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Green Room: Ron Paul Strong in Iowa

George Will, Leslie Sanchez, and Donna Brazile of ABC's This Week discuss the Iowa caucus.


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It's good to see what the

It's good to see what the commentary was like in the green room and compare it to that said on the show.

Thanks for posting Epicurean Helvetic!


Are we just as strong in New

Are we just as strong in New hampshire?

We should start mentioning if a post was aired on TV

We should start mentioning if a post was aired on TV or not in my view.
We need TV coverage and shouldn't get excited when the media mentions something on the internet. We already own that realm. We need to get into the living room on TV.
This should not count as Ron Paul Coverage. As far as I'm concerned if it wasn't on TV then no new voters watched it nor heard it!

Squeeze Me

"Excuse me" for posting a relatively unseen video.

I do not understand Fr33d0m_W0rks' rant. Should I have not posted this at all? Should all video posts have in their title the sanction approved Fr33d0m-W0rks TV approval? Should I post this in the Off-Topic forum?


I replied to your previous question about this being on TV. You have asked this many times in other threads; which anyone can see in your history.

I share your concern about getting more aired TV time, and it is happening.


Sounds to me like George Will is a closet Ron Paul supporter.

He fessed up to reading "End the Fed" and sounded like he wanted to keep talking about him. Ms. Sanchez also got a little excited when Donna Brazile mentioned Ron's turnout of a thousand at an Iowa college campus. Very positive stuff.

Sanchez stated (with all nodding their heads) that Ron Paul's numbers in Iowa were realistically around 25%.

Donna Brazile (not an RP fan) said that he was definitely not second tier, and that he had the name recognition, organization, enthusiasm and resources to "win the Iowa caucuses."

Thanks for posting this!

John F

He's not. He just got done

He's not. He just got done calling him an isolationist.

Who would have guessed that he would tap into the seething


Uhhhhhh we did, while you guys walk around completely clueless.

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Was this aired on TV or the internet.

I always ask this because seeing this on TV hits the voters that are not in tune with the internet.
Just curious and hope this was aried on TV.

Sorry, no, this was not aired on TV.

A "green room," in Hollywood speak, is the waiting room offstage where guests eat donuts and drink coffee before air time. And, apparently now, praise President-elect Ron Paul.

This is a web extra, and now a DP exclusive.

This is an interesting HD

This is an interesting HD interview. They must mention Ron, so they did and it was positive--almost like a foregone conclusion he would place near the top.

We'll see what trickery will present itself.

The Republican party will do what ever is necessary to defeat Paul.
For Ron to win it needs to be overwhelming. Watch and see.
Santorum will throw his delegates to whoever is behind Paul, giving Paul a second place finish.
Second is not good enough.
Caucuses can be manipulated by the state party.
I have a bad feeling about this.

What's the big deal with Arlo Guthrie?

Who is Arlo Guthrie? He wrote a blurb on the back of RP's book, End the Fed.

Arlo Guthrie is a musician

Arlo Guthrie is a musician and activist from the late 60's. He wrote the song Alice's Restaurant and starred in the movie. His father was Woody Guthrie, a very great folk musician. Arlo also wrote and performed one of my favorite songs about a train Called the City of New Orleans. He is wonderful. Some time you should listen to his "song" about showing up for the draft. He is very funny..

Very cool, thanks! I'm going to look into it.



I think the pundits are starting to realize that Ron Paul cannot be ignored any longer!!