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The Third Party Pressure

More and more we're seeing the media trying to trap the Good Dr. into an official statement regarding his possible (or impossible) move to a third party candidacy. It's really sleezy in my opinion, but the press will be the press.

On his part, Ron Paul has been very diplomatic each and every time they corner him on the issue but it's obviously only enough to hold over his current interviewer. I think someone needs to get the message to him: He needs to be more stern and say something like, "My positions are true conservative positions. I plan on winning the GOP nomination and the progression of the current campaign cycle indicates that I am well on my way of accomplishing just that. If I was considering an Independant run at the Presidency that would clearly indicate my surrender and surrender simply is not within my character. I have no plans on giving up on the Grand Old Party nor the American People. I will be the next Republican President of these United States."

I love our great grandpa Ron to death, but sometimes I just wish he would bite.

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