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Ronaldus Magnus II

Come on Rush, you know you want to endorse him. You must be tired of the big spending mushy liberals (no, !'m a moderate!) you have to grudgingly defend. If you want someone you can be support without compromise, simply endorse someone who has never compromised.

Remembering back to the FIRST debate at the Ronald Reagan Library, who is the most Reagan like? Someone with the same first name. Who believes in America first. Who believes in smaller government and less taxes.

And now the Democrats, if they want a real anti-war candidate, need only look over the fence (unless they with the noble old Alaskan, whom I'd likely vote for over most of the R field).

It's time for another Ron to be president. This isn't an R&D project, look for the facts. Reason and Discover.

Business as usual is literally bankrupting and killing us. Shiva became a central banker with the words "I have become debt, destroyer of nations!".

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Coalition Building

The problem with expecting an endorsement from Rush Limbaugh is that Rush is not anti-war.

The second part of this post is right on the money in that Ron Paul is probably the only Republican candidate who could attract a sizable number of votes from Democrats and Independents.

Pity his archives don't go back far enough

I would like to hear (and replay) what he said about Reagan when he pulled us out of Lebanon. I don't remember him ever referring to it as "cut and run", etc.

I've heard that in the Korean War, there was something known as Pork Chop Hill, that our military would take, but then retreat and let the enemy retake while diplomats were talking about it or something.

So, how much ground have we gained in Iraq in the last 4 years? It is a country of "port chop hills" where we concentrate attention until things calm down, then we just leave and they come back.

Or imagine a World War I Trench simply snaking through the entire country of Iraq, never moving, but always fighting.

I could go on, like the war which is stuck in this stalemate. And keep asking "what is victory?".