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Financial Corruption hit piece on Romney...this info requires further investigation

This is some prelim information that requires further investigation on matters of financial fraud and corruption that can take down both Romney and Obama. I think we need some people on this matter to investigate further and seek some solid evidence from the guys posting the report, getting the proper background information ect....

excerpts from article http://tdarkcabal.blogspot.com/2011/10/october-27-2011-white... posted October 27th 2011

....." Dr. Michael Herzog has threatened to tell all when he is arraigned over the Falcone fraud executed by Ackermann, Mitt Romney, Bush Senior and other co-conspirator’s associates. We can now report from further investigation that Bush Senior, Mitt Romney and Josef Ackermann made approximately 3 Billion Dollars together with their criminal partners Dr. Michael Herzog and Paul Guenette stealing from Edward Falcone. The CIA was also a recipient of Falcone’s stolen funds. Ben Bernanke tracked this transaction following Falcone's stolen funds, but later took no action due to pressure from Bush Senior....

... Remember, we reported a Two Hundred Million Dollar bribe taken by Vice President Joe Biden, offered by Hillary Clinton, acting for Bush Senior. Of the 3 Billion dollars reported above, Mitt Romney alone, acting with Bush Senior was paid over $1 Billion to front for Bush Senior. This money was stolen from Falcone’s program. Falcone and his associates have already communicated with key Republican Senators and their plan to remove Romney as a Presidential candidate by filing a Federal lawsuit against Romney, Bush Senior and his associates. Falcone is using the same strategy now as he did when Romney was a Vice Presidential candidate for John McCain. Just when he is most vulnerable and a likely candidate, Falcone will share the incriminating evidence and have Romney removed. The White Hats will make sure that all opposition parties are aware of the details of Romney's corruption. Romney cannot be allowed to be elected as yet another corrupt and bribe-taking United States President....."

another mention of Romney in the article http://tdarkcabal.blogspot.com/2011/09/september-25-2011-whi... posted September 25th 2011

"We know about Bush Seniors, Biden’s, the Clinton’s, and Romney’s offshore accounts, which will be exposed and deny Romney the Presidency."

I will also direct you to the twitter feed of this information source to see the kind of people following this information https://twitter.com/#!/TheDarkCabal
- Michelle Bachmann
- Rick Perry
- Many congressmen and senators
- Some sections of the US armed forces
- The ex-Prime minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd

I think this info definitely requires some people to wade through and pick up the info trail from the start....


Some kind of advert needed on Romney exposing his dodgy dealings with financial fraud, top donors coming from investment banks and his willingness to continue to bailout wall-street. A good man? I think not....Go for his throat!