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I'm staying to fight for Miami! Who’s with me?

My Message: I’m staying to fight for Miami! Who’s with me?

It’s tough living in Miami. A recent article stated that the job hunt in Miami is the worst across the country. There are 4 applicants per job opening here.

I have gotten to a certain age and place in my life where I have two choices to make about the direction I will go:

1) Chase money and move forward with the second stage of my life (with my wonderful girlfriend)


2) Pursue the goal I have had in mind for the past 4 years, win Miami for Ron Paul.

However, I had never been confronted to make a choice between the two. That was until I received a job offer to work for a Fortune 500 company in Puerto Rico.

So what am I still doing here in Miami? I made my choice.

It was a tough decision. The toughest decision I’d ever had to confront in my life. I had my life in front of me all planned out for the next 40 years or… I could walk the path that I had set my heart on.

I will tell you something, I almost went to Puerto Rico. I was one final interview away.

What changed my mind you may be thinking? Two things.

I spoke to the local Ron Paul activist community here that I have been organizing with for a month about my dilemma and they told me that they would stick with me and bring me into a full time position with the volunteer outreach effort. Their message: “You are not going. We won’t let you.” Wow. How could I really leave a group as dedicated as this?

This support alone wasn’t enough for me though.

I had to be convinced that Ron Paul can win. It was the week of the Gingrich surge. Ron Paul’s chances of winning Iowa were only a whisper but to me it was like the sound of a loud truck driving past. My family thought I was crazy but the thought of Ron Paul winning is the opportunity I have been waiting for since the last Florida presidential primary in January 2008.

I made my decision and I couldn’t be happier. Come what may come I will take to the field for Ron Paul, for myself and for those I love and make a stand.

Look at me: I gave up on a nice job opportunity because I believe in “We the People.” We can do it! We can win Miami (and every other battleground) for Ron Paul!

You may be wondering what my girlfriend and the rest of my family think about my decision. My girlfriend accepted my choice and respected me for it. My family, not so much, but I decided that knowing what I know, there was no other choice I could make that I would respect myself for. I still have to live with myself and I do not intend to live my life in regret.

The lesson I share with you, the reader, is this: Dedicate yourself to what you are passionate about. Money and joy will follow but more importantly respect for yourself and belief in your own personal capacity of achieve will grow dramatically.

My choice has come with a great deal of personal and financial sacrifice. If you are able to help, could you support my cause financially to keep my efforts funded through January 31st (Florida presidential primary):

Click to help my effort by donating through Chipin!

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This sounds like a scam.


jrd3820's picture


Fight on in Florida!

Leavinng for Pensacola tonight

Will be in that area until the Primary. Let's rock Florida from either end!

Jack Wagner

you the man, Hector


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I would like to commend you on your choice. It may not be easy for you and that was a tough decision.
I often say to others that when I look in the mirror, I like the man I see.
This country needs more people like you and I hope you can find time in your life to learn more and think about running for a public office so you can have an even larger impact in the right direction. What we have lost the most in our gov. is integrity and I believe you have found some.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

Triumph, fight the good fight!

[sorry, I couldn't help it!]


Miami, see it like a native.

I just wish I was someplace where I might could make a difference....