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I agree that there is a media blackout against Ron Paul

therefore, I have decided to put together a simple way that we can COUNT each individual who is aware of the blatant, dishonest omission of Ron Paul.


After this last debate in Iowa, I have had more than I can take. I wanted to do something to help the cause by trying to steer the individuals to a central location where they can simply click the "Like" button and leave and they are counted. However, I left it open so that there can be some discussion on the page as well. Please participate and help me to circulate this page everywhere.

I just cannot believe that it is only Ron Paul supporters who see the way he has been constantly ignored by the media. I built this page just so that I can see how many “LIKE” submissions it gets. Thank you for your honesty and participation in this study.

Ron Paul has been omitted from discussions in most post debates round tables, and opinion shows as well as news reporting. The most dishonest act is when the media takes Ron Paul's name off the poll after he is winning overwhelmingly.

Almost all of the post-debate online polls when it shows that Dr. Paul is leading by a large margin, but then his name magically disappears from the poll so it looks as if no one voted for him at all. I had a few options in mind to expose this little problem while it is still early in the campaign.

Option (1). A mass email possibly where the newest name goes on the top of the list and then copied and pasted to a new email like some petitions work. Preferably a way to have multiple family members in the same household who want to participate easily add their name and send it on.

Option (2). A short Youtube video where the tally shows up as number of views, but most of the time the counter gets stuck around 300 or so and that would not be very credible.

Option (3). I thought about a Facebook page. It would be a great way to count the number of people see how obvious it is that he is being treated unfairly. There is a real benefit to having a dedicated Facebook page. Each individual person "Likes" the page in an effort to count the total number of individuals, many per household, in an effort to quickly make the Facebook page go viral.

We need to show a total number of individual people in the entire United States in one centralized location who see how the media has been blatantly ignoring Ron Paul on a regular basis. There are several topics about this on multiple forums on a constellation of websites in a number of countries, but how can we ever know the total number of people that the media is disenfranchising?

This treatment has been going on for about 3 years now if you include the time when he ran in 2008. You may as well go back to when he ran in 1988 and count those people as well, because if he had become President all the way back then, we probably wouldn't have ever had a recession or a dollar crisis or a housing bubble or an attack on September 11th.

Also, our liberties would not be so far encroached upon as they are today where we welcome the immoral act of torture even on our own American citizens and we give over our privacy to the Government so that they can monitor our phone calls and emails at will.

Even When Dr. Paul ran as recent as 2008, during that period, I can remember the month before the election was held there was a total and complete media blackout. If you didn't know he was running you would have thought that he had dropped out. There was no mention of him at all, not even any interviews which he generally has a lot of. This is so ridiculous.

Even people who are not Ron Paul supporters have to be able to see what is going on here. It is unbelievably obvious. I decided to take it upon myself and create a Facebook page for this issue Just a simple page to count the number of "Likes". Please click on the "Like" button and spread the word.

We need to show the media that their immorality will not be tolerated. With this lack of reporting and unfair treatment, this is in essence, lying to the American voter.
Also, in keeping with this agenda, the media is trying to keep Ron Paul out of the office of the Presidency.

Keeping Ron Paul's message silent will not only affect the American people, but also the entire world. Why not have everyone in the entire world participate in this tally to see how many people think the same way we at the Daily Paul.com feel? This was done on very short notice so I hope there aren't too many imperfections, but please send this out far and wide for Ron Paul's honor! Thank you my fellow Patriots.

Yes I agree that RON PAUL is being completely ignored by the media. It is easy to see since every single time there is a discussion on the network TV channels including FOX and CNN the round tables of “EXPERTS” use their propaganda skills to make me think that RON PAUL is unpopular when in all actuality he is in so called “TOP TIER”.

His polling puts him at averaging first or second place in many polls at in some rare cases he comes in third place. Yes, I am totally aware of the blatant omissions by the media. Please count me in and know that I am awake and can see that you don’t want RON PAUL in office to break up your little two party spending spree.

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LIked it

Happy to help. Done.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home



Out of almost 600 people who are currently online right now

I could only coerce a couple of people from DailyPaul to come to the site and "Like" it. I guess I didn't market it correctly or something. As I said before, I haven't done this before so maybe that is the issue, but I was doing it for Ron Paul.

I really just wanted to get a few million people left click on the Facebook Link and then left click on the word "Like" lol. It would seriously only take about 15-30 seconds if that. I thought it would be a good idea. I thought it would go viral. Hmmm, I can't think of any reason why I get no response here.

There is nothing in it for me at all. I am not selling anything. Even though I am complaining, I do appreciate the couple of people who took the time to surf on over and click the "Like" button. Oh well, I tried. Now since I complained, let's watch this thing take off! That would be funny. Have a good day.


Please help to start spreading this around for me. All you have to do is click on the link above in the main description and then "Like" the page. This will count all the people so that we can get a more accurate count of how many people see the unfair treatment of Ron Paul by the media. I appreciate your support. Thank you.