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Video Update: Ron Paul Highlights from Final GOP Debate before Iowa - Sioux City, Thursday 12/15/11

December 15, 2011 9:00 pm
Sioux City Convention Center, Sioux City, IA, United States

Thanks to realjoeplummer for the videos:


User SaveOurSovereignty had some sync issues with the videos and had to delete them. Above is the new, combined video.

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Paul did great!

This debate only helped Ron Paul. He was given seemingly much more airtime, and he spoke confidently throughout.

Ron Paul is taking his game to the next level when it matters most. These last two debates have been his best. He has timing and rhythm of speaking has been much more clear and well-spaced.

He ran into foreign policy issues, but he stood his ground and simply would not give in to the idea that preemptive war with Iran is what we should do. Paul is going all in on this issue.

I think the American people are on his side. Foreign policy is the issue that makes him MOST electable in the aggregate. The NeoCons need to be reprimanded for our fruitless actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. These people have little credibility to discuss the necessity of ANY war in the Middle East at this point.

The Republican Party as a whole must keep this at the forefront of our mind.

This debate sucked.

This debate sucked.

I agree..

Start with economics... then go into Iran. Then silence Paul.

FOX can eat a bag of Dick Morris.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

We knew

it was coming though...trying to make him look bad before Iowa..take some of the wind out of his sails.

I love how Bret asks him 3 times about Iran "i'm going to try this again....." Then Paul answers it three times and at the end of it Brett was like "remember when you hear that ding your time is up...i've been very liberal with this so far." F'k you Bret! You just ask the man the same question three times and when he answers it you ding him!

The debate sucked for Bachmann who dug a grave

and fell in it...

I would say that the debate was brilliant for Ron Paul.

There's is nothing better than the truth as it sets one free.

Just watched the tivo

and must admit I haven't read many of the 1100 comments so I don't know if this was mentioned.

Newt said "...If we had 11 missiles fired at the United States ... Most Americans would say If you're firing missiles at me that might not be a very good gesture." {big applause}

Why do these "people" think we can bomb, blockade, and interfere with other sovereign states but if someone does it to us they should be wiped from the earth. (I guess you could include counterfeiting as opposed to manipulating currency too)

Those Islamists just don't accept our freedom do they.

Looks like we still have a lot of convincing left to do.


I'll take my Liberty, it's not yours to give.

I imagine

that they stack the people in there.

My other response to Newt's

My other response to Newt's statement was:

Well, if those 11 missiles were fired into -Israel- (not the US), it is up to -Israel- (not the US) to determine the best course of action. He was basically making that point without even knowing it.

"If we had 11 missiles fired at the United States..."

Um, we didn't. They were fired at a sovereign nation that can take care of itself.

Despite the crappy debate...

Controversy occurred, and controversy generates news coverage!

This will be a good thing, even in the little time we have before the Iowa caucus.

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After watching the debate and post debate, I'm sick to my stomach. Fair & Balanced MY ASS... BOYCOTT FOX NEWS

The Hannity interview with Ron Paul was not even an interview. Hannity did not even interview him. He completely grilled him and tried to make Paul out to be an idiot...this was an all out attack.

Paul barely got to speak and was continually interrupted.

Completely sickening as was the position held by all the other candidates on Iran. My god, what is wrong with these War monger Americans? Why cant people see the only way forward is by restoring peace and prosperity, not by continuing crusades across the globe and bankrupting the globe in the process.

This World is completely screwed. Why cant people wake up god damn it!


And you're just coming to the

And you're just coming to the realization that Faux News is is terrible now??

Ron Paul can handle these idiots. The newsletters and the earmarks are the best they can come up with to attack him. What a joke.

Look at Newt's problems. Romney is failing. Jon Stewart's whole writing staff is going to cry when Ron Paul becomes president. It's going to be a real bitch writing for a political comedy show when the president doesn't act like a clown.

If I were American I'd be selling one of the gold coins I bought years ago thanks to Ron Paul and sending the proceeds to the money bomb... you know, that thing that's raking in 150 grand per hour in spite of the fact that no special interests support it.

I Hope Ron never goes on

I Hope Ron never goes on Hannity again

mountaincat's picture

He had to tonight

Handled it well. Laughing at him was a good move.

Did anyone notice that Hannity looked like a vampire at the post debate "Spin Room"?

He has no reason to

Once he wins a race he can pick whom he wants to talk to.

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Iran video

Folks please for educational value for yourself and others please watch the "History of Iran video- a must see for any Ron Paul supporter" My wife watched it 5-6 times in order to absorb it. She had to stop and backtrack several times and play it again. This video is what really cemented her support for Ron Paul. Her reaction once she got it about the history of Iran and how we put the Shah in power and overthrew a democracy was an oh my gosh moment. I encourage everyone to watch it and study it. There is a barrier of bulls--t and smokescreens that this video can break through if one studies ......PLEASE WATCH

RP Ohio

Bachman has been and still is a Bush Republican

and her raving for war with Iran tonight proved it even more,
Ron Paul again secured the anti-war vote of which is over 60%
of the voter's.

As for earmarks he would rather have the money for his district than going over to Haliburton in Iraq

"Freedom is a right that can never be won in war,only by each individual "


What is funny about most peoples reaction to earmarks in bills is "Oh earmarks bad" or "oh earmarks = Pork". What they don't realize is that an ear mark is a directive by Congress on how the is to be spent. RP very clearly and succinctly pointed this out. If there are no earmarks in a bill the executive can spend the funds how THEY want to. Ron's position of "If the money is coming from my constituents, and is going to be spent anyway, then my constituents should get some of the benefits from being taxed" is completely legitimate. Also the fact that he usually votes on the particular bill anyway shows that he is trying to illustrate the absurdity of the whole process. I thought it was interesting that he was asked this by Cavuto, as I've seen RP and him discuss this before on Cavuto's Fox business program.

The earmark issue

The earmark issue is too "micro" for most people to understand. It is all Washington insider gobbledygook that Ron's opponents have successfully used against him repeatedly because the same response has been used... A vastly simplified response needs to be crafted. I'm talking about an explanation a four-year old could follow.

re Iran, it would help to

re Iran, it would help to keep reminding (ignorant, warmongering) Americans, over & over again, that CHINA will step in if we attack Iran.

Yes, China. The superpower with nuclear weapons, and 1 BILLION people to support its military, which China has been busy building up:


Let those (ignorant, warmongering) American realize, for a change, what a war with not only Iran but CHINA can do to our nation. They can pulverize us, no matter who "wins" in the end - the only way to really "win" such a war is by using nuclear weapons, and China will respond by nuking us too.

There is NO resolution with war. Only blood, poverty, and death.

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/


China or Russia, or both

China not engage in act of aggression despite military might

Feel free to cite instances of military aggression initiated by China in the modern times (I say after 1950). In my memory - none. China is rising in military power, partly credited to its economic rise. The point is when it comes to "potential" military confrontations between China and US, the first aggressor must be the US.

US has a different story now. It is spreading itself too thin being the policeman of the world, when it has tons of very critical problems domestically. Therefore, US top priority is to bring in resources spent on illegal wars back to this country and get the economy strong again.

Plus of course Russia has a

Plus of course Russia has a defense treaty with Iran too. Russia actually has the capability to deliver nukes to American soil.

If the prospect of killing another hundred thousand or more people in yet another very costly war does not concern every American for moral and financial reasons - then at least the idea of war with Iran, China AND Russia all at once should terrify EVERY American... everyone on planet Earth, actuallY!

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/

Videos removed by user?


"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

Yeah, videos are gone. Can

Yeah, videos are gone. Can someone repost please? Thanks to those who get these vids up online so quickly.

Ron Paul wins the Foreign Policy debate everytime

There was one establishment candidate that was honest about the TRUE goals in regard to the prevailing zionist foriegn policy of both the left and right. Rick Perry opened his mouth and spoke before his brain made sense of the words he was saying. In case you missed it: He was responding to the question about whether or not the U.S. should take military action against Syria. He said that the U.S. should not allow/tolerate any [enemy/hostile] space to exist between the U.S. and Israel. There you have it. We have surrounded Iran and Syria. We have demonstrated that we intend to overthrow their governments and institute a pro-western puppet government. The goal is to expand our EMPIRE to include the entire middle-east! This is the TRUE reason the muslims hate the U.S. and its allies. It is not because we love freedom or promote a tolerant society. Like Ron pointed out, you don't see the muslims targeting switzerland or sweden. They target the aggressors that are invaders pressing them on every side. They target the countries that are threating sanctions, conducting state sponsored cyber warfare, spying on them with drones, pressing them on every side by opening dozens of miltary bases all along their borders. I mean look what we did to Libya. We talked them out of their nuclear program and then we killed them! We have some presidential candidates that have blood on their hands. The blood of hundreds of thousands of innocents! We should count ourselves lucky we had someone in office in the 60's that called Kruschev and made a few concessions to avert a nuclear war. We removed our missiles in eastern europe and they removed the missles from Cuba. If we had these morons on stage running things we would have had a nuclear holocaust. There is one man that supports peace. His name is Ron Paul. I understand the principles of self-defense and we need to engage terrorists whenever we find them. Ron Paul served in the military during the cuban missile crisis. He voted to go after the terrorists after 9/11. He voted to hunt down Bin Laden. He gets more donations from the troops than any other candidate. But we didn't go after Bin Laden. Instead we began waging war on entire countries and occupying them for over a decade! I just don't understand how anyone can believe that these endless wars make us more secure. We as a country are so broke we shouldn't be allowed to obtain credit from a loan shark to buy a used car. And yet all the establishment candidates want to start more wars, increase the defense budget, etc. The budget next year already calls for spending 10% of our GDP on war! How much more do we have to spend? How can Christians claim that nearly 1 million innocent Iraqi deaths are acceptable losses? Iraq had 0 WMDs, they never attacked us, they were a third world country that barely had the capability to suppress internal revolt much less attack the most powerful country in the war. Saddam was put in power by the U.S. and was a puppet for the West. I am by not means defending him. He was a monster. But we put him in power and then we killed him and his family so we could expand our empire. It had nothing to do with liberating Iraq. Follow the money. The politicians, big business, and the military industrial complex are making billions upon billions on these wars. They tax us, they inflate our money, etc. and they put it in their pockets to fight a conflict half way around the world. After all its not their sons and daughters lives on the line. They couldn't care less if 8000 American young men and women come home in body bags, missing limbs, maimed for life, etc.

You guys aren't getting it...

He got a TON of boos

you are wrong

Those boos where for Bachmann

The boos weren't all aimed at

The boos weren't all aimed at Ron ... ;)

Got to be honest here

I thought he rocked it! I thought this was, perhaps, his best debate thus far. The question on supreme court justices I thought was, perhaps, a little weak, but every other answer he gave was spectacular, especially the back and forth on Iran. It gave a clear choice - want war? Vote for anyone but Ron Paul (and maybe Huntsman) want peace? Vote for Ron Paul. I don't know many people who want more war.

Unfortunately it sounds like everyone in the theatre

In every debate wants as much war as they can get,and then some more war just for good measure.