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How to sell Ron Paul to the old GOP?

I think we need to sell Ron Paul to the old GOPers with a paragraph or less that we can post in comments of articles or use as talking points in discussions. I am trying to find a quick short way to do that. I don't think going into issues makes much sense, it just starts arguments. Almost all old GOPers want Obama gone. With that in mind, our power is our grassroots support and the enthusiasm of the youth. This is a sample of the type of comment I am posting in places where the standard old republican gets their news. My point, let's start harping on the VALUE of a large grassroots organization with passionate supporters that will work in the general election, but only for Paul. Read my comments below and let me know if you offer any improvements! And if you think this is a better route than talking issues? Basically, it doesn't even matter what Paul has to say, do you want to get rid of Obama? No matter their stance on the issues, no one can deny the enthusiasm of the Paul campaign, therefore, there is no rebuttal to this approach!

Example of comments I am using.

Ron Paul has a grassroots enthusiasm larger than ANY other candidate in the history of the US! Let that sink in. Ron Paul has the youth and the energy behind him to win the general election. No other candidate has anywhere near the passion of the Paul campaign. Ron Paul gets TWICE the donations from our military than all others COMBINED! Paul polls 10 full points ahead of every other candidate with the independents, the group that determines who wins! Is the Republican party really going to snuff this out? Do they really think Newt will get out the vote of anyone other than the white 60+ year olds? If the Republican party snuffs out the Paul campaign, they WILL lose to Obama. They will enter the general with a moderate candidate that has ZERO enthusiasm and skeletons galore, there will be NO spark. And it will be the "anti-Pauls" that re-elect Obama. Does Newt have 20 year olds out waving signs for him? Does Romney? They're dead in the water, a NO-GO! The writing is on the wall and it is crystal clear, nominate Paul or live under Obama! Choose NOW!

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Great idea! I would also use Ron Paul's

quote from Meet the Press. It was brilliant.

Basically he said why elect a candidate who will spend more time defending themselves than addressing the issues.

I would go one step further with it and put it in a comment like this:

When the general election comes around, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney will be on the defensive all the time. Defending their past personal actions, defending their past policy decisions, defending their flip-flops and hypocrisy, defending, defending, defending! Ron Paul has been so consistent these past 30 years that all he will do is go on the offensive and attack Obama and Obama will have to defend why he is taking the country in the wrong direction.

We can't afford anything!

I always tell people that disagree with Paul that regardless whether or not the wars, entitlements, departments, etc. are right or wrong - we cannot afford them!

We're going to have to tell them that

WE'RE TAKING OVER! We're NOT going 3rd party. We're NOT voting for ANYONE ELSE. We're in the DRIVER'S SEAT! We hold the POWER, too late.
TeaParty Nation is a fake! An establishment shill for NewtWorldOrder.

old GOPers like to see his relationship with Reagan

and know that Goldwater Jr endorsed Paul.

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How many times

does one have to repeat "Bombing other countries is cool and fun 'cuz we are the USA!," to constitute a paragraph or less?

Sure seems to be what the majority of these voting idiots wants to hear.

Point out the poll that

Point out the poll that showed Ron Paul the only candidate that could break even with Obama, the rest of them were below. Call this 8 percent the margin of victory. That margin of victory will also largely be voting for republican members of congress - or staying home if Ron is not the candidate.

If they’re unsettled on foreign policy with Israel and Iran then point out that the war powers reside with the congress and Ron loves the constitution hard and won’t subvert it.
Probably foreign aid is under the purview of congress also through their budgeting powers.

(Also there should be a poll that correlates the connection between this larger number of how many will actually be showing up to vote for Ron Paul and how many more people who will also be showing up to vote for republican congress)

Misguided Youth

You know why you never pick a fight with an old man? Because he's too tired to run, too proud to give up- he'll just shoot your ass and have done with it.

THREATENING PEOPLE (as you did repeatedly in your screed) is not the way to win hearts and minds. Truth is.

Someone did a poll here the other day, asking people's ages. An amazing number were "old geezers" like me (55). This whole notion that "Ron Paul only appeals to young people" is BS and something that, quite honestly, is HURTING the campaign. "Young people" are often gullible, inexperienced and easily discounted and that perception is being used against Ron.

Ron Paul appeals to thinking people no matter their age.

It's refreshing to see that a good number of you "youngsters" have figured out what we figured out 40 years ago. Good job on catching-up and welcome to the revolution!

I nevr meant to "attack" anyone and I did not say the Paul only.

I never meant to "attack" anyone and I did not say that Paul only attracts young supporters, I am not a young supporter. It's just that the other candidates do not have passionate young dedicated loyal supporters from what I have seen and Paul has an army of them, and this is a plus to winning a campaign. Look how it helped Obama! It would make more sense to pick the candidate that has the fire, the passion, and the dedicated supporters, rather than picking one that didn't have any of that. Paul has 1) a grassroots army 2) dedicated supporters of all ages 3) young supporters 4) can draw in indys and dems. The others have none of this, and these items make or break a campaign.

Add another one

I got busy and was not able to add to the poll you speak of,I am 50,A Republican and getting bald and grey.But with age comes wisdom as it is with Ron Paul.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.


...and woke up with gout...and a liberty minded attitude...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Try this and see what you think


It amazes me how people can lose track of their goal. If their priority is to BEAT OBAMA no matter WHAT, then they MUST elect a candidate that will draw independents and discouraged Democrats. To even think that Gingrich or Romney will do this is fantasy. But, of course, fantasy seems to be where most people prefer to live.

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!