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Video Update: Ron Paul Highlights from Final GOP Debate before Iowa - Sioux City, Thursday 12/15/11

December 15, 2011 9:00 pm
Sioux City Convention Center, Sioux City, IA, United States

Thanks to realjoeplummer for the videos:


User SaveOurSovereignty had some sync issues with the videos and had to delete them. Above is the new, combined video.

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Thank you

Great post! We need to keep reminding everyone how lucky America is to have a Champion of the Constitution running for President. RP has done more than his share and it is up to us to do whatever we can to make sure that he becomes our next President. We may never see a candidate like him again in our generation and considering what the future of our country is, we may all be in bonds and silencced in the near future. This is our last chance everyone....we can't blow it...it's too important!

Ron Paul does not have Movie Star or Pretty Boy qualities

Some people are commenting on RP's ability (or inability) to field questions, make concise explanations, or give an Oscar performance like some of the other candidates do. I also watch him and wish sometimes he could come across as a better "Actor" like Ronald Regan and send home his points with a resounding effortless delivery that would let everyone see who he really is. THAT IS WHY I LOVE RON PAUL!!!!!! He is not a pretty boy politician, he is as real as real can get. That is why he is ahead in every poll and deeply embedded in all of our hearts. Ron Paul is the one, last and only true chance we have left to keep America. He sometimes stumbles, sometimes mumbles, sometimes gets frustrated at the Ad hominem attacks and "Aristotelian False Arguments" proffered by the media and designed to avoid RP's points and issues by attacking him instead. Aristotle called this type of argument only proffered by unscrupulous scoundrels!!! I am a Vietnam Veteran and a former 12 year veteran Police Detective from South Florida and "I You love Ron Paul!", and feel honored to know you and be able to support you with every extra dollar I can squeeze out of my pitifully, meager earnings and for the consistent honesty, realness, forthrightness, and most of all.... for sticking to your constitutional principals and saying what is right, even when doing so is not popular. I fought and bleed on the battlefield for this country and provided constitutional security for its people. I never really knew why until now. I salute you Ron Paul!

Personally, I thought he did fine.

I am positive he gained more support than what he lost. Besides, everyone knows what the good Dr. believes. This isn't something new. He would'nt be rising in the polls and on the verge of victory in Iowa if so many people were turned off with his FP. His views with Iran and FP in general are brought up at every stump speech.


Just turned on the tv, realized it was FOX and was running over to change it when I realized that Alan Colmes is standing up for Ron Paul's response on Iran last night and he is attacking Mike Gallagher's stand on attacking Iran. If anyone can come up with this utube clip it would be great. It appears that this question during the debate last night may have been the best thing that could have happened to Dr Paul. This will bring the anti-war liberals and anti-war independents over to the side of Dr Paul and bring an end to war mongers in the primary. Mike Gallagher to Colme "if you're going to use Ron Paul as you litness test then Ron Paul doesn't want to be at war with anybody." Colmes "HE'S RIGHT"
Alan Colmes did a brilliant job because he said Ron Paul was absolutley correct on Iran and Alan kept demanding that Mike Gallagher tell him what he would have done about the drone in Iran. It continues on...Colmes "So want do you want to do..start a war??"

that Colmes, he's alright

that Colmes, he's alright

I was walking over to pick up food at my local Thai restaurant

and I overheard this gentleman on a cell-phone say this.

"I really like Ron Paul, but after his comments on Iran I don't like him so much anymore" "yeah, he lost me last night".

I tried to wait around and debate him about the facts and tell him not to give up, but he took forever and was going through all the other candidates in detail. I think the guy didn't have a grasp of the context of Paul's over all philosophy.

Of course Ron was right, but

Of course Ron was right, but the answer "sounded" weak. Even when putting forth a policy idea that strikes people as counter-intuitive, it must be promoted from a position of strength (that is, if one wishes to woo the GOP base). Our country's militarism has affected everything we do and everything we perceive as normal. When you set foot outside our borders, Washington's constant saber-rattling is more evident.

Feeling much better today!

I just watched the highlights and came away with a much better feeling than I had when I went to bed last night. Perhaps it was that stupid Hannity interview that put me is such a bad mood last night and left me with negative feelings.

Ron Paul could do a better

Ron Paul could do a better job at communicating. For us who already now him he is very understandable; however he might be a bit confusing to any newcomers. For example, his answer on the earmarks wasn't very concise; it made him seem like a foe of spending except when it comes to his district. He should have made it clearer that the money would be taxed and spent anyway (even though he voted against it), and that he was just trying to get tax money back for his district.

It is an enormous simplification to speak of the American mind. Every American has his own mind.

~Ludwig von Mises

Ron put the nail in the bachmann coffin last night

That woman lies so much it makes me sick. Iran BS.

Ron Paul 2012!

Have we forgotten Iraq already?

Ron Paul is absolutely right about the war propaganda. Please let us not forget Iraq. Iran is another trap by the neocons who use fear tactics to get us into these quagmires. Did you see Hannity ask Dr. Paul about the million Iraqi deaths in the interview? As if that was a news flash to him?! These numbers are never reported by the MSM but it is the truth.

I posted this on my facebook profile in the hopes of reminding people of the true cost of War. It includes American AND Iraqi deaths since the 2003 invasion.


I pray that the 1,460,073 men, women, and children killed in the Iraq War are never forgotten. Please never forget the lies that led to their violent deaths (http://www.justforeignpolicy.org/iraq)

Every war when it comes, or before it comes, is represented not as a war but as an act of self-defense against a homicidal maniac. - George Orwell

War justification.

I am not American, but am a RP supporter. Help me out here, friends:

WHY is it acceptable to make war anywhere - even if it does not serve USA's interests, even if it makes you some new enemies - just because you jump thru all the hoops with a formal declaration? That is what RP keeps saying! This does not make sense! Some wars are wrong even if 100% of Congress approves,the way I see it, and that is how I thought RP saw it. Apparently I was wrong. I am really bothered by this.

To be clear

Ron Paul opposes all the current and proposed future wars AND believes that if the U.S. goes to war it must be declared by Congress. Those two views are not mutually exclusive. Part of the reason he emphasizes the importance of declaring war is that it makes war less likely. The Congress likes to defer to the President, as with letting Bush decide if and when to bomb and invade Iraq. Then, if the war goes badly, they can blame him for choosing to go to war. If it goes well (from a political standpoint), they can take some of the credit.

It is NOT War Justification~~

It is the US Constitutional law of "declaring a war" that is challenging to all Republican RINOS, you see. They don't want to do that. Why?

Because then they have to debate it. They have to have a clear enemy. Without declaring war, they can skate by with their endless OCCUPATIONS.

These are not "wars" in the proverbial sense in Iraq OR Afghanistan. They are "occupations", nothing more, nothing less than that. But, it indeed feels like a "war" to the attacked country!

RON PAUL would do everything in his power to avert an unreasonable war against another sovereign country, I assure you. He would be on TV every day educating Americans. He would be talking with Congress & the Senate. They would realize that if HE WAS REALLY ELECTED, that it would mean if they don't tow the rope and support Dr. Paul, THEY would be next on the chopping political blocks.

You need not worry about Dr. Paul's ability as Commander-in-Chief, as his top priority is the AMERICAN PEOPLE, and what is best for them!

The establishment is COMPLETELY & TOTALLY DEVASTATED by his success right now & are more fearful he will beat Obummer & a Republican candidate than they are of ANYTHING ELSE IN THIS WORLD right now! I assure you on that.

Thank you to

...Dither & Cepivon for answering my question about declaration of war. However, I could see that even after much debate, the warmongers can still make war, whether you call it occuption or not. What say. Maybe we need a King or Wise Dictator to run the show.


I really think that The Good Doctor wouldn't accept either of these jobs - he wants to reinstate the Constitution, not rule.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

I wish...

...Dr. Paul had called out Brett Baier for his historically ignorant comment that Paul was running "to the left of Obama" by opposing sanctions on Iran. Were George Washington and Thomas Jefferson leftists? What about "Mr. Republican," Robert Taft?

It was the Progressives, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and FDR who believed in the messianic idea of America remaking the world through military force. The early socialist writers in America had an epiphany after the War Between the States: War, as they explained it, was the socialist ideal exemplified, all individualism subordinated to a collective purpose. They knew that war, by silencing dissent and uniting the people in fear and hatred of a common enemy, would make it easier to institute socialism.

The "Old Right" formed an intellectual movement explicitly opposed to the interventionist foreign policies of Wilson and FDR.

Another Classic Debate Moment

Thoughts from our blog on the debate and Dr. Paul's schooling of Bachmann on Iran


He's really become confident in stating his position, and the boos seem to be lessening.

Make no mistake about it: we are winning.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

It's because of moments like

It's because of moments like these that Ron Paul has the best supporters around. He has thrived in recent years because he's been the only one willing to tell the truth, even when it's controversial. I see no reason why last night should be any different.

Very proud of Ron Paul

I did not watch the debate last night because of the way that I knew that some of the other candidates would be attacking Ron Paul, their last chance to discredit him. Instead I watched and read all the posts on Daily Paul during the debate last night. Kind of a blow by blow of what was happening. It was so entertaining to see such dedicated Ron Paul supporters and their comments about the debate. I am very proud of every single one of you because I know that I am not alone in my dedication to Dr Paul and also my fears that these liars will do their best to keep him from becoming the Republican Candidate.

I just finished listening to the highlights of Dr Paul on the debate last night and I am so relieved. He was brilliant and in my mind Bachman and the others were showing the evil representation of warmongers that they are. I only have one wish....the vast majority of the American people are antiwar and afraid of the direction this country is heading. The US is a BULLY and their fearmongering and beating of war drums will be the destruction of our country. I wish that Dr Paul's campaign does a video....just one more is necessary about the endless wars. There are so many videos from prominent people including JFK and Eisenhower warning us about the military industrial complex and NOT going to war. Eisenhowers last speech warning people about the military industrial complex needs to be told to all Americans.

I have cried for all of our soldiers who have died during the Korean, Viet Nam, Iraqi and Afghanistan wars. I have cried for all of the millions of innocent men, women and children in those countries who have been murdered because of our government and nothing was accomplished, nothing was gained.

This morning I realized how all the candidates except Ron Paul are so visciously determined to bomb Iran and take over other countries in the name of democracy. I realized how determined these insane individuals are and that they will do anything to prevent Ron Paul from becoming President.

This morning I cried for all the innocents in the world that will die by the hands of our country if Ron Paul does not become President. We have to win this battle...Ron Paul is fighting for every American in this country, whether they agree in him or not. I will give every dime I can today so that Ron Paul can show the American people how this continued path of destroying countries is not only wrong but will be the destruction of American. He has many prominent people today and in history that agree with him. I believe in my heart that this time, this one time, good will prevail over evil......Ron Paul 2012

SALON.COM writes Ron Paul was “the star of the show.”

She wrote:

"He had and maybe still has hateful views on race (Jon Chait lays it out here) as well as on choice. He cited “the Austrian economists” for predicting the housing bubble again during the debate. But it’s absolutely bracing to hear his foreign policy views, especially on the day Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which also authorizes indefinite detention of civilians without trial, which President Obama has promised to sign.

As his rivals fought to be the most likely to declare war on Iran, Paul derided the conflict as “another Iraq coming, it’s war propaganda going on,” adding “We ought to use a little bit of diplomacy once in awhile.” He also insisted “to declare war on 1.2 billion Muslims and say all Muslims are the same, this is dangerous talk…Why do we have to bomb so many countries?” These are the views that make Republicans insist he can’t go anywhere in the primaries; it would be fun to see him prove them wrong."


Thanks for posting this....every positive article gets us that much closer to Ron Paul being our next President!

DES MOINES REGISTER comment on debate

They mentioned RON PAUL:

"Ron Paul was again on the hot seat for his non-aggressive position toward Iran. It’s a tough issue for Paul when it comes to appealing to most Republicans, but it only helps him with his anti-war supporters. Paul is jockeying with Gingrich and Romney in the top tier of Iowa polls, but he seems mostly immune to fallout from debates."

And, THAT is the GOOD NEWS. :-)

Guess Iowans care more about their retirements & the economy & their children's future than they do about bombing Iran, at least, the moderate Republicans do.


Another great article...keep posting them!


MAKE SURE RON DOESN'T CROSS HIS ANKLES during the interview, k? He did it during the Megyn interview, and it didn't look good.


Just watched for the first time. Loved it!

Ron rocked. Loved the Switzerland and Sweden zinger. That had to make some of the Fox loyalists say "Hmmm."

Give us some great YouTube clips, Ron!

I would find it hard to believe that people within his campaign don't hold similar views about his need to be more clear and succinct. This is not new criticism, so I've come to believe that Ron has just reached his limit on his public speaking abilities. He is no Ronald Reagan in that regard. If he were a great communicator, he'd be the front runner throughout the nation right now. However, Ron does have something almost inconceivable in a modern day politician and that is integrity and also the truth.

This is really a battle of demagoguery vs. honesty. It may take people a while to catch on because we have been brainwashed for decades and have become almost completely reliant on sound bytes and smarmy opinion shows.

As I heard an old woman call in to Glenn Beck the other day... "I have my bible and I have you. That's it". So sad. She probably invested her life savings in worthless gold plated coins.

Let's not stop giving feedback about how Ron can improve his communication to America. Some people on here get upset when this happens, but I firmly believe that it helps in two ways:

1. If enough people say it, it will get back to the campaign and perhaps to Ron. You know somebody with him is reading the DP.

2. Newcomers to this Ron Paul have a good chance of stumbling upon this site. If all they read is a bunch of cheerleaders, it will be a turn off. However, if they read from his supporters that his ideas are golden, but he is just not the best speaker, it will get them more interested in really finding out what he is trying to say. Often our comments themselves do a lots of explaining.

But yeah. Ron Paul, you gotta say on National TV something like: "I love this country enough to serve five years in the armed forces. I believe in America having the strongest military on earth. America is not and should not ever be an aggressor, but when America must go to war, we will go to war. This is the most serious matter known to mankind. Our constitution requires a declaration of war by our congress, not by whatever executive happens to be in office at the time. We will fight and we will win, and we will come home. We will always come home"

Ron, needs to show America his strength. Like it or not, our citizens expect our power for good as a nation to be outwardly visible in our president. Give us some great YouTube clips, Ron!

He can definitely show this without compromising his principles. We've already got some great clips. We Just need s few more.

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( Consider uploading a picture or video of your sign or event, etc .)

Ron Raul really needs to be more clear and concise in his answer

I meant to post this here and not under Hannity below, so excuse the repost.

I love RP to death but it has taken me some time to get used to RP's way of talking in his time limited debate answers. I have learned to look further into what he is trying to say and his philosophy, but I know most of the population doesn't. This makes sound bites and headline comments very important. Paul does well when given time to explain his position, but in quick interviews and debates, he really needs to slow down, be firm and say that if the American people believe we need to go to war and urge their congress members to pass a declaration of war ( proper proceedure ) than he will sign it and we will go to war and win it!

The same holds true for all his answers. If the American people want to pass a law or even make an amendment to the Constitution, then they need to run it through the individual states. If the majority of states agree it should passed on a national level, then follow the proper proceedure for an amendment. He usually just says that the federal government does not have the authority to pass national laws. I'm just saying that if he further explained to the American people their concerns and beliefs CAN be addressed, but it must be done through proper proceedure. I think a lot of people feel that thier issues ( war, abortion, civil liberties )are hopeless in an RP presidency b/c they don't know they can accomplish them in a different, proper way.

Ron Paul is a hero.

Of course, the media will claim that his foreign policy views make him unelectable. Maybe so — we'll find out soon enough. But Ron values the truth over political office. He will not lie or hold his tongue to win an election. He knows the debate over Iran is not merely academic. The lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent children, women and men are at stake. The wealth and liberty of Americans are under threat.

Bachmann's lying to justify another war really got Ron fired up. I could tell he was angry. That was when he his gave his most impassioned response. The statist media considers it a big no-no to challenge U.S. foreign policy on moral grounds. After Ron's exchange with Bachmann, Fox shut him out of the debate until the final (and most trivial) question.

The official narrative is that Ron lost the debate, even though Bachmann's entire argument rested on lies. The case for war against Iran (or whichever country is on the chopping block at any given moment) is presumed to be self-evident. It need not be defended with facts and rational argumentation. The onus always falls on the opponents of war, who are treated as crazy or weak for not wanting to kill people and destroy wealth on the flimsiest pretext.

How powerful is one man telling the truth against an army of liars? Stay tuned.


RP hanging on at 32%

This site has the other sites listed below their poll