‘A Traditional Non-Intervention Foreign Policy’: Ron Paul at Johns Hopkins

The prestigious Johns Hopkins Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, D.C., has invited Ron Paul to make a keynote policy address on September 11.

This is a very significant event, showing that Paul’s views are being taken seriously by elements of the political and educational establishment.

Complete Announcement at AntiWar.com

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Dr Paul Walking into the NeoCon Lions' Den

Dr Paul needs to know he is walking into the Lions' Den. The Nitze School has been the real academic home of Paul Wolfowitz and friends for years.
Dr Paul can expect to be politely but devastatingly attacked and should have answers ready. Eg if he says, follow the Constitution, they will say times have changed; if he says bring troops home, they will say, don't you know America has interests abroad? etc etc.

Don't worry

You never, ever have to worry about Dr. Paul when it comes to foreign policy or the economy, ever. The only thing you have to watch Dr. Paul for is his personal safety for what he says.