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Iowa- Stay after Caucus and vote for delagates or it's all for nothing!!

To all those braving the weather to represent us in Iowa.

Please remember to stay and vote for delegates. If we don't get any, or too few the votes won't matter.

Make us proud!! Good luck.

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I would definitely expect the GOP leadership doing its best to stop this from happening. They won't say anything about it. Don't leave until we know we are done with the job!

Sam Marsh

does this apply in NH on the

does this apply in NH on the 8th as well??


Don't forget that. They might not tell you!!!

oliver robert ike


This is important people.

This sounds important...

So UP to the top you go! Bump!!

Remember remember

In one day, it will be the beginning.

Very Important

I assume anyone who is going to caucus would know this already .... but it's dangerous to assume...

Spread the word!

I would hope so as were a

I would hope so as were a savy group, but it's exactly what crushed Dean, so apparently not everyone knows.