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Ron Paul Rebellion Breaks Out On Reddit

Ron Paul Rebellion Breaks Out On Reddit
BY SARAH LAI STIRLAND | Friday, December 16 2011

Rep. Ron Paul's vociferous supporters have a long history of organization on the web. Going back to the 2008 election and beyond, the Republican of Texas has always found a loud bloc of support online.

On the link-sharing site Reddit, though, their ability to act in concert has ruffled some feathers. Fed up, some redditors are organizing a counter-insurgency against the Ron Paul Revolution.

This movement percolates in a subsection of the site — a subreddit — simply called "EnoughPaulSpam." Its goal, apparently, is to counter what some redditors view as an organized spamming campaign on the site in favor of the Texas congressman.



This is a good-sized article about the dynamics of the Ron Paul revolution and the resulting counter-revolutionarie on Reddit.

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Whatever. Just as long as it gets Dr. Paul some media time

Whatever. Just as long as it gets Dr. Paul some media time. "BLACK THIS OUT!" is a thing of the past. Who cares if its all attacks and criticisms from now on? It'll just mean we're in the BIG time now!

By the way, the same thing just happened on the Tea Party patriots Facebook page. Too many Ron Paul posts caused a normally aggravated member to really lose it and call for a ban, inspiring others to dredge up and declare Dr. Paul contrary to everything the tea party stands for. It was ugly. But the Ron Paul counterrevolution has not succeeded. It only inspired me to get more active on that particular page.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"