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Slumber parties for Paul

In my state of half sleep last night I had a vision.

We all know that Ron Paul people will fight through HELL to get to the caucuses and primaries. But what if a really major blizzard happens that night? What if they physically can't get there??????

So my vision was a coordinated effort on to find those who live CLOSEST to the caucus / primary locations to hold huge slumber parties for supporters, so that the next day there will be no question that thousands of RP people will get there, even if they have to climb over snow drifts. Some areas may even want to rent a gymnasium or meeting room to sleep in. It could be quite fun, actually. Sleeping bags, popcorn, pot luck!

This would be a bear to coordinate..... but I have faith in our troops. Call it "Slumber Parties for Paul"

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If there is a major freeze in Iowa .

Before the caucus we win hands down.

Good Thinking....!!!!


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I must say

I'm kind of jealous I'm not in Iowa to participate, this sounds like a fun idea.

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