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On Greta Van Sustern - Rush Limbaugh : "Anybody Can Beat Obama Except Ron Paul"

On Greta Van Sustern - Rush Limbaugh : "Anybody Can Beat Obama Except Ron Paul"

Greta Van Susteren asked Rush Limbaugh is an exclusive interview on her show asked, "Who Do You Support For President?"

Limbaugh answered, "If the election were held today, I believe anyone could beat Barack Obama except Ron Paul."

What say you?


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Rush Limbaugh is a blowhard

Ignore his nonsense and gear up to support the moneybomb.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

the MSM is being discussed . . .

on another thread. I have never watched or listened to any of these people; I haven't done MSM--

but many people do.

*I* don't care what this man thinks or says, but unfortunately many people, good people, are swayed by him.


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

One of the problems within

One of the problems within the GOP is that, because there is a large segment of people who lack the intellect and objectivity to think for themselves, their opinions are based on innuendo, lies, fallacies and misrepresentations of talk show pundits and neoconservative propagandists like Limbaugh, Levin, Hannity and Krauthammer, just to name a few.

My response to Limbaugh's erroneous assertion that Paul cannot defeat Obama is to remind people that this is the same Limbaugh that was asserting that John McCain could defeat both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in 2008. "He can beat Obama the easiest" Limbaugh asserted "And that's not even arguable". Here is the actual excerpt from the transcript of the show and a link to the entire dialog"

"They [Democrats] want the White House back in the worst way. The supers have a problem. They've got two flawed candidates. McCain can beat either of these two. He can beat Obama the easiest. Obama would be the easier of the two to beat. Obviously. And that's not even arguable." - Rush Limbaugh, May 21, 2008 (5 months prior to the election)

McCain Can Win; Will It Matter?
May 21, 2008

My response to the erroneous assertion to those that have fallen for the fallacy that Paul can't defeat Obama is to challenge their assertion with this statement:

Please provide a rationale to support your assertion that Ron Paul can't defeat Barack Obama in 2012.

During the 2008 election, were you one of the Republicans that was erroneously asserting that Obama could not defeat McCain? I would bet that you were.

Since you clearly consider yourself to be a professional political prognosticator, were you able to predict that Barack Obama would defeat John McCain by 192 electoral votes in 2008?

If you weren't able to predict that Obama would defeat McCain in 2008, why should I, or anyone else, place any credibility in your assertion that Ron Paul can't defeat Barack Obama in 2012?

Limbaugh's response

is no surprise. He is a non-factual no-evidence uninformed "thinker" who poses as some sort of intellectual.

What surprised me was that VanSustern didn't even ask Why? No clarification. What sort of possible reason could he have? Isn't she even remotely curious? His answer might actually be interesting to viewers.


the couple of short time I looked...

...at this, whenever they panned from Limpballs' elongated ramblings to give Greta some face-time, she was gazing up in a total worshiping daze with "sparkling stars in her eyes" and bits of spittle oozing from the corners of her mouth. Yeah, right!! She was going to (or in any condition to) ask any followup questions when he stomped on facts with Goebbels style "big lies."

Doesn't Rush Limbaugh

have a new brand of tea out that tastes completely terrible? Maybe we should tell everyone just how gross the stuff is.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!


The Minneapolis Republican City Committee held its annual Holiday Party last weekend. Mind you Minneapolis is all DFL owned and operated and what "Republicans" there are are solely Ron Paul/libertarian Republicans.

Anyways...they were giving away some small prizes for the event and there were two packs of this Tea up grabs (gag gift really as not a one of us care for Limbaugh). So the drawings were held and what's left on the pool table? These two packs of tea.

No-one wanted them even though they were free. I think they were afraid to drink them for fear of what might happen.

And that's what Monkey Levin parroted this morning!

Hey, just like clockwork, that's what Monkey Levin parroted just this morning: Our favourite "Israel-firster" was on Don Imus this morning. To the question, "Who can beat Obama in the election, Levin stated as a fact: "ANYBODY can beat Obama, except Ron Paul". And he based this on Dr. Paul's "kooky" foreign policy.

But does the American voter place EVERYBODY except Ron Paul ahead of Obama because they all will assassinate Americans, detain Americans indefinitely, send Americans to die overseas for non-American causes, and violate the Constitution half a dozen ways?

Is that really why EVERYONE ELSE can beat Obama? Honestly, neocon talk show hosts: 100,000,000 Americans will likely vote next November.

What will they be voting for?

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Rush Limbaugh Statist

He is a washed up Statist Quo Republican fool ... and it just goes to show you what the long term abuse of drugs can do to ones mind.

Here is the link to disprove him.


Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

Clearly an outright lie by Limbaugh.

Even the establishment polls show that Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that actually polls evenly with Obama, and ALL the other Repub candidates are LOSERS.

So, its an obvious lie that even casual observers can see.
And when they start with the lies that are so transparent that even casual onlookers can see thru it, then the neocons are super-desperate.
Because they are blowing their "credibility" even with their long-time dupes who will see it. At this point, they are willing to risk everything, including any future chance at credibility.
In fact, I think the entire MSM is going to tank out of sight after this election. None of them have any credibility left, and coupled with the competition from the Internet, they can't survive any longer. They are gone.

The complete opposite is true!

Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama would be the biggest landslide victory in the history of American politics. In favor of Ron Paul, of course.

All these NeoCons are doing

All these NeoCons are doing is making it hundreds of times easier for Independents and Democrats to vote for Ron Paul because they for years have despised the propaganda out of the Fox and Rush machine. It is a seal of approval that says, "He is genuine". For every action there is an equal and opposite.

I say "why do you post this shit?"

To even mention Limbum's name on this site degrades the site and lowers it's IQ. Please don't help destroy the Daily Paul with re-posting enemy propaganda! Thanks bud!


Limbum...Ha! Already my IQ has slipped..

Give me a break

To say that Ron Paul is the only candidate who can not beat Obama is the ultimate of pure BS.
Rush you have been smoking dope again, right.

nah, dope might actually help him

he is on some serious prescription pills

Watch the documentary "Orwell

Watch the documentary "Orwell Rolls in His Grave" (free on YouTube). It will give you an idea about media control. This is a well-orchestrated, well-funded, far-reaching force. I'm waiting for a hit job at the Fox debate.

I keep asking

Is this legal..slander maybe? I just hope these people have a set of handcuffs waiting on them

the msm is in high anti-paul

the msm is in high anti-paul alert. Just last week Rush said he wouldn't even mention his name when speaking about him. Maddow is on the attack, Hannity is bringing up the old newsletter bit. As we move closer, the mainstream media is going to be desperate to stop him.

Why didn't you answer the question, rush?

How strange that when you are asked who you support for president you answer that "anyone could beat Barack Obama except Ron Paul". That wasn't the question, and your assertion is not even true. Obviously you have an agenda, and it is not what is best for this country. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget you were our countrymen.

Rush loses 30% listenership in 6 months


Oh yes the times they are a changin'! I pray for the sheeple of Faux New to wake up! Iowa is an important test of the mind-grip that the conservative pundits have on their listeners. They know they are losing their grip and they are just slinging mud.

Come on Iowa, New Hampshire, S Carolina and Florida!! WAKE UP!

send him Obama vs Paul poll links

No need to get riled up, he is doing what he has been told to do.
Just send him the links with Paul vs Obama one on one polls.
let the facts speak for themselves.
its just getting ridiculous - first ignoring, then misrepresentation, and now that the polls are showing the truth they are saying its not happening or it means nothing !! talk about denial !

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Fox, Rush, and other

Fox, Rush, and other "Conservative" shows are losing their grip. I have a perfect example. My father has listened to Rush forever. When I was young, I remember him watching (when he was on TV) and then listening to him almost daily. I was brainwashed to a certain extent. My father is also an avid Fox News watcher (O'Reilly, Hannity, etc).

But...this election cycle has changed him. He was pulling for Cain and Bachmann (I've got Ron as his #2 which wasn't easy overcoming decades of GOP establishment brainwashing). He can't believe that his beloved Rush and Fox News are kid gloving Gingrich and Romney. The first crack in his Fox News world came when Chris Wallace asked Bachmann if she was a flake. Then he heard Miller and O'Reilly say Cain won't be the nominee. He's starting to see their agenda. I have a feeling if he is seeing it, then other "typical" conservative listeners are as well. Although, I almost threw up when he told me he subscribes to the Dick Morris newsletter. I then realized that the establishment media grip is truly massive and for older voters, such as my father, they've been lured in with decades of programming. As I said, he is older and some days will spend hours watching Fox News, having their message pounded into his head. We'll talk politics often and when we discuss issues I feel like I'm talking to Fox News.

However...I hope/believe that the internet and social networking will level the playing field. I think we're seeing this with Ron Paul. The establishment media is finding it harder to control the message.

They had me too

Good post.Fox had me also and then I opened my eyes. They are as fake as they come. They do what they are told because it adds to their over stuffed wallets and bank accounts. They would sell their souls for a dollar. Rush is on the payroll also. I now longer watch Fox and I am 66 years of age.

Hannity brought up the

Hannity brought up the newsletters twice and he says - "why hasn't this ever been discussed" come on sean you know it was discussed four years ago in detail.

My email to Rush today


I'm a Rush baby. Born in 1978, starting listening in 1990, listened to part of the show today. My first pickup truck had a Rush is Right bumper sticker. My dad just bought me a two if by tea mug or something for Christmas.

You said that any of the Republican candidates can beat Obama except Paul. You know that's just not true. You know all the polls that show Paul is more competitive with Obama than the other candidates. I know the attacks on Paul are going to step up over the next few weeks because he is about to win Iowa big time. You can see which way the wind is blowing.

You know that real change in direction would come with Paul. That's what his supporters go. The war policy has to change eventually. The corporate welfare has to change.The longer we wait the worse it is going to be. Do you want to be in on the front-end of this revolution? Are you going to join in the media black-out and the unfair attacks on Paul? Are you going to continue to prop up the failed and near universally despised war policies?

If you really believe in small government you'll have some kind words for Ron Paul. People believe he is honest and that he will actually work towards smaller government. He does not give lip service to small gov't; people get this. If he does well - the small gov't wing of the republican party does well, not the people that give lip service to small gov't the real small gov't people.

Hannity and Limbaugh

know exactly what they are doing, they have no interest in what they claim and to believe you are going to convince them to agree with what is obvious is naive. They are paid to keep the truth from the American people, their job is to serve the agenda of their corporate owners. If you haven't seen it, go online and watch the documentary Freedom to Fascism, even Dr. Paul is interviewed about gold and the fed but a key part of the documentary is the media's part in keeping America ignorant of facts. Don't be fooled, to buy into the belief that these media hosts are being honest with you is to allow yourself to be duped. Freedom to Fascism is known as one of the most important documentaries for waking people up and exposing the truth of what has really been going on for decades.

Can I use some of this

Brent, my story is nearly identical to yours. Can I use your opening line to Rush?

Pay attention people. This

Pay attention people. This is an effective email. Stop writing hate mail. Write with the intention of persuading as Brent has. Put yourself in the position of the person you are trying to convince. Ask yourself, what would you want to hear if you were in their shoes?

Excellent email, Brent.

Most, if not all of the polls, have shown that Ron Paul is the

ONLY Republican candidate who can beat Obama.

Rush should know that.

I'm afraid his true colors are showing.

Even if this were true, so

Even if this were true, so what? The problem isn't Obama; he's a parcel of the problem. The problem, instead, is the power of that beast in DC. Washington needs the same treatment Grendel received by Beowulf. Replacing Obama with another power-enhancer is not the solution.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality. - John Randolph of Roanoke