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Public Policy Polling - Iowa: Gingrich 22%, Paul 21%, Romney 16%


Gingrich 22%
Paul 21%
Romney 16%

There has been some major movement in the Republican Presidential race in Iowa over the last week, with what was a 9 point lead for Newt Gingrich now all the way down to a single point. Gingrich is at 22% to 21% for Paul with Mitt Romney at 16%, Michele Bachmann at 11%, Rick Perry at 9%, Rick Santorum at 8%, Jon Huntsman at 5%, and Gary Johnson at 1%.


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I love the fact that Drudge posted this...


Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson needs to go ahead and drop out and endorse Ron Paul. Now that is a "quixotic" campaign. If Ron had his 1%, then he would officially be in 1st place in Iowa.

you can get your tweet on

you can get your tweet on Mitt Romney's facebook page by using hashtag #mitt2012 have fun!

ps. don't like this photo for ron paul

45 minutes left....

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Ron Paul surging in NH too!

new rasmussen has Ron Paul at 18% in New Hampshire. His highest showing thus far. Romney's 40% has fallen to 33% and Paul has closed the 10 pt gap between himself and the newt to 4pts.

Romney 33%
Gingrich 22%
Paul 18%

This is within reach! Let's hit the phones!

Yet another NH poll has RP at

Yet another NH poll has RP at 21% and Romney at 29%. It's on!


Fox News - Bret Baier : "Ron Paul Making His Move In Iowa"

A Note of Importance Here..

Yesterdays Iowa Poll shows Ron Paul only 1% behind Newt Gingrich. This poll doesn't NOT include likely Demos or Independents ONLY likely Republican caucus voters..This was confirmed by Fox News host John Scott

This poll was put together by Liberals, not conservatives..this according to Fox News Host John Scott and Bret Baier at 12:45pm this date..

Fox News is very concerned about this trend..Gingrich is being hammered badly by the Ron Paul 2012 campaign and Gingrich's National Polling has dipped from 37% to about 32%

By the way, Bret Baier is going to moderate the Fox News GOP debate tomorrow night..

**Note** If I was a betting man I would bet that if Ron Paul
keeps doing what he is doing and has a decent debate tomorrow, he will win Iowa in a landslide..



It's a more generic "Ronslide"

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2012 National GOP Primary


Polls are Open Now


There should be NO doubt

that the Republican establishment will use any and every trick up their sleeve to tamper with the votes. Everyone involved needs to be vigilant.

Ron Swanson

Let's make sure the votes aren't tampered with

Here is a sobering account of what has happened in past IOWA primaries where everything runs openly and smoothly until the results reach the state level where the Republican machine steps in and changes the results so their candidate wins.


Evidently this is what most likely occurred in 2008 and in the 90s when Buchanan ran and was WAY ahead of Dole until they had "problems with the machines" and Dole surged ahead and won the election.

The way we can avoid this is to establish an independent website run by true Ron Paul supporters where an RP supporter would report voting results gathered at each county or even each precinct to an independent website.

The above article suggests that the high ups in the 2008 Ron Paul campaign may have even been planted by the Republican machine unbeknownst to Ron Paul and these organizers opposed implementing a safety net like this and looked the other way when the votes were being fixed.

The article describes the proposed solution. It is detailed and long but EXTREMELY important. PLEASE READ. If a safety net like this to insure votes are properly and honestly counted, isn't created, all our cash contributions and efforts will probably be wasted yet AGAIN.

I've got to say...

I have never really given much thought when people say "OMG they gonna rig the vote!!"" however that link makes a very compelling case.

Are there currently plans in place to verify the results of each caucus? If not, we need to absolutely ensure that this happens...


Make a HUGE SPLASH!!! Rising in the Polls, MONEY BOMBS pouring cash in.


....where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY. 2 Corinthians 3:17(b)

***wants are unlimited, means are scarce...***

Just want to point out

that this PPP poll has sent RedState into a frothy tizzy, never a bad thing. Frankly it seems to me that their whole 'community' is imploding. They treat Romney supporters the same as they did Paul four years ago. The bicker with name calling and worse slurs about those not their favored candidate (Perry vs Cain, Perry vs Newt, etc, etc). I have to say, it really is quite delightful to read.

As to the poll itself, take it with a big grain of salt. When I looked last night they had not released any info on their methodology. I tend to think it has underweighted Newt and bumped Ron up with a heavier weighting of I's and D's then are likely to participate.

I hope I am wrong on that, but what you really want to see is RP's support from "R"s get near 20% instead of the 13-15 that the crosstabs seem to indicate of late.

gedankenexperiment.dk views on finance, politics and science

polling methodology

I thought there was a link to the pdf somewhere here in the comments

numbers are likely to be higher anyway

Look at Iowa in 2007/08 - they had him at like 1-3% in most polls in december if he was listed at all, and he pulled 9. That's a big difference.

Many of Paul's supporters are younger, never voted before. They don't factor into any of the polling.

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We can only hope that WHEN

We can only hope that WHEN Ron Paul wins Iowa, he does not go the way of Huckabee like in '08. I hope the Iowa win carries over into New Hampshire. If RP can get the first two states, he will roll to an easy victory. New Hampshire is not going to be easy.

Huckabee appealed to

Huckabee appealed to evangelicals, but most certainly not to most NH voters. There was no way Huckabee was ever going to place well in NH. Ron Paul is already doing well in NH, even without an IA win. If Santorum pulled off an upset in IA, he'd have about as much of a chance in NH as Huckabee did. None.

What is more important.. .

you wrote:

I hope the Iowa win carries over into New Hampshire.

I edit:

I hope the Iowa win carries over into South Carolina.

RP can't just count on caucus states and the handful of more independent leaning states.

Ron need not win SC. But if he does win IA and pulls a good 2nd in NH (a win would be great) then he must have a respectable finish in SC. 7% just wont cut it. Unfortunately, a lot of the horse race is about expectations and how you finish relative to those.

gedankenexperiment.dk views on finance, politics and science

Paul has a great base, and

Paul has a great base, and huge momentum from the Tea Party. He is gaining support from the younger crowds, which is a boon to his campaign. Those younger people have the networking chops that it takes to spread his message. They got O elected in 2008, and whomever they side with this time, will have a great shot. They see Newt and Mitt as more of the same dirty politicians. They understand Paul is different. All those young people will follow Paul around, and beat the streets for him. An invigorated base is the best thing for Paul. Huckabee was ok, but he didn't have the enthusiasm Paul does this time.

The Absence of Evil is Preferable to the Lesser of it

From the Poll "But with voters who identify as Democrats or independents, 21% of the electorate in a year with no action on the Democratic side, Paul leads Gingrich 34-14 with Romney at 17%."

The Electorate is waking up. The Lesser of Two Evils is no longer the best we can hope for, we can simply make Good happen.

Hope is the last thing one does before giving up. Supporters of Liberty understand this and that is precisely why Paul Advocates did not stop the pursuit of Liberty and Happiness in 2008.

What great news!

However, I need to quit reading comments on articles, they can be very disheartening!

Also, two things I saw on the News yesterday... 1. MSNBC was talking about the primaries and said there are 2 men running - Romney and Gingrich. Everyone else is irrelevant. 2. Judge Nap had someone on his show that said Ron Paul will absolutely NOT win Iowa, and if he does, it will actually help Mitt Romney.

Makes my blood boil and it's the reason I avoid MSM as much as possible these days. I just think of all the people that get their info from TV... the media is doing such a disservice to them and our country, they are selling us all out, and it is more than a shame...

Talking heads are just that,

Talking heads are just that, talking heads. The media has the attention span of an ADDHD 6 year old. If Paul starts polling in more places than just Iowa, they will turn their attention to them.

Think of news people like this.. their job is to sell stories, and get viewers. What is there to talk about with Ron Paul? No scandals, no conspiracies, no dirt, no nothing, except how he will actually fix things. He is not interesting to talk about, since it is all positive news. You dont see good news on those talk shows, its all about whats wrong with the world.

People still think of Paul as a fringe candidate, and people are un-trusting of politicians.. when someone like Paul comes along, he speaks the truth, and people are not used to that. They take him as a wacko, when if they would really understand the news instead of just reading it, they would see the predicament we are in. They would realize he is right.

Great News!........ But

This is wonderful. But the media is now labeling Dr. Paul as an isolationist.

Ron Paul's political men and women need to run a new version of the ad that shows that Paul is number one with servicemen, which he has run before I think.

Something like the ad he ran before on the fact that he gets more support that all the other candidates COMBINED!

Go Ron- and folks- He is in it to WIN it!!!

The media want America mired down in wars that make the rest of the world hate us. This cycle has to stop!

The Observer

The National Observer

Maybe Ron Paul can turn this into a positive.

In times where Europe is progressing through a financial collapse and the Middle East is in its normal turmoil (pun intended), there is some value in isolating the US from these dangers.

If Dr. Paul is asked about being an isolationists, perhaps he should give his usual answer about wanting trade and travel, but not interventionism and world policing, and add that in times when problems of foreign nations threaten to damage to us, we should isolate ourselves from those problems.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.


I am worried with a possible Perry comeback.
He has money. And is climbing too (nationaly)

No Need

Perry has trouble listing anything, and until he can get his message down, there is no worries about him. Those public gaffes of him trying to list off two or three things will keep him a clown in the eyes of voters. He did it with his agencies, and did it again in the last debate.. two options, no choices, wait, three actually.. ok, well, just two.

He has money, a good message, but he is no where near polished enough to be taken seriously. Nobody wants to hear that bickering on stage either. A huge turn off for people, they see it as more of the same.

Still there!

I can't believe how long Matt Drudge has left this as the headline on his page. It was a beautiful thing to go to sleep last night seeing Dr. Paul on Drudge and then waking up to see him there. (Then again when I left the house, and now again when I got to work...)

I love it because so many Drudgers out there who have told me that there is no way Ron Paul could win are going to Drudge to be told how to think for the day and surprise!

Jonny R
Fellow Lover of Liberty

Definitely awesome. Usually

Definitely awesome. Usually they only make it a few hours, so lets hope for a slow news day, then it will stay there most of the day. People are beginning to take Paul seriously, and this type of publicity helps.

I think the media is starting to warm up to him, although they are still skeptical.. but we are making progress!