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LOL Oh My God 1000 College Students will be at the FOX debate!


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How do you get to go if you are in college?

or is it rigged?

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It is

It is rigged! Students loans have reached a trillion dollars! That's insane man....

juan maldonado


What you mean?

juan maldonado

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I have a question for

I have a question for everyone, and I've been thinking about it a long time, and never remember to ask.

Did you align yourself with the Tea Party Principles...or do you still?

Did or do you feel the Tea Party has been co-opted by the GOP or perhaps by other entities that lost sight of what the original intent was? (One comes to mind: that group under the Tea Party Banner that encouraged all to attend the Trumpet Debate.)

Have been on a thread/blog tonight... Patriot Update... on which RAND Paul stated that Newton does not represent the Tea Party... Well, I entirely agree with him, and all of you would be greatly pleased with the comments posted there! Have many people ever caught on to ole Newton! AND were seemingly overwhelmingly in favor of Dr. Paul! (They actually sounded as though they were DailyPaulers! And needless to say, was a fun one for me.)

BUT it occurred to me that original Tea Party Members ARE probably DailyPaulers! There was a point in time when I could see by the correspondence I'd receive that Newt or Perry (sometimes Bachmann) would be touted as the Nominee of choice...but at that time, I realized something had changed with a few Tea Party Groups...and that it was that the GOP had moved in to control them..?

So, as for me, I STILL consider I'm a Tea Partier at heart. Never know which party to check, however, in a poll... GOP, Tea Party, OR Libertarian?

And I know this is not the forum to be discussing this, but do I make any sense at all? Are Tea Party groups ENDORSING NEWTON, for which the GOP has pushed or for Romney? Who?

I posted tonight on the comment Board that I thought I knew where the true Tea Partiers had gone...and could be found. And I personally 'feel' Ron Paul Supporters may very well be from the Tea Party origin.

I guess I'm just asking, "Who are you?" And actually, there may have been a segment dedicated to that very question. If so, someone please point me toward it!

Good night, Patriots. Sheets calling my name!

Susie 4 Liberty

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i agree with everything you said, s4l...

we/you are still here...

watching, listening, learning

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
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Thank you for reply, ecorob!

Thank you for reply, ecorob!

Susie 4 Liberty

I suspect

that anyone who got their name on any sort of tea party list has been swamped to the point of overload with pitches from dozens of organizations and causes hoping to ride the wave. I know I have. I've assigned any number of orgs. to my Junk folder and more pop up to replace them.

I think it is a mistake to assume that all the tea party was concerned about was the massive debt and out-of-control spending. That's what it coalesced around but each person came with their own personal set of concerns that included social values and America's God-given right to murder foreigners for many.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

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And I thank YOU for response

And I thank YOU for response also, McClarinJ. Yes, I've been overloaded. (Will tell you sometime about the reception I got when I had call from Tea Party Patriots - that I finally took... Gave me a clue I didn't say what the discourteous caller wanted me to day.)

And I'm sure you're right ppl came with their own personal agenda...but I felt smaller govt was top priority, and most certainly, not MORE regulations and controls.

(OH...and your last statement. ok...gotcha re foreigners. Will need to find my best stab at what a college student said to me about RP this past week...if I can't do it justice, won't try. Nope, can't...so maybe tomorrow, although I'll never find you again. Made me teary eyed... was profound and absolutely true, in my opinion.)

BUT I could certainly tell there was no consensus in whom the individual groups supported, and I don't remember ANY of them outright endorsing RP - which may have been to his benefit.

Susie 4 Liberty

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I think...

I'm gonna watch this debate.

I'll end my boycott against these "heads" to watch a spirited debate!

I think I like it!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Oh! So that's why the others on stage last night were

having a love fest for RP. They were conceding defeat. They already that about the next debate so they know he wins Iowa. That makes sense, everyone of them is a fake candidate. Their just props. Mostpeople know that NewtWorldOrder is one of the most hated and scorned politicians in America. They have already established that Romney would never win. Rick Perry's skeletons were always just a google away. They knew that, but now he's destroyed. The other 2 have what 2% and Huntsman din't even show up.
There's no stopping an idea who time has come, and as RP said: Ideas are bullet proof!

This is a stick-up!

I'm stealing your NewtWorldOrder.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

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OH, Please let me, too! So

OH, Please let me, too! So much better than my "NEWTON"!

Susie 4 Liberty


newt is a goner man.... he will lose i promise you... ron paul is the truth.

juan maldonado

can we win in

new hamshire? or is mitt a lock?

juan maldonado

depends on the...

...magnitude (or lack of one) of the RONSLIDE in Iowa. If the Iowa win is resounding (and reported) the "W" is possible. But a close 2nd, within say 5-7% would be just fine. Why?? Because the DELEGATES aren't "winner take all" but proportional. Along those lines... a really bad FIFTH in Iowa for Obamney along with a crummy 4th or 5th by Grinch in New Hampshire are very desirable outcomes, which would set RP up nicely even if only getting "within hailing distance" 3rds in So. Carolina and Florida.

After those things, if they happen, it's all down to Super Tuesday and the other CAUCUS States :-)

We have 49 more states to go.

We have 49 more states to go.

The big dynamic is getting

The big dynamic is getting just enough delegates to hold a brokered convention, which is a real possibility that has got the pundits talking for the first time in years. With Paul's campaign strategy suited more towards the caucus states, it would behoove Paul's campaign to take notes on some of the Obama 08 moves.

The parallels are already there. The only thing that could be a problem is Obama had a number of endorsements from super voters and also a huge warchest from K-Street insiders. Without that, it will be difficult to win outright, hence the focus on getting a brokered convention.

Never forget:

To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

- Barry Goldwater

I have no idea what a

I have no idea what a brokered convention means lol. I'm still learning this stuff. Personally I think the key is Iowa. If he can perform well there, we got it! I just know man

juan maldonado

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I don't trust FOX

They probably had someone from the college buy the tickets and then give them to their new found darling Gingrich.

I thought

I heard them say that the audience last night was invited by the Iowa Republican Party. Maybe I'm dreaming but I think I'm right.

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~ Peter Marshall, US Senate Chaplain 1947

You heard right. That is

You heard right. That is exactly what was reported at last nights debate.



juan maldonado

only 10%

Only 10% like him.

Link: http://oskynews.org/?p=36218

Paul ante portas.

Matt Strawn - Huffed off stage.

I remember Matt Strawn huffed off the stage after announcing the winner of the Iowa straw poll leaving everyone waiting for the results.
Disrespectful - No one got it until the results showed up on screen with Ron Paul in a solid second! LOL..... No Love lost there.


he did? but rp came in 2nd though

juan maldonado

My point

My point was that Matt was not pleased that Ron placed so well. He is supposed to have control over this situation and not have us freedom loving radicals take over a neo-con love fest event LOL!

Paul wins Drake straw poll - 35%

"DES MOINES, Iowa – Dec. 11, 2011 – As campus buzzed with the activity of the ABC News Presidential Debate, 1,223 Drake University students participated in one of the largest student straw polls this election cycle. Students were asked to pick their favorite Republican candidate. Among the Republican contenders, Ron Paul won the poll with 35 percent of the vote. Paul was followed by Mitt Romney (25 percent) and Newt Gingrich (10 percent).

"Students were then asked who they would vote for in a head-to-head matchup between their preferred Republican contender and President Obama. Fifty-five percent of respondents chose the Republican candidate over Democrat Barack Obama."

Link: http://oskynews.org/?p=36218

Paul ante portas.


Ummm.... Was this poll open to all students? I'd have to imagine that Democrats and Independent student voters would go for Ron Paul. In that case, I would have imagined a landslide.

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more good news

"First of all, Strawn points out a large bloc of tickets to Saturday's debate went to the host, Drake University. The Fox News debate audience will include far more partisans."

Read more: http://politics.blogs.foxnews.com/2011/12/11/all-my-rowdy-fr...



juan maldonado