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Rally outside of Tonight Show for Ron Paul featuring Golden State

Los Angeles represents!

If you thought the interview with Jay Leno was great, wait until you see what was going outside of the studio!

The grassroots supporters in LA had an incredible rally at NBC for Ron Paul's visit to Jay Leno this past Friday, Dec. 16th:


NBC Studios is at a major intersection, and it was rush hour so there was plenty of traffic driving by. The response from the public was amazing... a cacophony of non-stop honking, thumbs ups and waves from passing cars. Even city bus drivers and taxi cabs were honking in support!

Half way through the rally the band Golden State showed up and surprised everyone with an acoustic version of their song "Bombs" (The Ron Paul Song).

Then the group moved to the NBC driveway to cheer on Ron Paul as he exited the studio lot. Even though it was dark and the wind was blowing, a large crowd of supporters stayed to catch a glimpse of Dr. Paul as he left for the airport.

The crowd went crazy when he drove out. Anyone watching would have thought it was a rock star leaving the building!

California loves Ron Paul! We can win this state!

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That was freakin' cool!

Therefore: bumping

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Thanks for Posting this Video, Yes Virginia We Can Win!

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I was there!

It was awesome! Really nice video!


This warms my heart.


it doesn't get much better than this - how sweet it is

Great Job LA!

I have family that lives out there and don't hear much from them about the Ron Paul movement as they are not supporters, but it would be nice to hear from them about things like this happening. Keep it up and love the energy of your activism. One of the few effective sign waves I've seen this cycle.

Get those sign ups!

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Compared to 4 years ago

I went to see Ron on the Jay Leno show in 2008, and there were at least 10 times more people this year, and much more honking from the drivers. It was really encouraging. The revolution is growing by leaps and bounds.

YAY!!! It's not too late for

YAY!!! It's not too late for a miracle.