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Here's what I'm doing

Stats first. About me...

Myrtle Beach, SC
43 yr old male
Legal Resident Alien almost 20 years
Working Chef

Obviously, I have never voted in a US election before.
I was never interested in becoming a citizen before but I am now. I'm going to start the process next week, just so I can vote the good doctor into office.

I am spreading the word (with tact) every chance I get. I've never sent a dime to any politician in my life. MoneyBomb.....I'm in.

This is epic and I'm proud to witness it.

Which Candidate Will Win the Iowa Caucus?
Newt Gingrich 12.74% (1,906 votes)

Mitt Romney 5.78% (865 votes)

Ron Paul 75.27% (11,263 votes)

Michele Bachmann 2.16% (323 votes)

Rick Santorum 0.63% (94 votes)

Rick Perry 0.91% (136 votes)

Jon Huntsman 2.52% (377 votes)

Total Votes: 14,964
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Tweeting w/ Back-up

I have been Tweeting with Ron Paul supporters as well as with diverse groups, including Anonomyous, many Occupier groups, and have picked up a couple Christian prophesy Tweeters. I even have a couple Twitter followers that are from the business world. Two have approximately 3,000 followers. One's from a sports affiliation, the other deals with the pool industry.

It is really rewarding when you are retweeted by someone with a very large following. One has 65,000 followers! He's pretty picky.

My recent interest and granted developmental area relates to Newt's Contract with America. It appears he helped with what I am tentatively calling the first bailout; The S&L Recovery Fund. Looks as though he helped to relieve the Securities industry of criminal liability. This says to me he has contributed as an insider in a "remarkable" way from early on.

Then, as has been widely reported he acted as a "historian" for Freddie/Fannie. But, when you look at the legal definition of a lobbyist . . . . I am somewhat jaded, so I am inclined to think, as with the Congressional insider trading rule, the law was made to allow for a very fuzzy dividing line between a historian and a lobbyist. And, as such. Well, you get my drift.

The main issue here is tweeting with supporting background can get people from diverse areas on the Internet turned around and away from the candidates of who/m they have become mesmerized.

BTW, I even picked up a Conservative Senator.

It's compelling and you can keep up with non-MSM goings on from a cell phone 24/7.

Accordingly, I recommend giving Tweeting a try, particularly if you are outside the 18-35 age group.

And, Plz forgive errors here. I'm commenting from an IPhone - into a coupon!


Me too!

Am I following you? What's your twitter address?


Do you realize it was you who inspired me to join Twitter?

Just look at what you've done


One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul