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Rick Perry not trying to be Ron Paul but Buddy Roemer

This year President campaign we have neo-cons and true tea party reformers like Ron Paul,Buddy Roemer, and Gary Johnson. But the GOP has many counter fits to these reforms. One of these is Rick Perry. Rick Perry is not acting like Ron Paul know but Buddy Roemer.
The reason for this is that Ron Paul will probably be the GOP nominee and his most likely will be Buddy Roemer who wants to reform Washington with Ron Paul and have quite similar political views.
Rick the slick Perry has to now act like somebody who is a reformer to block a Paul/Roemer ticket that would clean up Washington and end the private rule of The Federal Reserve. Rick Perry is in hand with the elites and he is saying he wants to clean up Washington to try to get a Paul/Perry ticket that would not clean Washington.
Ron Paul knows better. We need to alert the Roemer team that Perry is trying to be his counter fit to get a VP nomination from Ron Paul or even another neo-con to be a reformer.


Watch out for Rick Perry he is a naked Globalist sent to sell Austerity to America.