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Wilmington, Ron Paul signs

Hey everyone. I would just like to announce my intent to put up some Ron Paul posters that I have made from home with some cheap stuff here in Wilmington, NC. You are likely to see them soon. I want to post them on Monday when they are finished just before I leave town for three weeks. I hope some of you out there will one-up me by the time I get back.

They are cheap too so when someone takes them down I'll just put'em right back up again. I hope you will do the same. Peace!

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Excellent efforts. But you

Excellent efforts. But you need an update...posting signs was totally 2008. Nowadays were hitting up registered voters one on one via the Phone From Home Program.

I STRONGLY urge you to do this. It consists of merely conducting surveys with registered voters to find out their preferences on issues. Then the Campaign itself will make followup phone calls.

This technology is unstoppable! We need EVERYONE to hit up the Phone From Home program. The efforts are more fruitful. This is how Rand Paul won in KY. Please consider joining:

If you need resources to do this ie. phone, laptop...I have suggestions that may help.

Phone banking is great

So are signs!

Formerly rprevolutionist

Bump for your efforts!

Thanks. In Liberty.