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I was just on the Radio in Boston! SO SHOULD YOU!

I was just on the Radio!

Jay Severin. Talk 1200 in Boston.

This was my first time ever on a call-in show and I think I did pretty well! There was practically no queue as I was on air within a few minutes! I was hung up on before I could mention Ron Paul's money bomb tomorrow, but I did mention that I was a Ron Paul supporter right off the bat and I think I made a pretty strong argument before they hung up on me. I then tuned in my radio again and heard Jay even concede that I made a good argument and he went out of his way to give me a "platinum star" for being on the ball and making good points.

Now, Jay Severin can be pretty obnoxious sometimes, but that's par for the course and part of being a talk show radio personality. Surprisingly, he was not nearly as heavy-handed with me as I thought he would be since I announced right off the bat that I was a Ron Paul supporter and I was going to make a case against Romney (whom Jay openly supports).

Jay is an interesting guy. Sometimes he is right on the money and I couldn't agree with him more, but other times, he pretty blatantly spins and distorts things to support his own view (or his candidate -Romney). He often shows deep respect where it is due, and other times he is crass, pig-headed blowhard. He often refers to Ron Paul as a "crack". Personally, I think that is disrespectful of Dr. Paul considering his unquestionable integrity and careful considerations of the issue of our day.

To get to the meat of it, I pointed out obvious inconsistencies with Jay's defense of Mitt Romney when it comes to flip-flopping. Jay continually repeats the mantra: "everybody changes their mind sometimes when the facts change, right?" With respect to abortion, Romney ran on a firmly pro-choice platform when running for governor of Massachusetts and then conveniently switched his stance upon running for president. Jay, kept repeating how common this is, and even brought up a few handy examples. He reminded listeners that Hillary&Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Ted Kennedy were actually pro-life before they were told that in order to compete on a national stage they had to changed their platform (read: beliefs). Jay then again repeated that views must change when the facts on the ground change.

These examples were obviously pulled out of history in order to make a point and also slam some prominent Democrats in the process, but it actually backfired. In that split second, Jay didn't have time to reason that he needed to find POSITIVE examples of people flip-flopping. In his rush to find examples and constant tendency to attack Democrats he grabbed the nearest thought which was these folks.

However, they actually make very POOR examples. Jay didn't have time to think, but even though they are on the "other side", this proves that politicians can and do change their core beliefs according to the political climate. This is bad. This is very bad. People want to elect individuals they can trust not to turn on them when it happens to advance that person's own political aspirations.

We want to trust our leaders, Jay!

Jay, actually decided not to argue whether Romney was sincere or not, but rather doubled down! He actually reminded us that back then Romney was running for office in Massachusetts at the time and it DEPENDS on what political environment, state or national. Ummm....OK, that still does not explain why he would change his stance to pro-life when campaigning on the national stage.

Jay continued to argue that point referring to the previous caller who had a bone to pick about Romneycare. The caller had a real problem with Romney's support for government forcing citizens to buy healthcare. Jay's defense was (as Romney's is) that about 70% of Massachusetts residents support the Massachusetts health care plan (more specifically only 51% support the individual mandate -see bottom). Basically, Jay (and Mitt) is saying that it was right of Mitt to force people into healthcare as governor because the MAJORITY of Mass. citizens supported it.

Now technically, Jay and his buddy Mitt are right. States do have the right to make such laws if the state constitution allows it, however that is not the issue at hand. The issue is that Romney supported the bill and signed it into law. Romney was IN FAVOR of the concept of the bill. If he did not believe in government forcing people to buy healthcare, he would rallied against it and he would have vetoed it when it came to his desk.

The argument that Mitt did the right thing for Massachusetts because the majority of Mass. citizens favored the law proves that he has no principles and is de-facto proof that he will do whatever he thinks the majority of people polled want. Jay went on to say, that when President, Mitt would then be beholden to the whole country and be required to do what the majority of those polled wanted and by and large the majority of Americans DON'T want universal healthcare.

This is dangerous and revealing talk. Just think for a second. This is mob rule and pandering for power. Yes, maybe the national poll today says that the majority of Americans are not in favor of socialized medicine, but what if next year it polls at 53% in favor of it?! What then, Mitt? Heck, put it up to 60%. What does Mitt do then? Does he use his previous arguments about obeying the majority of citizens or does he do what Ron Paul would do and respect the Constitution and protect individual liberty? What about that other 40%? Do their constitutional rights get trampled on simply because a current poll has them outnumbered?

At that point, my phone went dead. I thought I my mobile dropped the signal or something, but I was told by the screener when I called back that they needed to go to commercial and that I was done. That makes sense. They all do that so they can get the last word in.

I tuned in the radio and then heard Jay quickly note that this was an age-old issue -whether a majority should decide for everyone or not. I think that's all he could do, because deep down he knows I'm right and that Ron Paul is right. Despite his downplaying the issue, I'm pretty sure most listeners got my point. I could tell Jay did because he had no solid comeback.

If we do not stick to our constitution and openly fight for individual liberty, our future is dark. Simply voting with the majority without principles will lead to a downward spiral - or further down the tailspin we are already in. We need a president who champions those core principles and has a consistent record doing so.

I would suggest people call into talk radio programs all over the country and support Dr. Paul and liberty. Right now our biggest foe are those media types that are trying to diminish the significance of Ron Paul's rising popularity. Although Jay makes my blood boil sometimes for disparaging Ron Paul, I do respect him for having me on the show and debating me without any tricks.

Since liberty and logic are on our side it should be easy to make the case and defend a great man from his on-air attackers. Ron Paul can't be all over the call-in shows across the country everyday, every hour. But together, we can.

Try it, it's fun!

Ron Paul 2012!

* Romneycare study:

PS: If anybody knows if there is anyway to retrieve audio archives of radio shows, let me know. Wish I could have just posted the audio.

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I will update this post with a list of point-counter point

I will update this post with a list of point-counter point soon if I can. However, it would be great if the DP community all chimed in.

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Nice job!

Severin has been quite harsh on Ron Paul, most because he has argued for the extermination of large tracts of the the Middle East in retribution, and Ron Paul is not coming at this from the same direction. Good job going toe-to-toe.

Don't Vote For Ron Paul for anything less than
Re[love]ution & Renaissance

Thanks! It was WAAAAYY easier than I thought.

I just jotted down a simple outline of what I wanted so say unless I got camera shy...err..microphone shy. I didn't really need it, but it felt good to have it. Jay was really easy to talk to despite the way I've heard him treat Ron Paul supporters.

It's not impossible!

Just crank up the sound and watch this before you dial:


You'll remember it forever.

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Seriously everyone...

Seriously everyone... go on the radio and defend this honorable man's quest to restore our liberty!

Find the conservative talk radio programs and flood them with positive support. Don't be hateful. Just show the world that there are millions of intelligent and kind Ron Paul supporters out there. They will catch on.

Show your support for Ron Paul and inspire others at new grassroots site:
( Consider uploading a picture or video of your sign or event, etc .)