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Time to embarrass the media for underestimating RP

Long time reader, first time posting to DP. Thank you for the opportunity!

RP's surge is making MSM's prior claims regarding a ceiling of support in low single digits look ridiculous. The MSM is derelict in their duty to us all by broadcasting opinion rather than fact, and I think it's time to hold their feet to the fire. I suggest we channel Jon Stewart and poke a little fun at them.

I just heard ABC's Stephanopoulos say that RP is holding steady at 18% as though he's been there all along. Please post any video/audio you may have of well known MSM source grossly underestimating RP and I'll try to make a video mash-up poking fun at those oracles of Primetime.

Thank you for the wonderful forum,

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We should find clips of news

We should find clips of news anchors talking about how so-and-so has a chance at winning when they had lower/similar poll numbers than Paul and then compare them with clips of how the same anchors talk about RP.

They are very clearly biased. There must be a way to objectively measure this and force their hand by exposing their tactics.

There must be thousands of

There must be thousands of clips saying he can't win, he has no chance, he'll never have more than 10%, he has a ceiling, etc...

You can't embarrass the media

You can't embarrass the media because they have no shame. They lie with a straight face. They are being paid to lie. Who is paying them? The special interest, the corporate owners of the media who are making a killing on the wars.

Giving Ron Paul a forum to spread his message could put an end to the perennial undeclared wars, bombings and sanctions. It would put an end to the bail outs, and the inflation. It would be the end of the Patriot Act. And it could mean jail for a lot of current and former public servants who have broken the law.

RON PAUL in 2012!


...first post. Welcome.

Hopefully plenty will soon post comments with apropos links.

One which would be great, if someone can dig it up, is from YESTERDAY. The strategy of blatantly downplaying a Ron Paul victory in Iowa reared its ugly head on the "Justice" show with Jeanine Pirro(sp) @ Faux Snooze... a "Republican strategist/pollster" came right out and said it would mean absolutely NOTHING.

If time permits later, I will sniff around for relevant clips for you.....

Welcome to posting! You write

Welcome to posting! You write well and your opinions are noted. :)

It's a symptom

The establishment doesn't want people to think RP has a chance and so they skew everything. But, despite that, Ron Paul seems to be rising. Let's hope that continues.

Well it should trend up with the independent mailings

that should start arriving by the end of this coming week with the Media buys and the ground game we will destroy them (regarding Voter Turnout).