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Video Update: Ron Paul Highlights from Final GOP Debate before Iowa - Sioux City, Thursday 12/15/11

December 15, 2011 9:00 pm
Sioux City Convention Center, Sioux City, IA, United States

Thanks to realjoeplummer for the videos:


User SaveOurSovereignty had some sync issues with the videos and had to delete them. Above is the new, combined video.

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RP stood for 34mins WITHOUT any Questions! BS!

Just watched again the full debate at:

no questions for RP between the 1hr 08min mark and the 1hr 42min mark (where the debate ended)....lame to have to stand there for 34mins and not get any questions.

I'm sure someone already wrote it below but it made me upset.

full debate

He was on fire!

The exchange with Bachmann was one of Ron's strongest performances to date. Especially since it's such a huge contrast to see the clearly-candid Paul against the shrill, robot-like Bachmann.

On Paul being to the "left" of Obama...

Paul's position on foreign policy was implied to be to the "left" of Obama's in the final debate before the Iowa caucuses. While the left/right dichotomy is largely meaningless given the bipartisan commitment to interventionism, couldn't a case be made that Paul has the only "right" foreign policy? Paul could have pointed out that the current neoconservative republican candidates are running on the same foreign policy as Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Truman, and Johnson ...that of Machiavellian intrigue, nation building, and entangling alliances.

I just watched the exchange

I just watched the exchange with Bachmann again and it wasn't as bad as I remembered. I just didn't want to see it because I first thought Paul didn't do too well. but now watching it again, he did do well.

It was just the ignorant fools in the audience that booed over Iran not having a nuclear bomb, as if any of those fools had ever read any report stating it did...

They just watch Fox news and take it at face value..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

The Bachmann outburst

I was terribly impressed with the restraint that The Good Doctor showed in response to Bachmann's fantasies.

Well, she's either terribly deceived, insane, or lying through her teeth.

He was just way classy; he defended his position just short of saying, "Show Me," albeit he did allude to the documents he's seen which give the lie to her fantasy.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

At 5:40

Cavuto tried to reason out of having your cake and eating it too. Clearly he does not understand RP's answer. He wants to give a false idea that RP is for earmark. Which is completely false. It's very wise that RP clearly said that HE IS NOT FOR EARMARK but getting the money back to his constituents because the CONGRESS must get every penny and not give it to the EXECUTIVE BRANCH which we almost know that will be given to big CORP and USELESS WARS and to beg it back again will sure be use as a leverage to force congressman to vote favorably on laws that would be unacceptable otherwise.
Cavuto is really out of touch hear. Instead of giving clarity to viewers. Cavuto and his minions tries very hard to MUDDY everything out.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."

One thing I just don't understand...

Sorry for chiming in, as I vowed to never register and do this, but it itches me - maybe just because I got depressed after watching the debate.

It seems like Americans simply want to believe that Iran has a nuke, or will have one within the next few months. That's actually understandable, because everyone with half a brain would want to have one if they were Iran.

So let's just presume they have one - 1 - finally plastered together after umpteen years of work. Does anybody seriously think they would be dumb enough to drop it somewhere, knowing full well that Israel has 300 or 400 of nukes, most likely much bigger and better ones, that would pulverize Iran in response? Not to mention the arsenal the USA would come up with? No, the Iranians wouldn't drop that nuke anywhere, they would SIT on it and pray that it will never catch rust because it would be their only protection from a looming invasion.

Isn't that just logical, and shouldn't it be easy to see?

I reckon that's also pretty much the reason why the neocons fear the possibility of an Iranian bomb; not because they think Iran would start a war with it, but because it would make it close to impossible to invade and loot the country. Which they would just love to do, if only their forces weren't so stretched and their war chests empty. Oh, and if only they could figure out a good reason for the war that would not upset Russia or China.

Ron Paul stood his ground admirably in the debate and I hope that his firmness won him more voters, but I'm not sure if America is ready for a man like him. Maybe they have not fallen deep enough yet to realize the mess they're in.

Most of America would be more

Most of America would be more on Ron's side. The problem (and I use that word loosely) is that on the "conservative" right you have some very strong enchrenched beliefs at work. You have those who believe in "American exceptionalism" which is a 21st century manifest destiny belief. This belief that the world is America's to inherit and run because God decreed it. They want absolute control over the ME and all the oil out of it. Then you have fundamentalist Christians who believe that we are in the end times. There are different factions (dispensationalists etc.) , but what they have in common is a heavy Christian presence in the ME. Some believe that the battle of Armageddon is close. Some believe that all nations must be Christian run and some believe that a greater Israel must be created in order to fullfill prophecies. So you see, these all involve the US military in the ME. These are the hardcore Republicans that Paul is up against. They are opperating from the assumption that the US must be at war in the ME. The nuke issue is just an excuse, just like with Iraq. It will take a lot of work to get these folks to see differently. The fact is, many of them never will.. they are stuck. I hope this explains things, but you're dealing with millions of people who are die-hard GOP voters and they WILL have that war in the ME to fullfill their beliefs. Hope that helps.

Edit: I will say that I think Paul needs to sit down with his staff and work on the best sounding rehearsed answer for FP questions and stick to them. He makes gains with the conservative crowd but then blows it with his FP answers. He needs to work on answers that make a great case for his FP for GOP primary voters.

Wow! I just watched this for

Wow! I just watched this for the second time. Let me tell ya, Ron rocked this debate. He was on fire! He totally destroyed Bachmann and exposed her blatant lies.

I've been spending the day...

... on his site debating with the pro-life warmongers... my posts are under sleuth51


Plano TX

He did it. Last night was

He did it.

Last night was magical. The line that struck a chord?

"How are you going to rebuild the military when we have no money, how are we going to take care of the people!?"

THAT was perhaps Ron Paul's best line ever, not because of the words but because of his true, heartfelt honest urgency behind them.

The other line that struck political gold...

"You CANNOT solve these problems with war..."

He finally hit it home. He made it really sink in for all of us to think about...which may be why some of us here were a little uneasy last night.

Ron Paul gave us all another dose of heavy truth, and did not waver. The man didn't even flinch on Iran.

Cool Hand Ron

When he was speaking about the Cuban Missle Crisis, I thought to myself, "He has just so far elevated himself above the other candidates."

To put the conversation in that context...to mention Kennedy and Kruschev was very PRESIDENTIAL.

I can only imagine how many independent voters out there heard Ron Paul last night and said, "You know what, I think I finally have a candidate that I can believe in."

And I can only imagine how many, "conservative," republicans went to bed last night with a very heavy conscience.

Even I felt guilty last night...over 1 million Iraqis killed, over 8,000 American troops, "wasted," so many lives disrupted and ruined by war.

Ron Paul hit home last night. Home is where it hurts. Home is what matters. Life matters.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I had been hoping for a

I had been hoping for a relatively uneventful debate last night, so that our momentum wouldn't be derailed going into IA. And, for the most part, the debate was pretty uneventful, so good.

That said, you're right that Paul came across as exceedingly genuine and passionate; and on the other hand, I thought Newt and Romney looked even more than usual like the B.S. artists they are. The contrast between the RINOs and Ron Paul became yet more clear.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Any of you remember ad LBJ ran against Goldwater in 64'....I Do!

It ruined Goldwater campaign..Bigtime!!

Maybe Uncle Ronnie should run a similar ad against all the neocons...They scare the hell out of me!

LBJ vs AuH2O

The thing about that campaign that sticks out most prominently in my mind was the ads that warned that Goldwater would bomb North Vietnam. So Johnson won, and almost immediately started bombing North Vietnam.

I wonder how many of us are old enough to remember that? I wonder how many seniors like his plan to save Social Security?

Freedom is my Worship Word!

All that applause Bachmann

All that applause Bachmann got shows that we still have a lot of work to do. Give 'em credit, foxnews and Rush and others have done a tremendous job of fearmongering. There is a significant number of republicans who think that Islamic terrorism is an existential threat like the Soviet Union was. This week's villain of the week is Iran, last week it was Libya, before that it was the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt (remember Beck screaming hysterially that the communists and Muslims were plotting to destroy America?). We have got to expose this ridiculous fear. It doesn't mean that there are no threats, but we've got to be more realistic. Iran couldn't get a nuclear bomb to America even if they had an ocean going camel.

Let's See What THIS Button Does ...

If Bachmann were ever to become POTUS, only the launch codes for the hotlines to the heads of national governments should be available to her. She just might press the wrong button. ;)

Mrs. President

I once saw a scathing satire of the idea of the first female president, in "The National Lampoon" or some such; it talked about what a wonderful job she was doing until one day, she got her period and felt icky, so she decided to press the button and blow up the world.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

It's like

Mrs President "One of our nuclear missiles just leveled Moscow"
President Bachmann " You know I was just trying to phone the Kremlin on this Red Phone, with the strange"...OOHHHHH !!!!!!

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

I wonder how Bachmann would

I wonder how Bachmann would respond if Ron Paul asked her (or other warmongering candidates) point blank:
How will America handle war with Iran, China, and Russia all at one time? (since China and Russia have defense treaties with Iran)

Ron Paul needs to practice a concise & clear way of calling out the warmongers.

Ask each of them which category they belong in:

1) Either they *know* that it would be foolish and devastating to bomb Iran bc that could ignite nuclear war when China and/or Russia come to Iran's defense - so then all their war mongering is rhetoric they'd have to flip-flop on anyway;
2) If they really BELIEVE in bombing Iran under these circumstances it is extremely ignorant and would put America, and the rest of the world, in real danger of nuclear war

(Also wouldnt hurt for Ron Paul to remind them all that active military - those who are IN the wars - contribution levels for him exceed all of the rest of them combined!)

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/

You are correct!

Listen up Paul's staff, Defense treaties, with Pakistan as well, DO YOU REALLY want to start WW3? (as said to other candidates)

The Pods have spoken

Nice performance

by Ron.

good job, Dr. Paul!


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

When One Can Laugh At Enemies, Friends, & Oneself

you're nearing VICTORY. I laughed at Rush's comparison of Ron to a crazy old uncle. One aspect that Ron needs to FIX is puckering his lips. Ron, I know that you've kissed a LOT of babies, but please consciously work on confining the puckering to the delivery ward. ;)

Pumped Up

It was great to see our normally humble and polite Ron Paul show that he also isn't going to take any "Crap" from anyone, esp. Michele Bachman.

I think his reaction was a very good demonstration of the Ron Paul, who is really someone not to pick a fight with.

He needed some of his '07

He needed some of his '07 style to come through, too. That was awesome.

Look at some of the videos

Look at some of the videos when he was younger. He is a real scrapper. His old age has given him more wisdom to keep in control.

Have no doubt . . . he is a strong person and will not allow anyone bully him when he is president and no leader of any country will be able to push him around. How can he not be the strongest one there when he has stuck to what he believes no matter how much mocking he receives?

He knows

He knows how important this is....normally a quiet, humble man, Ron Paul has turned into our freedom fighter.

your right, and this reminds

your right, and this reminds me of the reason I supported Paul in the first place. There's a reason he's called Dr. No in congress.

I watched it for a second time today...

After the debate last night I had a bit of an un-easy feeling. The exchanges were so intense and I didn't think it was the most positive thing for the good doctor.

But then watching it for the second time today...

I realized that the debate last night may be Ron Paul's greatest performance. No matter how the corporate drone media plays it was vintage Ron Paul and exactly why I donate time and money to his campaign.

He stuck to his guns and did not back down...If it ruffled a few feathers that's okay. America needs to hear this and no-matter if Ron wins or not he must tell tell the truth.


Ron Paul is America's doctor right now and he's giving them a dose of reality and sensibility. It may be a bitter pill to some, but they need to hear it so they don't do something they may COMPLETELY regret. Imagine all the bright young men and women in this country that may be harmed if something so reckless is undertaken. Imagine all the innocent people over there that could die too.

THIS IS A BATTLE FOR AMERICA'S SOUL! Last night Ron left it all on the stage quite literally going up alone against a gaggle of minions for the military industrial complex beating the drums for war. THANK GOD WE HAD SOMEONE ON STAGE TO COUNTER THAT BARAGE OF WAR PROPAGANDA. HE IS THE ANGEL ON AMERICAS RIGHT SHOULDER. He proved again why he is a hero of mine. HE PROVED AGAIN HE WILL GO THROUGH WHATEVER IT TAKES TO BRING THIS COUNTRY BACK TO ITS SENSES!

Last night Ron Paul was like a ship in troubled waters. BUT HE NEVER CHANGED COURSE. The waves were bucking but he made it through with strength and integrity.

We must back him up now and put an exclamation on last nights performance. DONATE! CALL YOUR FRIENDS. YOUR FAMILY. REACH OUT AND DIG DEEP! WE'RE SO CLOSE! WE CAN WIN!