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If GOP really wants Obama out, why not insure Ron Paul doesn't become "spoiler"

MSM is relentless in asking RP about his plans to run for third party
candidacy. If GOP is so committed to making Obama a one term
president, why don't they minimize any chance of Ron Paul becoming
a "spoiler" and splitting the GOP vote next Nov.
How you ask?
Simple, get behind Ron Paul and make sure he wins the nomination.
As everyone knows no other contender has the ability to mount a third party challenge.
Then it will be a simple fight between the democrat and republican and no pesty third party candidate to contend with.

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Because the GOP Establishment

Because the GOP Establishment is owned by the same people who control the Democrat Establishment. They are not as concerned about winning the election as they are about making sure that whomever wins the election is no threat to their agenda.

They either want Obama, or some Republican who stands for the same thing. Ron Paul is a threat to the status quo. The GOP Establishment will throw the election rather than see a candidate elected who will work for Constitutional government.

This fact needs to be understood by all Republicans. Their leadership is ready to sell them out. Their leadership (and the Democrat leadership are working for the same interests. And that's why nothing ever changes, regardless which party is in power.

Remember when the GOP held the presidency and both Houses? Limbaugh used to go on the radio and tell us that the Republicans had been out of power for so long that they forgot how to run things! This is incredible. How could anyone fall for this? It's not a case of them forgetting how to rule, it's a case of they have sold out!

If Republicans want to change the direction of their party, they need to throw out the current globalist, Neocon leadership and replace it with Constitutionalists.

They ask him that because it

They ask him that because it hurts him, and.. I think that he needs to start to give a more solid answer on this. (or say the same thing with more polish)

It appears if Paul gets the nomination.. that Trump is the one who will run as an independent to protect the establishment. That should tell you that the core establishment Republicans would rather have Obama than Paul and are willing to split the vote to do it. Paul has the opportunity to discredit that plan now because he's being asked it so much.. so a response like. "The person you really should ask that question to is Donald Trump." may be good.

Because much of the GOP

Because much of the GOP establishment and it's supporters (the Bill O'Reilly's and Ann Coulter's) would prefer a neocon democrat like Obama to a libertarian conservative republican like Ron Paul. What they cannot bear to part with is their precious empire. To them anyone who doesn't think America ought to conquer and permenantly occupy almost every country on the planet is a traitor who "doesn't support our troops."