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Ron Paul on CNN 12-20-11

Thanks sharpsteve & Mox News for the video:


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I hear Skeletons Rattle

I see every last 'government' problem anchored in a lack of accountability.

Either every word and deed of the past is attributable to the hand that created it or not.

Either we are a Nation of Laws or a tyranny of men.

I live in a Constitutional Republic.

It's going to get hotter'n HELL around here real fast and if we aren't 100% transparent about everything we are toast.

I'd personally like to read every last newsletter and know who wrote every word as much as I'd personally like to know where every cent that has been printed since 1913 went, and exactly who spent it, where it is now, and TAKE IT FUCKING BACK but I doubt either one will happen. Doesn't make it wrong.

I learned long ago you turn and face your demons or they'll bite you in the ass.

Rights are like muscles; you must exercise them to keep them fit, or they will atrophy and die.

Some arguments Dr. Paul can use against racism charges...

1. No candidate talks more about changing U.S. foreign war policies of killing dark-skinned people around the globe than he does.

2. In 2008, the Arab-American League invited every republican candidate to meet with them for lunch, a speech and discussions. Only ONE did it - Ron Paul.

3. Ron Paul has said that Planned-Parenthood Abortion clinics kill MANY more black children than whites - mainly because they are typically located in the poorest of neighborhoods.

4. The drug war he oppose imprisons MANY more minority people by percentage.

5. He has said many times that the smallest minority is the INDIVIDUAL. It is group-think that the government uses to discriminate with its policies.

And remember - the RACE-CARD is like a nuclear option in politics. They pull it out when they're really scared but have nothing substantive to use to destroy a candidate.

They're not going to get anywhere in the long run with these ridiculous allegations.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

After a few watches

I have watched this video a couple times now. I'm convinced the media pundits tactic to try to smear people is to try to talk really quickly...

Tactic of magicians and the military...

Distraction and misdirection.

Dr. Paul is keeping them on-track with the issues that REALLY matter versus becoming the ("SQUIRREL!") Dog from the movie "Up".

"WICKED Foreign Policy," that

"WICKED Foreign Policy," that was great...

I was thinking of the whole war on drugs issue, and how Ron Paul wants to end it for various reasons, one being how it is flat out racist. Young black Americans get the book thrown at them for an ounce of weed. But if you're a young white American, and have a good family lawyer...different story.

Our jails are filled with NON-violent, "criminals," and most of them are young black males....even though young white males get caught with dope more often.

Young black male gets busted for cocaine. He has no family lawyer, and his family consists of mom and grandmom. Without a lot of money, this man goes to jail in our judicial system.

Young white male gets busted for cocaine. He has a family lawyer, and his mother and father will back him with cash. With a lot of money, this man serves no time in our judicial system.

How RACIST is that?

Ron touched on the drug issue, but I hope he really starts to hit back at the media with this message - The War on Drugs is racist, and Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who wants to end it.

So the question is, if Ron Paul is a racist then why does Ron Paul want to let the States decriminalize drugs?

Does ANYONE have a clue as to how many young black males would be released from prison under Ron Paul's leadership?

It's time America started putting the real criminals in prison.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I highly doubt the drug laws

I highly doubt the drug laws or the laws putting non-violent statute and code breakers in prison really hurts anyone....

...but 5 non politically correct sentences in a small newsletter 20+ years ago is very damaging to the small brained PC crowd of today(I would call them sheeple but I don't want to hurt their wittle feelings anymore).

Does anyone care what CNN has to say?

If we took a poll of Ron Paul supporters and asked which quality distinguishes him most from his opponents, I think we can all agree that, honesty would be at the top of the list and may be the reason he is getting broad support even from many former Obama supporters. Honesty should be, in my opinion, the new standard of conduct, not only from political leaders, but for people in the media and ourselves.

Yesterday I received an e-mail called "Cattle Guards" from a friend telling a lie about Obama. According to Snopes it's a story that has been around since the 1950s and has been used against any number of political figures. I'm far from an Obama fan but I won't pass it on because it's a lie. It's unfortunate that, whether the purveyor of lies are ordinary citizens or reporters, there is a market for them. The only time the public seems to care is if the lie is told about people or positions they support. Otherwise they either actively participate in repeating the lie or they continue to watch and read the people delivering the lies in the media. I'm a conservative and hate the thought that every product I buy helps pay their salaries.

Whether you are talking about Dan Rather and the Killian documents, General Westmoreland vs. CBS in 1982, CNN who allegedly refrained from reporting atrocities about Saddam Hussein in order to get access to Iraq or the "frequent acts of journalistic fraud" committed by Jayson Blair in the New York Times the news media has shown their audience that they are not interested in the truth and apparently this is nothing new or news. “If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed.” ― Mark Twain

For these reasons and many others I turned off CNN and other dishonest broadcasts, namely; ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, FOX and CNBC a number of years ago. FOX was the last to go when I learned that they can be more honest, but only when it suits them and that's not good enough for me.

I simply can't imagine a society more well informed with enormous amounts of misinformation and believing most of it. Well...maybe Stalin's Russia or Hitler's Germany.

Fourth grade math, a two dollar calculator, an Almanac and a little common sense would help you understand the problems facing the nation that you'll never understand watching Face the Nation. Or just vote for Ron Paul and let him do the heavy lifting.

wtf is wrong with ali velshi and his hands




"No you don't"

haha! Love that he countered him with the fact that they don't bring up the other side of the coin with the things he is on record has having said, the racist drug laws and lopsided Federal executions. Well done, nice rebuke.

All things considered, this

All things considered, this was actually a pretty good interview for Paul. The first half, before the newsletters came up, went very well. And Paul handled the newsletters superbly IMO - by the end of it, Ali Velshi looked like a misbehaving schoolboy getting reprimanded by the headmaster. There's a free lesson in journalism for you Ali, compliments of Dr. Paul.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

wow this interviewer was a

wow this interviewer was a total dick.. do they even realize how much of a fool they make of themselves? are they even aware of bad they make themselves look?? Their arrogance and pride is truly their downfall!

If Dr. Paul will not say who

If Dr. Paul will not say who wrote the articles or who he may think wrote them, I think he should say something like, " I have an idea who wrote them, and I can assure you that they are a different person now, and to expose them at this time would only cause more damage on top of what has already been done." Bring a kind of " God forgives" moment on. If he declined to say on religious grounds, it may be a little more difficult to push the issue. It could actually make him look good for not talking, in some peoples' eyes.

If Dr. Paul will not say who...

519rob...u raise an excellent point and i love your advice!

May be

Ok. I kinda agree with you. I still strongly feel that he should out the names for the sake of our campaign. But I can live with this middle of the road approach.

As a person who contributed so much of my hard earned money to Ron paul's campaign I plead with Ron Paul to fight more for us. Do whatever it takes. Win. WIN. WIN.

I need Ron Paul to say the following

"Yes. I know who wrote those letters. I can assure you that they are different person now and I would like to protect their identity.

Racism is a collectivist idea and an immoral one. It is fundamentally polar opposite of Liberatarian ideals of individualism and protection of individual's rights UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. "

If only the media was as

If only the media was as aggressive with REAL issues, eh? ;)
The 4th estate sold out early in the 20th century with JP Morgan's influence.

Anyway, I'm split about 50/50 whether Ron should more directly address the issue of the newsletters by naming people. If Ron did so, he'd participate in destroying the personal lives of a half-dozen people in the process of attempting to identify the writer. As seen by this particular interrogator ;), one can just imagine the destruction left in the wake of naming people. Furthermore, people do change over time so Ron would be participating in destroying someone who has forsaken his former views.

Next, the words allegedly attributed to Ron Paul don't remotely sound like Ron Paul so it's pretty clear someone else wrote the actual words.

Lastly, Ron's political views and actions don't mesh with racism of any kind.

With that said, Ron could do a better job of stating his refusal to identify people. Most rational people already know the answer, though. If the media continues to aggressively address this issue, it'll likely backfire big time. Ron just doesn't remotely seem like the guy the media WANTS him to appear.

What if

What if everytime there is an attempt to slander or call into question Dr. Paul's integrity, we just have a fund raiser?

brilliant idea, I like it,

brilliant idea, I like it, say everybody donate 5 dollars each time Ron Paul is attacked.

Ha !

Paul was brilliant! Exactly how he should speak to all those Hacks....

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

I disagree

This is not the right way for Dr.Paul to handle this controversy. He needs to out the names of the idiot who wrote those newsletters and explain to people he disavows those newsletters.

RP probably doesn't want to embarrass the person who

wrote the article, as rightly he should. If I wrote that article so long ago, my own opinions may have changed, and I certainly wouldn't want to be humiliated for this.

However, if that person wouldn't mind making a written statement, that would probably be the safest way of handling this. He could refuse to go on TV, and just say he's made his statement and doesn't want publicity over this, as it was decades ago.

Like I said

This is not the time for niceties or not wanting to embarass the ghost writer or what not...

We need to win dammit. Dr.Paul's approach of simply showing his annoyance at the interviewers and simply brushing it off is not helping it. He needs to bury the damn thing.

The idiot who wrote those letters is not coming out....so it's time to out it. If that person's views have changed in the intervening years, he can say so himself. There is absolutely no reason for Dr.Paul to bear this burden and loose such a Golden chance of winning Iowa and beyond.

The truth is,

That the person who wrote these things, should stand up like a man, and admit it, and clear the air.

I know it wasn't Dr. Paul, and Ron is protecting that individual, but that person must rise up, and end this nonsense once and for all.

Only my opinion.


to each his own but maybe Paul is above intertaining that nonsense. I think thats how he feels....

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

this is not the time

This is not the time to "feel" but "do". We need to win this election no matter what. Otherwise it's all curtains to the American economy as all the things that Dr.Paul has predicted regarding the economy will come to pass. This is a fight to finish. We save the American Republic by electing Dr.Paul or we completely go belly up.

This racist newsletters issue is a complete distraction and needs to be fully put in the trash dump pronto. Dr.Paul needs to take this head on and bury it for the good.

Best line by RP

"Yeah, no, you DON'T understand"


Hello, my name is Andrew Ryan and I'm here to ask you a question: is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

Dr. Paul

I don't like his response to the newsletters. Why is he so on the defensive? Does he know who wrote it but doesn't want to say? s was the third time he's been asked in the whole campaign this election and he responds like that? Dr. Paul you should do better than that.

It's cool

I think it's cool. This kinda of stuff gets Ron's blood boiling. You can sense it. I mean when they attack him it's like they haven't done their homework. He is the only one in Washington who would look at these laws that are so racist. Breaks my heart to hear these achnor do such a poor job. But this guy was actually kinda nice about it cause he knows this kinda of stuff is not a representive of Dr. Paul


Not sure you are getting this....but for the gullible public out there who are too lazy to think beyond a certain level or too lazy to do research on their own, this kind of slander sticks.

Ron paul is really not handling this properly. He needs to name names and bury this stupid issue FOREVER never to rear it's ugly head again.

And following your misguided advice..

The MSM hyenas will no doubt call him a "waycist" AND a rat for outing a ghostwriter.

The good Doctor is branded: PI, whatever he says or does.

He should just continue to kindly refuse to jump through their hoops, like he did quite well in this "interview". Your request implies that you cower before the altar of PC/MC. That makes you part of the problem of US political correctness.

Kind regs from Amsterdam,