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MISSOURI - Help Ron Paul visit our State

Missourians, if we work hard by finding the appropriate venues it would very seriously encourage Ron Paul to make a one-day visit to our State early enough in the Primary process for us to be able to use it to our advantage at the caucuses. The campaign has indicated an interest that is dependent on our commitment to the project.

A single day would provide a great deal of leverage to our efforts to find existing supporters by allowing us to take advantage of the large crowds that a Paul visit would generate. We could be signing up all kinds of new people for volunteer activities and the end-goal of all that activity - large numbers of Paul supporters participating in the Missouri caucuses.

Here's what we'd like to see:

The campaign (that has indicated a definite interest dependent on our efforts) would choose a single Saturday and agree to fly into airports in the three largest counties that include St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield. These three counties carry the most weight at the caucuses.

Armed with a date and times we would contact ALL our local media outlets - print, radio, and television - and leverage the power of our Meetup groups, existing contact databases, flyering the college campuses, and shareable Facebook event pages to garner much attention.

Paul would stay in each location for a short rally and a speech before flying on to the next location. Existing county coordinators and their volunteers would man an entrance booth at each event and sign up all the willing rally-goers for further contact either electronically or very legibly by obtaining their name, phone, email, preferred method of contact, and county in which they are registered to vote.

What we need is the following:

Initial suggestions of any preferably private location at major airports that would allow us to host an event. I am in Springfield and will be contacting my wife's employer as he owns a large private hanger at the Springfield airport. If anyone has any suggestions of similar locations in St. Louis or Kansas City or even Springfield, please suggest them here or call me.

Brad Mowell
Greene County Grassroots Co-Coordinator

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You better work it hard in those cities

because out here in the rural towns of Missouri they love their wars. These local people are brainwashed. I have been living in a small town of around 20 k people in southeastern Missouri for over two years now. It's a freaking nightmare to convert anyone here. Half the people I met here, who are republican, are getting some kind of Government check every month. They believe everything the new says and they all read their news papers religiously. The media is basically telling them what to do and they all follow like sheep. I am telling you the rural towns are going to be difficult to win over. There is a whole different dynamic going on in rural towns. Everyone here knows everyone so people really don't like to draw attention to themselves. They are very worried about what other people might think of anything thing they do. The people who run for office here are people they know so they all think they are good people because someone in their family went to school with the person. I would bet that it is the same people who are on the slate of delegates every time and if you are new to sign up (which I still haven't figured out how to do that myself) I doubt you will get to be on their slate of delegates. It would be hard to get enough supporters together (I haven't found one convert yet in two years other than some of my family and they are questionable) to make a slate of delegates to run against the establishment. I lived in Springfield last election and I have to say it is a world of difference in small town Missouri. Last election I payed to keep a meetup in this small town while living in Springfield and wondered why nobody joined it now I am seeing first hand why. There are very simple people in these small towns and they know the government is corrupt and they feel like there is nothing they can do to stop it. When you start to explain how they can change things they start out listening but as you talk about what needs to be done you can see their eyes gloss over and you know your voice just turned into charlie browns teacher to them. They can't get away from you fast enough and get back to the news, sports, or partying. Springfield was like heaven to this hell I live in now. I have always been quite a talker most my life. But I have learn to keep my mouth shut while hearing some of the most stupid conversations I've ever heard. I have though about just going and getting on the republican slate of delegates and keeping my mouth shut until the state convention but I still haven't figured out how to become a delegate in this small town. Four years ago I was in a large meetup and we basically took over our caucus. I do not have that option here. I would like some advice on how I can get on the slate of GOP delegates here. If anyone can help me do that I would appreciate the advice.

Remember the delegates come from the caucus this time, not the

primary. We will need committed people to be their at the county caucuses.

Ron Paul Missouri visit

How about the St. Patricks Dog Town Parade. We could have floats made and he could be in a convertable on the parade route.


...that is the same day as the County caucuses. We should ALL have MUCH more important things to do that day. :-)

Are you aware of what the caucus is? Are you coordinating with a group in your county? If not, lets get you hooked up!

Lee in St. Louis is...

...going to check with the nearby university as well as try to nail down a location at the airport.

Can anyone help him with some ideas?

Our local group is tracking this and are busy working

to iron out the details and mobilize people there.

If you have any further details, I can be a point of contact in Kansas City. Send me a message and I can get you my info.

If it must be an airport and high profile at that, Kansas City International is your best bet. University of Missouri - Kansas City has an impressive auditorium if you are looking for a campus. Finally the Uptown Theatre, which Dr. Paul spoke at in '07, is located downtown KC and the owner is a big supporter. They too have an incredible venue.

I work with a lot of students in Kansas and Missouri and am currently operating to organize the Youth for Ron Paul chapters. I can suggest some contacts at Washington University in St. Louis.

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A venue outside of an airport would probably depend on the logistics of being able to make three different stops in a single day.

How long of a drive (worst case scenario) is the Uptown Theatre from the Airport? Sounds like a great place, particularly considering that the owner is a supporter.

In regard to details there aren't many at this point. This project is up to us and basically what we make of it with the primary restriction being the ability to pull off all three stops in a single day.

Messaged you.

Sent you a message back

Did a little more digging and came up with a nice list. Looking forward to seeing what is possible.

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
www.yaliberty.org - Young Americans for Liberty
www.ivaw.org/operation-recovery - Stop Deploying Traumatized Troops


What email address would it come up under? lol