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Public Policy Polling: Paul 23% Romney 20% Gingrich 14%!

atta boy Ron!

Paul leads in Iowa
December 18, 2011

Newt Gingrich's campaign is rapidly imploding, and Ron Paul has now taken the lead in Iowa. He's at 23% to 20% for Mitt Romney, 14% for Gingrich, 10% each for Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry, 4% for Jon Huntsman, and 2% for Gary Johnson.

Gingrich has now seen a big drop in his Iowa standing two weeks in a row. His share of the vote has gone from 27% to 22% to 14%. And there's been a large drop in his personal favorability numbers as well from +31 (62/31) to +12 (52/40) to now -1 (46/47). Negative ads over the last few weeks have really chipped away at Gingrich's image as being a strong conservative- now only 36% of voters believe that he has 'strong principles,' while 43% think he does not.

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Tea Party Patriots

They haven't been infiltrated so much as taken over, neearly from the beginning. There are a few 'moderators' there that put up with Liberty views, but most simply favor Moral Socialism (Central Planning) over Economic Socialism.

Our local Tea Party here in Woodstock Ga has been taken over by NeoCons as well. In fact the organizer has worked for the GOP for years.

We must face it, the Tea Party has largely been co-opted by the NeoCons who are simply Socialists who practice State Capitalism trying to disguise it as some form of Macro/Micro Economics.

Agreed...but we shouldn't abandon them

We should still try and influence them.

Bring on the next

Media champion that isn't Romney so they can ignore RP... Wait they're out? Well odds are they are terrified of Huntsman and Johnson.


Everyone needs to be alert to an ABC story from Jason Volack... he is following Dr. Paul's campaign I think and he was apparently at the NH townhall that was streaming on CSPAN.org last night. He posted a story on ABC.com titled: "Ron Paul Attacked for Views on Health Care" In the article, he writes that the woman who questioned him called him "cold-hearted" The woman asked a simple question, and Dr. Paul gave here a good answer and explained the reason health care was so bad and so expensive. He went on to say that conservatives and libertarians don't always do a good job of explaining this and sometimes people view them as "cold-hearted".

The first version of this story that he released was titled "Woman calls Ron Paul "Cold-Hearted" for Views on Health Care"... but this was taken down

Please be aware of this and give ABC hell! Also alert others!


Silence Dogood IX

The Attacks are coming

Isolationist.Isolationist.Isolationist.Isolationist.Isolationist.Isolationist.Isolationist.Isolationist.Isolationist.Isolationist.Isolationist.Isolationist.Isolationist.Isolationist.Isolationist.Isolationist........so lame.

Ron Paul 2012


Tea Party being hijacked

I was just on the Tea Party Patriots site (Facebook too) . Seems they have been infiltrated by Neocons / Liberal Republicans . They have a poll showing the "Tea Party"is showing 31 % approval for Gingrich .They have Ron Paul at 3% ! ... It's all a lie . Spread the word that the Tea Party is being hijacked by these traitors .

The tea party was hijacked years ago

As soon as Faux got involved. I believe Faux, more than the other MSM, is the most anti-American force in this country.

Okay, add Huffington post. Also anti-American.

We are not that bunch...

When we began the Tea Party movement back during the 2008 campaign, the MSM did its usual bit... ingore, then ridicule and fight it.

Because their efforts failed to stop the movement, they took a page out of the "if you can't whoop 'em, join 'em and then take control of them" play book.

The resulting Tea Party Patriots are the Hannity ilk.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

From The Makers....

of activist judges...comes a new romantic comedy about a podgy little man who dared to dream and defy the Constitution. Newt Gingrich IS....Activist President!

Recently the Newt put his foot in his mouth by claiming as a president he can overrule the courts decision if he feels its unjust or doesn't like the results.

This political message is brought to you by Julius Caesar.

All I can say to South Carolina and Florida is you better take a second look at Ron Paul, cause that Newt ship is sinking fast.

It seems this battle was between Paul and Romney all along. :)

The Libertarian Party, irrelevant since 1971.

PPP Iowa Poll Mini Money Bomb - NOW $194,000 Since Midnight!!!

Since the RP Grassroots met the $4 Million Goal for Tea Party 11 at 4 Minutes after Midnight this morning the Donations have continued to pour in!!!!!

Now as we pass 11:00 PM on the East Coast Ron Paul Supporters have donated another $194,000.

WOW!!! the PPP Iowa Poll Results Released late Sunday has set a WILDFIRE!!!

Only good coverage I saw of dr Paul today..

The only reasonable coverage I saw of dr.Paul today was on msnbc. The Rachel maddow show discussed him being the fronrunner for about 15 minutes, but she was talking as if it was an impossible joke. I am a 21 year old college student who voted for Obama in 2008, but came across this website and heard the truth from dr. Paul and his supporters. I believe he is the last hope for this country. Ron Paul 2012! Let's bring down mittens and the grinch!

Tea Party Tele-Straw Poll.....wtf?

On Greta now. Foxnews

Ron Paul 3%

Newt 31%
Bachmann 2nd with 20-something

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

It's all a lie ....

It seems Tea Party Patriots is a Neocon / Liberal Republican proxy front . It's been hijacked or something . Or it was created for this purpose . Spread the word about the " Tea Party Patriots " not being a true Conservative Org .

FOX ignoring Public Policy polling and Paul as usual

Just on cue, FOX made sure to hide any evidence of the PP polls today. Shep Smith made sure to only quote Gallup in showing just Newt and Mittens and claiming Newt dropped a bit. No mention of Paul rising. No PP poll data. Then he trotted out Corrupt Carl Cameron to proclaim some "Christian coalition" is supporting either Newt, Perry, Bachmann or Santorum. Paul wasn't pandering to the neo-con evangelicals so they didn't list him as one of their choices. Of course, Corrupt touted this as great because Hucksterbee won with this groups endorsement. Whatever Carl, and Bachmann won the straw poll. She is really leading isn't she! For his credit though, Corrupt Carl did mention that the christian coalition group got heat because candidates gave money to this group or something. Ah yes, a vague christian coalition getting money from candidates to help them win Iowa. Carl mentioned Santorum as being involved.LOL The whole neo-con/christian in name only crew will do anything to stop Paul from winning. Its disgusting.

Thomas M. Gallion

MSNBC Talks Gingrich Drop

The don't cover Paul much, but do mention that he is the frontrunner now.



"Homeland" is based on a "ISRAELI TV Series-Prisoners of War - by: Gideon Raff"! Is Anyone else connecting any dots, but me? This spells weird to me - just saying! :)

Imagine In The United States on America, Our MSM giving a blood

thirsty North Korean communist murderer, Kim Jung will, more love and attention on radio and TV than Ron Paul, a bona fide america patriot and hero....

How to write a whole column about the new Iowa Poll

without specifically mentioning that Ron Paul is in the lead.

In this article, which is representative of media coverage today (with the exception of the racism attack articles) the writer speaks about the Grinch dropping in the polls, and presents it as not only a relief for Mitt but also an opportunity for Perry and Bachmann. Paul is mentioned in the article near the end but only in the context that he and Mitt are leading. It is very difficult to believe that the major media does not have some kind of coordinated orchestration to minimize mention of Paul except in a derogatory light. I never gave credence to this theory until now.

Good first comment there right now

That maybe it's a good thing the MSM has been ignoring Paul, because of the instant trashing of clear front runner, time after time. Read: Marching Orders from a different agenda.

I'm going from the fine line of crazy/genius to insane/lunatic, but is it conceivable the MSM lips are actually for him en mass but they're not allowed to be, so they are actually creating subterfuge to prevent his eventual fall?

Send me medicine please.

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

That had actually crossed my

That had actually crossed my mind as well; I'm sure that in time we may be able to tell


Has anyone seen last night's episode of "Homeland" on Showtime??? This episode is freaky - they speak about "Blowback", Defending the Country from Domestic Enemies & MANY, MANY Other Things! Truth being told in this episode & a MUST WATCH Story Line! Things just get crazier and crazier! :)

Let's keep the momentum, help

Let's keep the momentum, help finish this grassroots chip-in off! http://www.dailypaul.com/193358/iowa-oath-ad-campaign-chip-in


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu AGREES WITH RON PAUL!




I'm for Ron Paul

I am a 53 year old Pennsylvania woman with three grown children. Lately, I have grown weary of politics and politicians in general. I wasn't paying much attention. Then today, I noticed on Yahoo News that Ron Paul was leading in Iowa and took a look at him. It is so obvious that the powers that be want to ignore him. They are acting like my two year old grandson does when he hides his own eyes and thinks I can't see him. I decided today to join the Ron Paul supporters and will do what I can to promote his message. Finally, a politician I can believe in.

Welcome to all the new

Welcome to all the new people! FOR LIBERTY!

Welcome, Welcome

I'm a 64 year old transplant-from-Michigan Iowa woman with 4 adult children and 7 grandchildren. My husband and I had the opportunity to hear Ron Paul speak about three years ago and walked out changed. We've been supporters ever since. So glad you have found us!

Sweet Liberty