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The Number of Debates This Year is Insane

It seems the media is in panic, desperation and attempting damage control at every opportunity in steering the elections this round with debate after debate.

They are pushing Newt huge on FOX right now. They actually were just talking about - get this - how much huge Tea Party support Newt has... WTH? There is ZERO Tea Party about Newt Gingrich.

They also were talking like Newt has Iowa locked up.

The number of debates is insanity.

There's already another up for FOX AGAIN this week Thursday I think they said.

It seems like every time their darling of the month isn't working out, it's time to have another debate.

Anyone know the numbers from 08 vs. this election on debates?

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Well, BigMike, I looked it

Well, BigMike, I looked it up. So far all I found was that 2008 debates were planned in 2007, but there were none. There were 4 in 2008 and 2 forums. That seems like it, from my research. It is very odd, indeed, now that it is called to my attention. No one really likes these guys running. We need to get them beyond the RP supporter stereotype so they can see the man. I think we are starting to do this..hope.


Why is one party debating prior to the other????

Doesn't this give an unfair advantage to the later debating party???

Democrats can sit back and whach and learn and build strategies....while Rebublicans lay out their platforms...NOT FAIR...

Why do we not have political debate amoung ... say the top tier level of Republicans and Democrats instaead of waiting until we have just one nominee from each party???

I personally believe we should disband govenment sanctioned parties and debate all contenders and not give us such a limmited choice....

Just my thoughts...

Actually, the party not

Actually, the party not debating is probably at the greater disadvantage. This was one of the main points when Ralph Nader was trying to get six "distinguished" democratic-leaning Americans to debate Obama, despite that he is running unchallenged. His point was that why are they letting the republicans put forth all the ideas and explain positions and dominate the news cycles.

The democrats could be debating right now if they wanted someone to challenge the incumbent.

Typo: I think you meant

Typo: I think you meant "inane."

Look at all the sensationalistic questions and the 30 second rebuttals with the moderators trying to pit candidates against each other and start arguments. It's the newest reality TV series. Debates might eventually get larger viewership than when we have live footage of us bombing and invading other countries.

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I truly meant "Insane"

but Inane works as well.

I was just kidding, but isn't

I was just kidding, but isn't it amazing how they are interchangeable so often?


but it is all talk. When Ron finishes 1st or a close 2nd in Iowa....they will say it's a fluke. It's all they've got. The so called Tea Party is a farce as it has been hijacked by the NeoCons...so I am not surprised that many of them do support newt.

One thing that everybody agrees on...the media, Ron, and all of us, is that Paul supporters will show in big numbers. The only question is how passionate is newt's support.

Caucus night in Iowa...will be a cold, dark, Monday evening...hopefully with ice and snow. We will know what newt's strength is then..we already know ours.

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I actually hope the weather is great and dry and Ron still .

takes the win.

That would take away the media's excuse.

..so do I, Big. I hope it is

..so do I, Big. I hope it is a beautiful night..:)

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You know as well as all of us do

He could win Iowa with 100% and it won't mean anything at all, if the weather is even slightly snowy that night with a laughable 1/4 inch dusting that melts in 3 minutes.