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Sheriff Mack On Ron Paul For President

Sheriff Mack On Ron Paul For President


Great video!!!!If you love what the Sheriff Mack says you will definitely love Ron Paul!Ron Paul 2012!!!!Go Sheriff Mack!Make this video viral Sheriff is backing Ron Paul,this is huge!!!

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This group needs and deserves our support!

Sheriff Mack needs donations for the first 200 sheriffs to attend training in January, 2012 in his new effort called No Sheriff Left Behind. He understands that many of them don't even realize what they took an oath to do and will teach them about the Constitution and what it means to uphold, protect and defend it. We all know that within that wonderful document are protections for you and me from our shadow government.
I don't have much extra money because it goes to help Ron Paul win the presidency. However, check out these websites and see the importance of Sheriff Mack's work. I want one of these officers to stand between me and the feds, should they come for me.
I chipped in $50. Will anyone match me?
BTW, Sheriff Mack is a personal friend of Ron Paul.


Grambo2, Anchorage AK
"Freedom is never free!"

excellent interview. I know

excellent interview. I know my sheriff and sheriff Mack are great friends. Its nice to know that your Sheriff is on your side. Thanks for posting this. When will we do a major money bomb for Sheriff Mack?

See my post above....

....he needs help now!

Grambo2, Anchorage AK
"Freedom is never free!"

Can't watch the video at

the moment, but this is good to hear. I know Mack voted for McStain last time, at least in the general election, not sure about the primary..

How about Sheriff Mack for

How about Sheriff Mack for VP...wouldn't that be an awesome combo.....they could really but the ESTABLISHMENT in their place.....AWESOME!!!

Sherrif Mack should

make a great Congressman. Wonderful to have his endorsement of Ron Paul for President.

While Newt

While Newt was trying to backdoor a federal ID in the 90s, and pushing for a Newt World Order, Sheriff Mack was suing the government and defending our God given and Natural rights.

can someone condense this one

its good but long

An idea whose time has come can not be stopped by any army or government-- Ron Paul 2012

this is the kind of press we need

gun toting tough guys backing RP.

We need this on front page!

I did not know the Sheriff was backing him,I have not seen this!This is huge for Ron Paul we need to get the word out!

Me either. It's great!

Me either. It's great!