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Lindsey Graham won’t endorse Gingrich; hopes Paul does well

From: The Hill

"I'm not going to endorse him but I think he can beat President Obama and I would certainly support him as president if he won the nomination," Graham said Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press."

Graham said he didn't have plans to endorse any Republican candidate in this year’s contest after backing Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) in 2008.

He said he supported McCain because "we had a close relationship" and noted that he doesn't have that bond with members of this field but hopes Rep. Ron Paul (Texas) does well.


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Word is it's the Rand effect

Maybe the idea of a Rand Paul Presidency makes some Senators more nervous than the idea of a Ron Paul Presidency?

This is like being endorsed

by the guy that screwed the pooch.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

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MERCY! That's just exactly

MERCY! That's just exactly what I was thinking! No! NO! Go Away, Kiss of Death!!!

Susie 4 Liberty

You see what's happening

You see what's happening don't you? The elites are going to start being kind to RP because they know Iowa is lost and they will say Iowa means nothing after it's over. Look who has won Iowa: Pat Robertson and Buchanan. Their only hope is to try and write it off.


They're going to be nice because a) it may be a contested convention and they would want the delegates and b) they want RP's support (and his army of voters) in the general. My opinion is that that ship has sailed. No way, no how will any other major party candidate (except for Gary Johnson) get my vote this year or next: I'm voting for Paul. The GOP and the GOP ranks have been nothing but rude, insulting and vile to Ron Paul and those of us who support him and differ from the neo-cons on domestic and foreign policy. I remember when the Patriot act came up. I remember when we went to war with Iraq. I remember the 2008 election and remember having a different opinion and action from the rest of the GOP. I have been called a traitor, closet-liberal, idiot, un-patriotic, coward etc. etc. by the neo-cons because I dare not go along with them. Even a president, GWB, called us unpatriotic and attempted to marginalize and humiliate those who disagreed. I loathe neo-cons and I loathe the modern GOP. NO WAY wil I EVER support who they support. If the GOP candidate is NOT Ron Paul I HOPE s/he loses. More than that, I hope a viable 3rd party emerges that I will gladly leave the GOP for. I say RON PAUL or bust. Ron Paul or veto the GOP candidate until they take us seriously.

They are just trying to save

They are just trying to save face.

I'm right there with you buddy. RP or bust.

FU Lindsey Graham.. you are

FU Lindsey Graham.. you are no better than gingrich. You are just as low.

...He "Thinks Gingrich can Win"???

This is without question the..BIGGEST MYTH..in This Election year.

Ok....Now lets LOOK at the NUMBERS HERE.

ZOGBY POLLS last month showed that a...MASSIVE.....48%...of REPUBLICANS state that "They will Not Support Newt Gingrich because of his Criminal Past and the fact that he ADMITS he Ditched his own Wife and Children and Ran Off with Another Woman." (.....2 TIMES !!!! I would add.)

So....Even if just....10%...of these Conservative Voters stick to their Guns and REJECT the Newt thats....4.8% of the Republican Party that will Not show up to the polls if Newt is on the GOP Ticket.


Add to this FACT the Harris Company Poll out last week that showed Newt Gingrich....DOWN...48%-35%...on the National level !!!

This would set up an OBAMA LANDSLIDE !!!

Meantime that same poll shows that Ron Paul is...EVEN..with Obama 42%-42%.

So lets take the next 2 weeks to...KILL..The MYTH that "Ron Pauls great but he cant win" and that "Newt stinks but he can take the White House from Obama"...BOTH ARE WRONG.

not to mention

war mongers like Newt will get very few Obama supporters

Yes, but Obama is also a

Yes, but Obama is also a warmonger. We're living in an upside-down-and-backward world.

But, then he went on to say I hope RP endorses the Rep. candidat

But, then Lindsey Graham went on to discuss at length that he hoped "when" RP does not win he will endorse the republican candidiate, so Obama will be beaten. Basically, he said that RP needed to throw his support to the republican party, when he does not win and he seemed worried that RP would run as a third party. Well, Lindsey Graham as much as I like RP, even if he was to endorse a republican nominee I would not vote for them. Obama or any other candidate is the same. We should call Lindsey Graham (864) 250-1417 and let him know he is right - without RP supporters the republican party will lose. The Republican Party needs to start supporting Ron Paul and endorsing what they used to stand for.

Remember That Townhall Mtg?

Back when all the people where occupying the Townhall mtgs and scaring the crap out of Senators?

Didn't Lindsay say something derogatory about Ron Paul. I forget the quote.


can read the tea leaves. he wants to get reselected. And maybe he is terrified of Ron Paul's supporters...everywhere he goes...we are there...I think we are in his head.

Lindsey poses bravely in army

Lindsey poses bravely in army fatigues:


Because I got to him

over and over again, finally he posed for a picture with the closest thing to Ron Paul, my Ron Paul Blimp balloon!


Turn Copper into gold http://UgetGold.com and see what it is all about!
You will need it if we dont get a President!

I know

I wanted to embed this photo with the article but it got DP filtered or something. If one of the mods could do it that would be a great addition. (with, your permission?, a full photo credit to Patriot1)


hahahahahahahahaha! brilliant!

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I think I just

soiled myself.

He is worried...

... about his re-election chances.

Plano TX

huh? The biggest empire

huh? The biggest empire loving chickenhawk in the whole republican party wishes Ron Paul well?

yeah thats me to

makes me nervous. I'm sure he just trying to save his own ass politically. But still... not used to all this. I'm feeling like I should be expecting the shoe to drop. Or maybe we are the shoe and last night we dropped on them. lol

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Scarey pic but imagine a

big, big chickenhawk deepthroating his worst nightmare. LoL! It's coming and they know it.

The RNC and Republican party is dead without Ron Paul.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.