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Ron Paul Radio 2.0

Edit: This thread was originally posted in the Activism forum, but I'm trying to get some attention, so I moved it to the main forum. I hope this isn't against the rules!

Hey all,

For the folks that were around for the '08 election, remember RonPaulRadio.com? I wasn't involved in that project, but according to For Liberty, the purpose of the project was to keep people up to date about Ron Paul news and also live events.

I've been looking around on Google today and found that there are a lot of folks with Ron Paul related podcasts. This got me thinking. A friend of mine told me a while back that he purchased the domains ronpaulradio.net and ronpaulradio.org, just in case Ron would run. However, he is unable to work on this project due to illness.

Now, I'm a busy college student and have a few activist projects of my own. I know that I cannot personally run an online radio station, both due to lack of capital and time. However, I do have the technical expertise to get this project off of the ground, and since I am on Winter break for the next three weeks, I will have the time to get it set up.

So here is the deal: I am willing to start this project and hand it off to a team of people to run it. Since we are all capitalists, I must mention that I believe that this project could be profitable. We may not make much from it, but it would be enough to keep it afloat until the November election and could provide some pocket money for those involved to either donate to the campaign or to supplement other income.

If you have any experience in management, audio production, or know your way around a Linux terminal, I want you to join my team. If you are maxed out on donations to the official campaign and want to do something that can potentially reach tens of thousands of people, we can use your financial support as well.

There is a lot of potential here to spread the message even further. Internet radio is becoming increasingly popular due to smart phones and their integration into vehicles. Us Ron Paul people are always ahead of the curve, and this is just another way we can be innovative and get Ron elected!

Please respond to this thread if you are interested, or shoot me an email at coreyamoore@gmail.com


  • So far we have a $250 anonymous donation
  • I have written up a part of the business plan and will be sharing it with the community in the coming days
  • Gigi Bowman, of Liberty Candidates fame, has agreed to do a live, weekly show
  • (12/20) We now have a website, http://ronpaulradio.net!
  • (12/20) We have both a web developer and a web designer on board, and will begin building next week

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Good news. RONPAULRADIO.com

Good news. RONPAULRADIO.com will be LAUNCHING with a TON of LIVE content starting Jan.30th. Help us get the word out and please donate a few bucks when you can.

John Jay Myers, whom some may

John Jay Myers, whom some may know as a mover and shaker in the Libertarian Party and proprietor of The Freeman Cajun cafe & lounge in Dallas Tx, is joining the RPR broadcast team with his new show "Freedom Fried" airing LIVE Mon-Fri @3pm EST starting January 23rd exclusively on http://ronpaulradio.com

http://www.johnjaymyers.com/ http://freemandallas.com


RAFFLE DRAWING!!! Please visit >ronpaulradio.com< and make a donation. All donations this month of $10 or more will be entered in our raffle to receive a prize package of liberty videos, books and buttons to keep or share with friends. So check it out! We are getting very close to launching with full force onto the scene for the cause of liberty. Ron Paul Radio is Radio for the R3VOLution!!


Original RPR founder

Original founder Nick from Austin contacted me tonight and was interested in helping out!

http://ronpaulradio.net bump

http://ronpaulradio.net bump.

Our OWN RADIO. Aren't we awesome?

Flood IOWA, Saturate Iowa, WIN Iowa with superBrochures: http://superbrochure.com/

Even MORE good news. We met

Even MORE good news. We met our $500 goal for January and will be moving forward with several parts of the project.

1. We will acquire the .com domain name
2. Official web site will launch in about a week

Our next goals are as follows

1. Continue to develop the radio stream
2. Recruit more live radio hosts
3. uh... hmm... I uh... I can't.. oops

Good news! We have raised $65

Good news! We have raised $65 toward the acquisition of ronpaulradio.com domain name. But we are still $85 short. I paid for the .org/.net out of my own pocket and dropped in another $25. We could really use the help to round out what we need to get this domain purchased. Thanks a bunch. RON PAUL 2012!!

ATTENTION: seeking donations

ATTENTION: seeking donations for the purchase of RONPAULRADIO.COM for the cost of $150. This will complete our acquisition of the principle domains. I paid for the .net and .org myself but can't afford this one on my own. Please go to http://ronpaulradio.net to ChipIn


Tomorrow will be the first test of the new system. We will only be streaming syndicated content, but the host system is ready as well. Live, original shows will begin very soon!

Still need to meet our goal

We still need $200 to meet our $500 goal for January. Please donate if and when you can. Or you can make a small monthly $5 or $10 commitment. Upcoming developments include applying for non-profit status. The new LIVE site will be coming soon as well. We would also like to get an iphone/android app built so you can listen on the run. Drop a nickel or two in the bucket to help us develop the service so we can contribute to educating the public about the freedom philosophy of Ron Paul.

Right on!

I really need new stuff for my FM broadcast. When I'm out I can just stream it or, if there's a daily archive of shows kept, just load up the play-list with earlier shows and let it roll.

I'm glad to see Ron Paul Radio back in action!

My brother and I did The Fire Team for Freedom: The Mike and Jake Show on the original Ron Paul Radio and it was indeed a amazing experience. We met a great deal of freedom loving people and even Ron Paul a few times.

I was never the technical wizard...otherwise I'd volunteer to help in any way I could...

If your still looking for shows and if people would be interested I'd certainly be interested in helping out the cause.

Open slots

We have a lot of slots open. During the week, we only have live content from 12p to 9p ET, with an hour break between 6 and 7. We also need content during the weekend.

12/29/11 Updates

I've been working all week on the infrastructure. The sound equipment is coming in today, so I hope to have the stream up with fresh content starting either today or tomorrow.

We're having a difficult time finding live content. If you know of anyone putting out a pro-Paul show (it doesn't need to focus on Ron Paul specifically), please forward their information to me at coreyamoore@gmail.com

Project is coming right

Project is coming right along. Please donate a few bucks if you can to help us get off the ground.


ron paul radio song

Hi Corey. My band actually reworked and reworded the Ramone's "Rock'n Roll Radio" for the original Ron Paul Radio. Please feel free to use it, you can download it at the link below:


I'd also be happy to send you any of our other songs as well. Let me know... thanks!



I'll try to work it into what we have so far!

I have some experience --Not Much-- with websites

I want to help ron anyway I can. I don't have a job so Im limited in the amount of money I can give. Im a college student also on break, so I have some time if theres anything I can do. My email address is mikeh254@gmail.com but don't take it personally if I dont reply right away, I dont check it much lol.

Sent you an email

Is there a better way for me to keep in touch?

Our First Two Shows

We have brought on two very Pro-Paul shows:
The Angel Clark Show - http://radiofreedom.us - 7-9pm ET
AntiWar Radio - http://antiwar.com/radio - 12-3pm ET

If you would like to be a host, please get in contact with me at coreyamoore@gmail.com

Will help if you need people

I don't have any experience in this type of thing, but I am willing to help in any way I can. Just email me at svigue@iastate.edu


Good job Corey and friends.

Good job Corey and friends. This was a great project back in '08 as well. And with RP surging to become a serious national contender this year, this will be even more important.

12/20/11 Updates

  • We now have a basic website going with a Chat Room and a ChipIN: http://ronpaulradio.net
  • A web developer and a web designer have agreed to join our team!
  • Development begins next week


Bumping this because I moved it to a different forum. I won't do it again :)

We're getting donations

I should also mention that we already have a $250 donation, and I expect that number to grow as soon as I get a site in place with a ChipIn.

I will help

Count me in to help in any way I can - really needed!

Count me in - email me at sandy.monroe@gmail.com


I should also mention

We will need folks that are really good at social networking, as well as marketing/advertising. Even if you have zero experience doing anything radio related, if you are on the DP, there is a good chance you have a decent network of people either through MeetUp, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.