What Unites Politicians? Big Government

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More about Flubber Thompson than Dr. Paul

Apart from one small mention, Ron Paul barely appears in this piece. However, Flubber Thompson, and how he seeks to be the New Reagan, is the focus. It's a pretty good piece. Many Republicans tend to glorify Ronald Reagan but I never much cared for him as President. The deficit grew enormously during his administration and, despite his personal charm, it was during his watch that Iran-Contra happened, and crack and cocaine flooded the U.S.

To be fair, after he was shot, Reagan was never the same. George the First ran things, including drug trafficking to support the Contras and to fund CIA black ops. Bill Clinton helped out, by providing airstrips and airplane retro-fitting facilities in western Arkansas. Reagan was blissfully unaware of this; he took trips to his ranch with Mommy and posed for photos on horseback.

Yes Reagan can take some credit for stirring lines, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall" and "we start bombing in five minutes." But the Berlin wall came down under the orders of others, not Mr. Reagan.

But back to Flubber and his brazen remarks: that dog won't hunt. Once his reeky past as a lobbiest, a supporter of Haitian dictator Aristide and his flip-flopping on important issues, Thompson is already stale bread.