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Ron Paul Wins Pasco County FL GOP Straw Poll!

Florida Pasco County Straw Poll 12-13-2011
Results are:
Ron Paul: 171
Gingrich: 51
Romney: 30
Perry: 14
Santorum: 6
Bachmann: 3
Cain: 1
Huntsman: 1
Johnson: 1


News Coverage starting already:
I made the news with a quote from my interview in FL's largest paper! :D




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Florida is rocking the boat :-)

Go Florida! A lot of moldy ol' Republican establishment in your parts, but that's how you do it! Kudos to all of you who came out.

more articles!!!

Bill Bunting

Bill Bunting, Pasco's GOP state committeeman, calls it "unethical" that Ron Paul supporters from other counties voted in the straw poll.

- I was there with my wife last night and it was something to see. Ron Paul signs everywhere, someone had an electronic billboard in the back of their truck with flashing Ron Paul 2012 so brightly it was near blinding. It honestly looked like a Ron Paul event.

I posted this yesterday but got no responses http://www.dailypaul.com/192655/pasco-country-florida-straw-...

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Florida Presidential Straw Poll Pasco County

Florida Presidenti­al Straw Poll Pasco County

‎"As Pasco goes, so does the state of Florida; and as Florida goes, so does the nation."
—Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida

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Spontaneous SuperBrochure bomb?

Would be great if Pasco county got some brochures to see what candidate their county picked in the straw poll.

Jeb Bush

I think...

I think he has been the front runner from the beginning.

Yeah, it was kind of funny

I don't think I saw any other candidate swag aside from stickers. We came wearing our war gear :).

I really laughed when I saw the Hummer parked by the front door with the 20" tall GREEN LED "RON PAUL 2012" rolling across the back window. Classic.

Great news!

I am so happy to hear this great news!

Some say Ron Paul thinks like a patriot, but I say patriots think like Ron Paul.


It's a flood

Hang On!

I prefer to see percentages

Ron Paul - 61.5%
Gingrich: 18.3%
Romney: 10.7%
Perry: 5.0%
Santorum: 2.1%
Bachmann: 1.0%
Cain: 0.03%
Huntsman: 0.03%
Johnson: 0.03%

How about this....

33 Straw Polls 6/16/2011 to 12/13/2011

Ron Paul, 16
Herman Cain, 10
Newt Gingrich, 2
Mitt Romney, 2

OMG. Well, maybe this is a

OMG. Well, maybe this is a great start!

bump for good news


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You did not have to be a Pasco

resident to vote though! I know quite a few, drove over from Orlando to vote.. including my husband! (I was working). He said the RP people were the only ones with a table set up, and it stayed pretty busy. He said all he saw of the other candidates, was a couple of Rick Perry signs when he pulled in.

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Florida Presidential Straw Poll Pasco County

the local paper failed to state that even without the minions from outside the county Ron Paul still would have won handily, It was awesome to reconnect with Great people from Jacksonville to Orlando, Tampa as well as Pasco and Hernando counties, we all support each other and because we do our numbers swell.


sincerly yours in liberty
I remain,


....be a-breakin'.

Pile on, American, pile on. Your savior is coming.

my whole family is military family, we are all voting Ron Paul

and half of us have never voted before...

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Is this on the news anywhere?

All the polls we are taking went to:

Perry and Cain in October
Gingrich Now

The people do not even realize that the box they watch is telling them what to do.

Please people keep emailing, calling, and canvassing, plant the seeds to over come the media and the misinformation that they have. We need to do the ground work.... In calling tonight it is so depressing how the media has got people believing it is okay to be in these wars...WOW!

Urgent Message from the Troops http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYxPkKGeVKI (short version)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dcoq8__pUo&feature=related (long version)

A lesson in Blowback http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZ7Hz7WCQE8&feature=related (this one is very good, but very hard to watch, but neccessary)

The website with the Obama/Paul polls are at http://3StepsTowardFreedom.com

Local MAJOR news paper


Wait.. the title makes it sound like he won the straw poll for the entire state. It looks like this is just one county.

So the title should be: Ron Paul Wins Pasco County FL GOP Straw Poll!

It's still a great thing.

true. updated!

true. updated!

oh but according to Rick

oh but according to Rick Scott, Cain was supposed to win! Darn it! ;)

Debbie's picture

Gov. Scott actually wanted Perry. He said whoever won the Pres.

5 would win the FL nomination. Then Herman Cain won Pres. 5 instead, and now has dropped out. Hahahaha! These guys can't get it right.