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Go Team Iowa!

I thought that I would remind you guys that there are a lot of us counting on you so.... No Pushing and shoving

Head butting.

Hitting below the belt (waist).

Hitting the back of the neck, head or torso.

Hitting an opponent who is down.

Holding and hitting

Hitting an opponent who is down or who is getting up

Pressing an arm or elbow into a face

Leaning against the ropes.

Insulting behavior, offensive language, towards an opponent.

Passive Defense (Not moving out of the way of a punch but covering up. )

Throwing a punch while in a clinch

Tripping and / or kicking

And while dragging anyone with a pulse to the polls, make sure that they have the proper ID/Registration. You guys should be Ok, but if you need any help just let me know.

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You take all the fun out of politics!

"No hitting below the belt". Who ever heard of such nonsense?

I am a Bears fan

Being Libertarian or an Independent is like being a Bears fan. We are always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Nothing worse than losing a game by turnovers or penalties in the last two minuets. Now if we were in Michelle Bachmanns position, I would say a little helmet to helmet contact is good clean football as long as the ref does not see it. But Ron Paul is open near the end zone due to blown coverage and the QB has aired one out his direction. All our man has to do is catch the ball and breeze in for a touchdown. Lets keep it professional.

I'm a Bears Fan Too NathanV

and couldn't agree more with what you said! LOL!