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Momentum: DailyPaul.com Passes Top Neoconservative Blog RedState.com

I used RedState.com only because it's a comparable site but for establishment statist Neocon types.


Notice the most recent trends. Paradigm shift much?

Full site analysis can be found here --> http://www.alexa.com/site...

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They are imploding

I noted this in another thread last week. Beyond the obvious RP derangement syndrome (especially that Stevens character), they have reached the point of not only personal attacks on each other (many times by the supposed moderators) but also on the cadidates. Mitten's supporters have been pretty much run out of town, there is regular bashing of Perry by Newt or Cain (in the past) supporters and vice versa.

My only advice to them is to leave the Republican party and take over the Conservative party line and they will have better luck getting 'real conservative' candidates on the ballot, though not necessarily elected! But at least the "R" party would be rid of the neo-cons.

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FreeRepublic.com Ranks Higher than RedState.com

As I said back in 2007:

Three Ideas for the Ron Paul For President Campaign
The following is what I sent to the Ron Paul 2008 campaign when I signed up with their website.

Please consider three ideas:

1) Leverage your Internet power by setting up a direct competitor to freerepublic.com -- the dominant "conservative" website whose patron, Jim Robinson, is openly hostile to Ron Paul.

To quote Jim Robinson:

"Ron Paul and his flaming antiwar spam monkeys can Kiss my Ass!!"

Note: The Daily Paul is not the correct format to compete with FreeRepublic.com. People go to FreeRepublic.com during off years to get general news and socialize with conservatives. THAT is what must be targeted.

If you read nothing else, read this: A Contract Between Americans

dailypaul.com vs.

Dailypaul does not compare to

Dailypaul does not compare to redstate. Redstate is extremely fascist and vitriolic. You are not made to feel welcome there and if you disagree with the "kill all brown babies" hysteria, they DELETE your account!! LOL.. They couldn't hold Mike's jock..LOL

It's a G-O-Paul-calyse!

This plus that pro Ron Paul article at American Thinker (which Rush used to feature as part of his daily reads) signifies the Big MO.

They're melting, melting!

Too much coffee this morning, but hey, the campaign linked me - I'm still acting like a crazed Beetles fan!

If people are honest with

If people are honest with themselves, they will recognize the truth. The truth resides in natural law.

I've never even heard of

I've never even heard of redstate.com before reading this post. Speaking from a webmaster point of view, their website is pretty lame. Is there a progressive equivalent to DP? The dailykos maybe?

"A true competitor wants their opponent at their best." Lao Tzu


It used to be the neocon haven back in the day. Now it is basically a dinosaur site.

yeah, it's pretty popular and

yeah, it's pretty popular and represents the old guard republicans such as Bush and Karl Rove.

But as this poll points out, we are the new guard. :)

I try to help

I don't spend it unless it's stamped first.

I also don't understand why

The owner of the site decided to use Red State. This is surely a communist/Facist term. Having Cuban family this name gives me a bad taste.

At some point many years back

At some point many years back the mass media started labeling the Republican states as "red states" and the Democratic states as "blue states". I have no idea why they adopted this convention, especially since red has traditionally been the color of the hard left.

I remember when

the term "Red-State" Meant a Communist Fascist leaning country.... Hmmm, go figure.

Exactly.. Shows you how thick

Exactly.. Shows you how thick headed they are over there. The media labeled Republican states as red states as a dig at fascism and those tools adopted it as their name! They probably wear shirts that say "Proud Teabagger" too..



not accurate redstate gets

not accurate
redstate gets spikes when red erik is on fox news pimping for neo-cons
he is a fox newz kontributor

How does your comment relate

How does your comment relate to the stats being inaccurate?

I think he is saying that

nice trend :)

This is the place for serious ideas.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

the awakening...

...is quickening :-)