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Cato Institute: Vice President David Boaz interviewed by Politico. Awesome Review of RP success.

The end is the best part because he envisions the Ron Paul presidency.

This was taken from the Politico Arena and a direct link to the audio is here.

You can link to the Arena here.

I have heard a lot of people say "President Paul" - I just never really thought through some of the detailed ramifications of what it would actually mean.

It's sad - but we haven't had a President in office in so long that isn't corrupt or isn't a progressive - it IS hard to imagine the results of our efforts.

Hope this encourages you to donate tomorrow!

I think this link is worthy of the front page. Bump and vote if you do too.

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So - am I the only conservative

that's amazed that Cato did this?

Even a stopped clock

is right twice a day.