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The secret behind the fake restaurant diners during the Fox News presidential debate

Did you think the "voters" with questions relayed by Carl Cameron during the Fox News debate were typical patrons enjoying a meal out? Wrong! Young's Restaurant serves only breakfast and lunch and closes by 2:30 pm, except when Fox News wants dinner served to carefully screened "voters" at its private function. See the restaurant hours here.

Posted by Marc Parent at his blog.

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The medias BS!

Where are some real congressman who will now stand up and demand investigations on media and how it is corrupt. I as an American citizen now demand it. I saw the video of the Fordham professor and how he said what has been done. The media has now been exposed for the snakes they are. Hopefully the American people have awakened to that fact. My wife said many of her fellow workers even commented to her about the Wallace Al Quaeda comment and how it was way out of line.

No surprise

It happens !


Fox News Channel clearly called the people in that restaurant their 'focus group', with all that implies.

I didn't see anything to suggest that it was just a random group of people. This was clear from the very first shot in that restaurant, where they were all staring off to the side in the same direction, intently watching a monitor.

But it was funny to watch the shots get progressively tighter, clearly avoiding the exterior windows. I had the impression that there were Ron Paul signs outside every window, and they were struggling to keep them out of the frame.

Good eyes!

When I watched a re-run of the debate, I noticed that there was no food at all on one table (and utensils were still in the presentation form, pushed aside), untouched dessert on one table and, generally, very little evidence that the people had actually eaten any food. This did not appear to be a random group of people eating dinner at the restaurant.

Don't go overboard

I work in a movie studio, and I know that Fox would have had to rent the restaurant as a location and set up their equipment, probably the day before. So you know they didn't just drop in.

Of course, it is worth pointing out that the guests were chosen by Fox, and probably not randomly. But it isn't like NASA faked a moon landing. ;)


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Fox Buys Dinner and Votes

Great find, I love it!! Spread this far and wide. Fox puts together fake setting for its Presidential debates.