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My "Don't Split the Vote" email to local Republican officers

I also sent this to my towns party officers and county chairman. I would hate to do this but I am tempted to pay the $50 so I can attend the Erie county Republican Party Christmas mingle just so I can chat with some of the Republicans in office and others. But damn, I just don't want to give them any money, our local crooks haven't earned a cent...


Good Day,

There are those who are hesitant to endorse Ron Paul due to foreign policy.

This is based on fear and/or faith. These are overcome by understanding and accepting all the facts of history, which can be cited by numerous qualified sources. And also by accepting that faith’s strength is personal and not as a driving force for foreign policy.

Ron Paul is a Christian who puts this nations defense first, and understands that the U.S. militarism foreign policy is a downfall of this nation’s security. This has resulted in our loss of our liberty and contributed to the crippling of our economy.

Dr. Paul is the only reform and conservative candidate on the debate stage.

If those that are compelled to vote for a candidate which continues the militarism, this will cause a split in the vote. We know that the Republican Party cannot afford this.

If we want to get Obama out of office, it will happen only one way. Our vote has to be for Ron Paul. To vote militarism, will be an Obama victory.

It is recommended to join together now so we can build the momentum to assure a victory and salvage our Republic.

Restore America Now

Here is Ron Paul’s complete “Restore America Now” - 1 Trillion Dollar Cut - platform including spreadsheets and charts for you to examine. (linked to this doc)


Ron Paul’s donations do not come from lobbyists and special interests, they come from people like you and I. Ron Paul has received more donations from people in the military than all other candidates and Obama combined. Our military must know what is going on.

(Image of the military donations chart from the Super Brochure)

Be a Patriot. Donate on December 16, 2011, the day of the Tea Party Moneybomb in the Battle to Restore the American Dream. (linked to the tea party 11 site)


Don’t split the vote
Endorse Ron Paul.