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Ron Paul Endorsed by Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host Jerry Doyle


Today it is official! Jerry Doyle just endorsed Ron Paul for President 2012 live on the air: "I moved to endorsing Congressman Ron Paul for the President of the United States," Doyle said. "Ron Paul's time has come, Ron Paul's movement has come!" He went on to point out that "it's not just Ron Paul, it's the movement...a Revolution"

Let the fireworks at one of the largest conservative radio syndication networks TRN begin. Listen to the show live here. Email Jerry Doyle here and call into the show 1-800-876-4123 to show your support for his endorsement.

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Jerry doyle

Anyone else a Peter Schiff fan? Schiff mentioned today that Doyle advertises goldline on his show. Goldline is the company that charges outrageous markups on gold. Doyle being a former stockbroker prob knows that goldline are ripping their customers off. Doyle prob gets compensated by them. So while I'm happy a guy that people listen to is pro-Ron Paul, let's keep in mind that this is a guy who might not have his audience's best interest at heart.

Yes because

Yes because THAT is what's important here...

additionally I think Doyle might have watched Fox news once, so he's obviously an insider...

Why not link to the original vid?

That would support Jerry more doesn't it.

Why keep linking to other youtube accounts while Jerry uploads his own video's?


the title for the original video is not particularly descriptive.


the video originally linked yesterday came out hours before the other one did.

I am a Sirius guy --

anybody else that is a subscriber - send a note to them asking to have Hannity taken off the Patriot channel(since he is no patriot) and have Jerry put in his time slot. Being a subscriber service - Sirius listens a lot more when you send them notes. I would hate to have to give up my online premium service in order to pay for Jerry's show ;).

Jack Hunter on The Jerry Doyle Show - 12/20/11


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Susie 4 Liberty's picture

Jerry Doyle does a great job on his show

FUN to listen to!

Subject change, so sorry, but I lost the info on McCafferty.(sp?) Jerry certainly won't lose me, but I need to find McCafferty and his time and channel...

Susie 4 Liberty


That had to be in my opinion one of the best
awakened speeches I have heard yet.
Jerry Doyle..I salute you !

Feast your eyes on this...Jerry Doyle crushed Hannity today

on Talk Stream Live.


If we did this every day it would be a beautiful thing. All you have to do is click on Jerry's link on talkstreamlive.com at least once an hour during the show and keep bumping Jerry to the top. Hannity's ratings would take a hit if we could do that long term.....

That took GUTS~~~BIG-TIME GUTS, Jerry!

My husband & I admire you, Jerry, for endorsing the good doctor Paul. We realize the jeopardy it may put you in financially. But, we also realize the good things that may come your way as a result of you taking your courage in hand & speaking up!

Because, when you spoke up for Dr. Paul, you were "speaking UP for Americans", not just Republicans but Democrats, too!

So, congratulations!


Nice so did

Alex. This is what the media should fear this is a shining example of the free markets and people doing what they do.

Ed Schults is jumping on the

Ed Schults is jumping on the Ron Paul is racist bandwagon.

Charles Ballard



Like His FB Page

It's the least we can do...


My Pro Liberty Blog: http://WalkerWire.com

New Jerry Doyle subscriber

Support our allies. Just $3 a month to support an invaluable ally in the fight against tyranny.

"Quod scripsi scripsi."

right on. you won't get a

right on. you won't get a better deal than that. doyle is fearless, and deserves our support for all the sacrifices he probably had to make for all this RP support.

Awesome Endorsment!


I have new listing for raising some additional funds:


I have several that need purchasing so if your maxed out check'em out there are 4 total:

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Hey there I am...

I'm in that pic in the article.

Blue shirt with tie on the right. This pic was from LPAC in September.


Jonny R
Fellow Lover of Liberty




Good for you! And it's a great shot! I want to be in a photo with Dr. Paul :)


I hope you can meet him someday. Right after the interview folks ran up to him to shake his hand and have him autograph things. I went to shake his hand and my wife handed me our copy of Liberty Defined. Security told Dr. Paul it was time to go, but he said, "Let me sign this last one." He shook my hand and signed the book.

I hope the next time I meet him I'll be shaking hands with President Paul.


Jonny R
Fellow Lover of Liberty

I'm all smiles, NobleFree

Two great shots! Wow.

Our Dr. Paul is such a gentleman. I'm happy for you and your wife. We live on an outer island. I told my sons if Dr. Paul comes to Oahu, we will definitely fly to see him! I really hope and pray it comes to that.

Thanks for sharing those photos.

Hopefully we all will sign up for a membership to his show

just $30 a year, it is cheaper than Judas Beck's site. Here is the link....


Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

I'm in

Bought a $30 subscription last night!

I bought my subscription last

I bought my subscription last month when I realized it was only $3.

Is this good? How many people

Is this good? How many people listen to this show?

Ron Paul is surging!

200 affiliates and 3.75

200 affiliates and 3.75 million listeners.