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NH: We Need Exit-Poll Observers

[Update: When I wrote the following last December I did not realize that "official" exit pollers cover only a handful of polling places.]

No, I DO NOT mean we need our own independent exit-poll people. I mean we need to stick like glue to the official exit-poll people and record (videotape, chronicle in writing, etc.) every single voter response they record. I know of no other option to accumulate evidence that the machines are or are not rigged.

We simply cannot trust the official vote counters, the electronic voting machines or the corporate media's exit-poll reports in Iowa or any other state. In theory, Ron Paul's supporters could easily keep tabs on how the voting is really going -- as well as on the truthfulness of the corporate media's on-air exit-poll reporting -- by stationing Ron Paul witnesses next to every "official" exit pollster in every major city and town during the 2012 caucus/primary season. This might also help in the case of any false accusations that Ron Paul supporters "stole the election," as some now (understandably) suspect could happen (see some of the reader comments here).

How It Would Work
Multiple witnesses would stand next to the "official" exit pollsters all day long with multiple video cameras (and maybe even spy cams, if necessary) running at all times. As a policy, these multiple cameras should never be paused. They should run until their memory cards become full (or until their film runs out). This would prevent skeptics from crying foul. If possible, the time-and-date stamp should also be visible at all times. Each group of two or more witnesses (each videotaping simultaneously with his or her own camera) would be replaced by a new group of witnesses shortly before the first group's memory cards become full. If there are no additional witnesses available, then the lone group should stagger their videotaping so that while a new memory card is being inserted in one camera, the other cameras would still be filming.

Additional witnesses would keep written records on their iPads (or the equivalent) and on good old-fashioned paper (with pen in hand) in order to tally each responding voter's answer. These written records would provide quick and continuous access to the vote tallies throughout the day, instead of having to wait and watch the videos later in the day in order to add up the results.

Similar Plan
Some have suggested that Ron Paul supporters could set up their own independent exit-poll booths. That is a great idea. It might work well in conjunction with the above plan; however, if it were done by itself, the corporate media and their brainwashed masses would never believe the findings of such a "biased" and "unofficial" group. Our continuous recording of their own exit pollsters would be much harder for them to refute. They would (try to) ignore it, of course, but they could not refute it.

In Conclusion
I first thought of this plan in early 2008 (or maybe late 2007?), but I was either too cynical to post it at that time, or else it may have been too late to make a difference (I no longer remember). I hope I didn't wait too long to suggest it this time.

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truth liberate

And remember to use big

And remember to use big memory cards: optimally, there'll be a record of everything at every precinct so that focus can be given to suspicious results--not just those that favor other candidates or even favor Dr. Paul.