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Newt Romney's Money Shot - Warning: Filthy Rich

Romney made a major mistake last night by making an illegal bet of $10,000 in the state of Iowa.


That was beyond stupid, because Romney's 10K wager will now be highlighted by this incredible photograph.

(Thanks to Epicurean Helvetic)


If I lived in Iowa, I would print out this photo, make about 10,000 copies and deliver it to every doorstep possible.

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I'll blow over. Its in the culture.. how many times has a person said , I'll bet you such-'n-such amount..

No doubt he was talkin' on a larger scale than most can fathom, even so, it'll get brushed-off.

I don't trust Romney

but I certainly don't trust Gingrich more, Gingrich is so evil, he makes Romney look like the poster child for integrity.

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