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Ron Paul Meetup groups hit 5000 events

Today, the Ron Paul Meetup groups hit an amazing 5000 events!!

These events are all setup by supporters of Ron Paul without any knowledge or help from the Ron Paul for President national campaign.

As time goes by, the events are becoming very sophisticated and organized.

Two months ago, there may have been a sign waving party or a bumper sticker brigade, but now there is everything from the National "Paint the town Ron" campaign to Walk-a-thons to National Television Commercial days.

Recently, the join rate for meetup members has climbed to an average near 800 people per day. At that rate, or slightly higher the Ron Paul Meetup will have between 80,000 - 100,000 members in the next 45 days.

Currently there are 42,124 members and 864 groups in 17 countries.

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Wow Unbelieveable how many Huckabee have!

This is funny, Mike Huckabee has 11 meetup groups - but even funnier all but one are Mike Gravel or some other candidate. See link below


0 Members in 0 Meetup Groups, 2 waiting for a Meetup Group

It doesn't even appear that Mike Huckabee has anyone even waiting to join a Meetup group. Mitt Romney has two people waiting to join a Meetup (which I find rather odd, given his "popularity"). Most candidates have at least a few. Even Bush has three and he's not even running, is he?

Drain the swamp!

Our meetup group in Tyler,

Our meetup group in Tyler, Texas has gone form 3 members to about 60 and growing, We've been in two parades with float and had a booth at the 3 day Tylers Trade days, passed out 1000s of slim jims and other materials. Getting banners ready to paint Tyler "Ron Paul". Having a meetup today at 3pm to discuss strategies and events.
Just checked myspace and Dr. Paul is right at 60,000 friends.
Don't forget to donate what you can, every $10 (or more) helps.
Keep on Rocking for Ron in the Free World!

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