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Ron Paul Wins Cedar Falls, Iowa Tea Party Straw Poll 12/13, With 62%

The Cedar Valley tea party met Tuesday night to cast their ballots.
By Alison Gowans

Ron Paul emerged as the clear winner in the Cedar Valley Tea Party Presidential Straw Poll on Tuesday evening.

The event drew 60 participants, and of that Paul took 37 votes. Rick Santorum trailed behind with nine votes and Newt Gingrich with five. Michele Bachmann and Jon Huntsman got three votes each. Mitt Romney got two and Rick Perry had just one.

"I think I was an unknowing member of the tea party before it was a movement," said Greg Radke, of Waterloo, who spoke for Paul's campaign. "Ron Paul epitomizes the three principles of the tea party: constitutional principles, fiscal responsibility and free markets."

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CNN has it as headline news right now


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