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The surprising candidacy of Ron Paul

TAKE THE POWER BACK…not just the Republican nomination because the others implode, but the November election because the country is tired of Obama. Then what? Given the state of our bought and paid for Congress, will President Ron Paul be able to do anything other than veto whatever comes before him? Will Congress ensure he’s irrelevant?

Would your Uncle Dave vote for him if he runs against Obama? Small fed government, wants the government out of out private lives, anti-interventionist, etc. Those are on my wishlist. He goes too far on a few things, but he’s got my vote!

The Article was written by Dan Balz link below.

" In a year of flameouts, nonstarters and unfulfilled potential, one Republican presidential candidate is clearly exceeding expectations. His name is Ron Paul.

He is eccentric and sometimes appears a little cranky, but the septuagenarian candidate has done several things that Mitt Romney can’t claim. He has raised more money in this campaign than in his last (Romney has raised more than Paul but less than he did in 2008). He has enlarged his base of support and has risen in the polls over the course of the year."


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