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Things Ron Paul Needs To Emphasize More

These are just my observations but I'm wondering what other Ron Paul fans think of this list of things that I feel like Dr. Paul needs to emphasize more.

-His position on the Fed. In recent debates he's said stuff like, "everyone already knows my position on the Fed". Is that really the case though? What about people who are getting turned on to politics for the first time?

-The most conservative (and certainly the most consistent) in the group. He lets Michelle Bachman use that line when he it is painfully obvious that he is clearly the most consistently conservative.

-The most donations from the troops. This should be mentioned in every single debate.

-Has been in the private sector. Sure he's been a politician for a long time but he worked as a doctor during much of that time (delivering babies twice a week). But Mitt loves to talk about how he's the guy who has "private sector" experience. Dr Paul earned his money in medicine.

-How about mentioning that he didn't take medicare because he doesn't believe in it (instead choosing to treat patients for free). To me that really shows how principled Dr. Paul is.

-The fact that he doesn't believe a president can run the economy. I know he's touched on this but he should mention the distinction that he doesn't push for subsidizing energy or manufacturing but rather just for the government to play the role of referee. He can mention stuff like Solyendra is what happens when the president tries to run the economy.

-In terms of taxes, he lets everyone else mention their reductions in taxes. But I feel like I don't hear him mention getting rid of the income tax enough.

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After Iowa

the attacks will come and every news outlet in america will say he wants to legalize cocaine and heroin.He must be clear saying that,as defined by the constitution that it is the STATES rights to control it and not the federal gov.
He is not so much for the legalization of drugs,but the legalization of the constitution and states rights.

kevink, please add these here


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New-comers to politics...

...will research the positions of Ron Paul, especially if they're interested in the Fed, boom and bust cycles and foreign and monetary policy

Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy


Also needs to constantly mention these points:

1) Drastically cut spending, some tax cuts just won't do it, the deficit will still be there.

2) Mention the 5 depts that he'll cut, mention how much he'll cut in his term not only the first year, and when he will balance the budget.

Yes. Plus -- "No revolution"

Like the way you're thinking, kevink.

I would add that Paul needs to stress that his presidency would be the first step of a long and meandering path toward a more limited government.

It's not like we'd wake up the day after he took the oath to a different sort of America. We'd just wake up knowing we'd decided to prepare for a gradual change of course. Conservatives fear drastic change. We fear revolution. Paul needs to remind us more directly that he, as president, would not and could not remake our fruited plains into a Libertarian utopia overnight nor over a decade. He is simply offering to be the guy who holds up a lantern and shows us the overgrown path to restoration.

I assume that Paul doesn't stress this because he assumes that we all know how little poof-bam-bang changes a president can make. But, I fear, he gives us too much credit. He gives the media too much credit, even. The balance of powers in our Constitution means that even the most radical of presidents could not remake the nation. But, I think, we don't quite want to believe this. We want to believe a candidate who says his plan, "creates 1.5 million jobs in three years" and "puts American back on the fast track to global competitiveness" really can. I guess it's a nice thing to believe in, like Santa. It's not true. One President can't do undo harm or repaint everything rose. He can only lead us, with our permission, down a path along which ever step of the way we get to ponder and vacillate and delay and do all the messy business of self-governance. And, yes, even retreat.

I want Paul to say, "Hey, I'm offering a few years of leadership toward an American restoration project. I can't deliver a finished project and I don't want to. It took us a hundred years to stray so far from our ideals and it will take many leaders and many individual acts of courage to get our feet back under us. I'm offering to be the champion of those first hesitant steps."