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Video Update: Ron Paul Highlights from Final GOP Debate before Iowa - Sioux City, Thursday 12/15/11

December 15, 2011 9:00 pm
Sioux City Convention Center, Sioux City, IA, United States

Thanks to realjoeplummer for the videos:


User SaveOurSovereignty had some sync issues with the videos and had to delete them. Above is the new, combined video.

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We need help on this poll

Ron is losing to Gingrich and Romney!!!

POLL: http://www.nationalreview.com/

All hands on deck!

Liar Candidates

Bachmann has the worst record of accuracy in the Republican field, as rated by that organization and traced by others. Fully 73 percent of her statements checked by PolitiFact were judged mostly false or worse. Gingrich was wrong the next most often, 59 percent of the time.

Yet the shill puppet media talking heads never ever correct them or mention that they are lieing most of the time. More often than not the lies are directed at the only real choice for American and this world, Ron Paul. End the Rothschild Central Debt Slave Bank Systems.


Did Great!

I think Dr. Paul did a great job over all. He stood his ground and did not back off when the gong went off.

I found this on the web this morning: "...the wars we have been waging, we are always winning “technically” but the reality is, on the ground, and the govern- ments in place at the end are 180 degrees in opposition".

Dr. Paul made a great point that Switzerland and Norway (or Sweden, I can't remember which) aren't attacked for their prosperity and freedom. I think we are arrogant as hell as a nation to think that we can go out into the world and have our way without creating some enemies. It is time for us to Man Up and admit our errors. There is nothing Wimpy about that!

California should be coming online now

quick boost to over a million?

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

This is what we are up against..

I was cruising the Fox News forums this morning and of course there is plenty of Ron Paul bashing to be found.

One individual was commenting on another bashing individual and literally stated:

sighren - "Wonder what Muslims we were bombing before 9/11? He is completely psychotic"

Me - "Seriously? You do know that we have been bombing other middle eastern countries long before 9/11 and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent alone dont you? I dont expect you to vote or even like my candidate, but you need to arm yourself with knowledge by taking the initiative. Please dont vote at all if you only get your information from debates because you will remain uninformed. It is funny how individuals like yourself support the troops, but when you have more donations from active duty personnel (such as myself) being donated to Ron Paul than all republican candidates combined you still dont listen to what we have to say."


Cavuto sigh

The intro and end to every clip should have the Cavuto sigh inserted.

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul


I rewatched the sigh (and the general pissed off look he gave because his awesome 'get paul on the his earmarks' question backfired) many times. A thing of beauty!

...and the bret b glare.

would be much better.

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

Much better responses on

Much better responses on foreign policy - nailed Bachman, but I wish he could slip in a quick blurb like, "Do you feel safer after 10 years of our wars in the Middle East, and facing one or two more? Who has benefited? The average citizen is less safe, but war related bureaucracy has grown fatter, weapons manufacturers win, as do the defense contractors who get hundreds of billions to clean up our mess. But YOU are made ever more fearful so they can make ever more profit at taxpayer expense. It's time to think about why they incite fear and who wins and who loses in this war racket."

You CANNOT "explain" Israel.....in a TV AD

WE just simply do NOT have enough time to de-brainwash the RINOS. We need to go for moderate Republicans who care more for their pocketbooks & the crime in D.C. & Manhattan than they do about BOMBING IRAN!

All moderate Republicans want is to know that Ron will "take care of them" & respond IMMEDIATELY to a threat to our country!

We all have given some ideas prior to CAMPAIGN HEADQUARTERS about the type of effective ad for Ron.

Here is one idea relayed before!

--a MOVIE TV AD of him "acting" as Commander-in-Chief & reacting to a missile being lobbed at the United States by some enemy & him issuing orders to counter-attack it & showing it blown up into smithereens; then him going to Congress to get them to declare war on our enemy! If Ron can't "appear" live in the ad, maybe we could do an animated one. If not, then, some other way of doing this. We have to get this point across that he will be the STRONGEST COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF!

Other TV AD ideas have been mentioned here at Daily Paul that are great, too, like using our RP Veteran boys (a couple clips)! If we can do something effective in combination with the DOG one, we will be good to go.

One last thing, I would wager people are MORE CONCERNED ABOUT THEIR RETIREMENTS & GRANDCHILDRENS FUTURE than they are about bombing Iran. They just want to know he will protect us!

I think Dr. Paul did a great job, but ...

I think Dr. Paul did a great job, but his talk of Iran *we* all understand it, but to the ignorant Republican voter that gets all their news from Fox News, he probably looked real bad. I think the best thing for the campaign to do now is get out at least one or two really good foreign policy ads in Iowa that explain his position and *MOST* importantly provide the fact about our history with Iran starting in *1953*: People really don't know about that, and the masses really need to know that to understand Dr. Paul's position. How can we get the campaign to get that bit of information in an ad? it is crucial to his position on Iran. If people knew that, then they might begin to understand what he's talking about.

I want to throw something at the TV every time Santorum states that "Our war with Iran started in 1979 ..." I get so angry because he's misleading people!

Can somebody please get this message to the campaign?

Most don't see any difference

Most don't see any difference between Iran and believe it's an Arab country.

They are constantly made into the bad guys mostly by bad translations and as I do more and more homework on Iran, I see little threat from them.

Good Idea!

People don't have a clue about the Shah's rise to power in the '50's. He took his own dad out.

Good Idea!

People don't have a clue about the Shah's rise to power in the '50's. He took his own dad out.

This is so

true. While cruising Faux News earlier, that is all that was being mentioned that he is a kook because he wants Iran to have a nuke.


ytc's picture

The danger of over-reacting to the manufactured war-hysteria

was clearly and well stated by Ron.

The so-called "Fox debate" also illustrated graphically for ALL to see how their moderators themselves are contributing to the SCAM of inflaming and whipping up the war-hysteria. They were very much a part of the acting scenario that they were given to play by their employers (aka neocon puppeteers).

I pray that general American population, and esp Republican voters in the coming months, will side with common sense and will refuse to be hypnotized by the war-frenzied candidates AND obama, the nobel-peace-prized, warmongering war-profiteers. Our economy can't afford their mischiefs any longer.

they make their money on fear

Fear and sex are 2 of the biggest motivating factors in advertising. Without fear/war etc, they loose viewership. Jon Stewart said it best.

Ron Paul 2012!


I pray that their insane, murderous rhetoric falls on deaf ears.

I pray that Americans will not keep hardening their hearts, I pray they will watch WAR FOOTAGE and see the full-blown nightmare they are being tricked into supporting.

This is JUST like what the Nazis did, this is EXACTLY like the Nazis, who also, by the way, considered their mission a "Christian" one.

I didn't get to watch the

I didn't get to watch the debate last night. Just finished the highlights and WOW! He did really well! I feel absolutely honored to have gotten to hear this wise statesman in my lifetime!

American President

There is much about Iran that we don't know, but there is one thing for sure: We have operatives in the CIA who are involved there and if there was even a shred of evidence that Iran was going to attain and use a nuclear weapon, President Paul would would do as our constitution directs him to do. He would stand in front of congress and ask for a declaration of war. If they were a threat to us, he would destroy them instantly with one of our submarines. Remember, one sub can destroy the entire country of Iran with ease and still have enough weaponry left to take out another one if only asked. It is known that Israel has at least two at sea at all times! In addition, you can't forget that Israel has the fourth largest military in the world. I think they can take care of themselves. This idea that we should be standing around, shaking in our boots is a fraud. Iran is not a threat. The idea that Iraq was a threat was shown to be absolutely ridiculous. There is literally no country on this planet that would stand a chance against our military which is why we should take this opportunity in history lead by example and show the rest of the world that this strange philosophy of liberty and justice for all equates to strength and ultimately, peace. Only fools would abuse this immense power to force their will upon the world. (Obviously, we have plenty of fools that have been in power for too long)

Backmann's resources

I don't dislike Bachmann personally, I'm sure she's a wonderful American woman. I don't want her as president because she has too many resource issues. Again, we've heard her make historical comments incorrectly, made up information about immunization concerns and celebrated Presley's birthday on the calandar date of his death. She's trips and falls when making important points. It's not because she forgets, it's mostly because of her and her friends' research.

I'm glad Ron pointed out her resource as being untrustworthy and should have nailed her trust in it even more. Ron quoted resources such as our own internal CIA reports yet everyone seems to ignore those. Bachmann and others want to use the UN as a resource, I have to ask how discerning is Bachmann with her resources. She needs to be more skeptical.

I'm with Ron, our future president, when claiming that the UN really is not the United States friend and is not to be trusted. Please exit us from the UN.

Have a blessed Teapartying money bomber of a day!!

The night is far spent, the day is at hand.
And those who have not heard shall understand.

Bachman and the Military Industrial Complex

Does she really believe her own words, or is she just dutifully repeating what her masters tell her to say?

I think RP needs to explain in more depth why there is such unmasked war propaganda on the stage with him. EVERYONE can easily understand this, and it provides a rock solid motive for ANY argument for war.

Ron Paul:

"All my opponents are part of the status quo which is backed by billions of dollars of the military industrial complex which President Eisenhower bravely and prophetically warned of in his Farewell speech. Eisenhower warned against the war propaganda of the military industrial complex. He said the solution was for the people to be alert and educated about the proper role of government. For years, I have endeavored to awaken and educate the citizenry about the just cause of war, and to expose the lies of the military industrial complex.

"Lie #1: that 3rd world countries are a threat to our national security.
Lie #2: That Iraq, Iran, etc. have WMD's. And mind you, if there were WMD's, our own military industrial complex gave them to our puppet dictators. We gave nukes to the communists in Russia in 1949 and later to the Chinese.

"WHY?? Because the military industry needs an enemy to fight, and it needs to scare the people by inventing a threat so as to justify a war hysteria."

For your reference, the full Eisenhower Quote:

We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplace power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. Only an alert and knowledge citizenry can [guard against the war propanganda]..."


"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

I can't stomach Bachman and the war mongers....

Bachman:"I think I have never heard a more dangerous answer for American security than the one that we just heard from Ron Paul”

No Michelle, the most dangerous answer to American security is YOUR favored policy of policing the world and starting wars needlessly! You and your warmongering friends are a contributing factor as to why the United States is bankrupt and faces a possible and probable currency collapse!

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul


In one breath she talks about the "Sanctity of life" but in the next all she wants to do is kill and fight.


Can make it similar to the popular DOG ad....OR MAKE IT A DRAMA VERY INTENSE AD!

showing Ron Paul as President in the Oval Office with staff surrounding him & the USA flag behind his desk; showing a Star Wars atmosphere with someone touching a button opening a LARGE wall TV screen showing a missile coming towards America & showing a countdown of 60 seconds with the Military General asking President Paul what to do! Ron Paul then calls for a "counter attack"; then the camera switches to the TV screen showing the missile being blown up by our fighter jets! Then, Paul telling his staff to get an EMERGENCY SESSION with Congress, and they ask, "what for?" He says, "To get a declaration of WAR!"

This would be extremely effective in countering what the warmongers did last night. And, if done with class, it would show Dr. Paul as Commander-in-Chief and soothe their fears that he won't "PROTECT" AMERICA, because he WILL.

sorry, to me that would perpetuate the myth

sorry, to me that would perpetuate the myth that Islamic extremists can get a missile over here. i'd rather see something about the costs of war and the impossibility of ending a war that only influences more terrorists to join the fight.

to me the costs of the war are in lives, not only in those lost but in those wasted in work to earn the money to pay for the weapons. i want more questions in the debates/press about what the objectives are that must be reached to end the war, and if there is another suicide attack after that, do we just go right back to war?

they should be talking about how many lives were lost on 9/11 and how many were lost as a result of foreign policy after 9/11, including those lives lost in work paying for the damned war. they should be talking about how many american lives we are willing to sacrifice in order to keep Iran from obtaining a small percentage of Israel's nuclear arsenal and weapons capabilities.

we shouldn't be dying for israel, and we certainly shouldn't be over there stirring up more hatred for israel(and ourselves). and we can't afford it anyway. if we continue we WILL be the next USSR.

bigmikedude's picture

Neither can I

I can't stand Bachmann. I'd rather listen to an entire double CD set of fingernails on a chalkboard than hear her answer a single question.

I'm sorry but that woman is annoying. I am so sick of hearing her say "I" "President Obama" and especially - "I am the only one on this stage".

If she dropped out yesterday it wouldn't be soon enough.

GLENN BECK SHOW gave the "win" to Bachmann but not the general

election....just fyi.

A.P. Fact Check: Paul was Right Bachmann Wrong

Even theblaze.com has the fact check up: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/ap-fact-check-gingrich-was-o...

Please try to get it up on Drudge.