he doesn't think that any one man is smart enough to "run the economy".

This is a FUNDAMENTAL difference between him and the rest of the candidates and it's important that people understand this. Because giving a president the power to run the economy creates the situations where lobbyists have stuff to lobby for (since the president and/or congress can "dole out favors"). Then we end up with LESS competition because the laws will be written to favor existing big businesses. And they will push for regulations that will make the barriers to entry too expensive for competition in the marketplace (which drives down price).

And for those of you who are wondering, yes, I listen to Peter Schiff. :)

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Good point. And there is a

Good point. And there is a not so subtle distinction or two as well...He actually wants to cut spending (not tinker with the tax increases) and he wants to slash overseas adventurism that would save more than enough to finance all the crap and boondoggles the others want to create.


I certainly didn't intend to minimize the importance of those differences. I just wanted to shed some light on one that I don't think gets enough attention.

Yes, and why running the government is not

the same as running a business.

As Ron Paul has said repeatedly, let the free-market work (in other words let it be 'free' to work - keep the gov's grimy fingers out of it).

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