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Lew Rockwell "may have" wrote racist newsletters! research this for yourself!

I believe that Ron Paul is depending on us to out his long time friend, and vice-president of the company that was in charge of publishing those newsletters, he also admitted to sometimes editing them! If you search google for "Lew Rockwell Racist or his views on martin luther king jr" which is the recipient of some of the most scrutinized remarks in the newsletter, dozens of stories come up. When you compare the language and style of Rockwells' writing, the use of slang and for lack of a better term "catch phrase" writing like that used in the racist comments in the news letters, it is a perfect match. He has made racist comments that when compared side by side with Ron Pauls' newsletters it becomes obvious! Please everyone on this site do the research, I've heard Fred Reed, who still works for Rockwells website. But please everyone do some investigation into this and let's out Lew Rockwell! I will not let our hard work and the future of our country be destroyed by Ron Pauls' refusal to "out" his friend. This is the only selfish thing I have ever seen from Ron Paul, and I believe he is counting on our intellect, to figure this out and take it off his shoulders. If after research you believe it was Rockwell spread this story around. He was at least one of main day to day overseers on the publication while Ron Paul was practicing medicine, that alone merits blame to be put on him.

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To all fellow Paultards,It

To all fellow Paultards,

It is a measure of the reality-challenged detachment endemic among RP supporters that this spot-on post isn't front page material, but rather has been remanded to the "off topic" wilderness having been flamed by purblind Paulbots (I submitted a similar post two days ago that was similarly ignored). If the Paul campaign is serious about securing the Republican nomination for its candidate it will undertake the following remedial measures post-haste:

1) the immediate identification of the newsletter's author. Every minute that passes wherein Ron Paul is compelled to respond to newsletter related criticisms is precious time squandered -- time that is urgently needed to advance, what to undecided voters appears, a complex agenda; and

2) the prompt dismissal of Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton. While the Paul organization has been extremely competent with respect to its tactics, it has been woefully remiss with regard to its strategy. The potential problems raised by the newsletters' content should have been acknowledged and identified months ago, and preemptive measures discussed, agreed upon, and implemented from the beginning -- this is Campaign Strategy 101 people!

The Paul for President movement should not be manufacturing problems within its ranks as it faces sufficient obstacles outside its camp!

With much respect...

My Letter to Lew Rockwell re Not AGAIN!: ''Ron Paul is Racist''

FWIW, Here's the text...


Mr. Rockwell < lew@lewrockwell.com >

Yes, the "Ron Paul is Racist" newsletter issue charge lacks merit.

Yes, raising it now is unfair.

Yes, it is intended only to distract from Ron Paul's message, and the success his campaign is having.

But none of this matters. The relevant facts are these...

* The Establishment (GOP, Media, and otherwise) do not want Ron Paul to succeed. The manner in which his 2012 campaign has been covered so far makes this plain.
* Questions of merit and fairness mean _nothing_ to them. They will do whatever they think they must do to distract the public from his message.
* This issue has damaged Ron Paul in the past: Four years ago, the "Ron Paul is Racist" meme preempted most other news about his campaign during the week leading up to the New Hampshire primary, contributing greatly to his disappointing showing there. This, in turn, marginalized his campaign for the remainder of the 2008 Republican Presidential nominating process.
* This issue is damaging Ron Paul again: His "walk-out" from an interview with CNN's Gloria Borger became today's (12/21/11) big "Ron Paul story". Fairly or otherwise, it can be spun in a number of ways damaging to Dr. Paul (temperament, character).
* Clearly, this needs to STOP!

What is to be done?

I write you because I believe that you have it in your power to make it stop. I write you to ask that you excise that power to do so.

Clearly, Dr. Paul is unwilling to identify the person(s) responsible for writing these objectionable statements, and allowing them to then appear in the newsletter.

It therefore becomes necessary for those responsible for this to come forth to (at least) identify themselves, and (better still), apologize for this.

As one of Dr. Paul's longest and closest associates, you most likely know who these responsible parties are. Yes, it has even been _alleged_ that you are responsible, or among those responsible. Most recently, here...


I don't know if you are in any way personally responsible for this matter. Nor do I care -- other then, obviously, finding the ideas and language used in the newsletter excerpts intellectually and morally objectionable, as well as politically stupid.

What I do know is that you are most likely to know who is responsible, and are therefore most likely to be able to exercise your influence to bring this matter to light.

What I do know is that bringing this matter to light is the quickest and most effective way of making this matter go away so that Ron Paul's message can become the story, rather then some regrettable verbiage from some 20+ year-old newsletters.

What I care about -- and I know all Ron Paul supporters care about -- is seeing everything done to insure his success in this campaign.

Dispensing with this issue IMMEDIATELY is part of what must be done for this.

Here's hoping that you concur, and will do what you can to make this so.

John Burke
Vancouver WA
2008 WSRP Ron Paul-Pledged Alternate Delegate to the RNC in Minneapolis, MN


FWIW, This thread on the _Daily Paul_ urges the same course of action as I have...


...and the text of this letter will be posted there by way of encouraging others to urge you to act accordingly -- or, at least, to prompt you to defend your personal reputation (should the suspicions regarding yourself prove erroneous).


Your on the right track

I was thinking about who wrote these newletters , and I thought the same thing. It had to be Lew . I don;t if he wrote the letters or not but he was in charge so he should tell us what he knows. He needs to come forward and admit it. Step up and be a real man. Paul can't snitch off his buddy that is nobel.

Freedom of speech

How dare I for putting forth a logical response to a question that has been the meat of about 20 stories and 3 interviews in the past 3 days. All you people can muster is unless your a Ron Paul expert and have seen everyone of his speeches(like me) than you would know how ridiculous this is" well the recent surging in the poll proves alot of new people are coming his way, by logic that tells you they aren't Ron Paul fanatics and don't know his entire lifes history like you guys and me. You are trying to stiffle my freedom of speech almost like the occupy wall street websites who claim to fight for it and then try and silence people who don't share there entire belief system, like "8 weeks in and already starting a revolution get out of here" hahahahahahahahaha is if you must "graduate" in order to post on Daily Paul. Lew Rockwell ran the newsletters throughout the years the RACIST!!! comments were made such as " "[o]rder was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks."I dont care but you have to think like the mainstream Bill O'reilly loving idiots that being racist is more evil than endless wars and allowing the destruction of our dollar. Lew Rockwell has made racist remarks with strikingly similar language and style as those in the newsletters,such as "Martin Luther King Jr was a socialist tool" Ron Paul doesn't use slang and language like that, Lew does. ALL I AM SUBMITTING WAS A RESEARCHED POINT OF VIEW, THAT I ASKED PEOPLE TO RESEARCH FOR THEMSELVES! I never demanded anything, "if you know Ron Paul, you would know he didn't write that" is a terrible answer that hasn't cleared it up for 4 years now! If nothing else Lew Rockwell should take the blame because Ron Paul was practicing medicine at the time, and Lew Rockwell the VP and sometimes editor of the newsletters was more in charge of day to day operations than Ron himself. Even if he didn't write them, he failed Ron Paul when he allowed their publication under his oversight. Is that not logical?What have I said that doesn't deserve real un-hateful discussion? Be careful people Ron Paul himself along with Jefferson understood that freedom of speech doesn't exist to only protect people that agree with YOU, it exist to protect controversial public discussion, like some may view this as, that might offend or challenge ones beliefs. All I ask is to research this yourself, and ask if Lew Rockwell is worth all the work we've done, and quite possibly the decline of the U.S to protect the author of these letters? Who ever it may be!I don't think so!

You mean the Lew Rockwell who

You mean the Lew Rockwell who was the only blogger brave enough to publish so many FREE MICHAEL VICK essays?

Let's assume it is Lew for

Let's assume it is Lew for the sake of argument. Just because he wasn't a collectivist (racist) in 2009 doesn't mean he wasn't one in 1989.

In fact, when the responsible party falls on his sword to save the country, having recent evidence of a change of heart will be useful.


It will definitely hurt Dr. Paul if he starts winning many primaries.

I Believe

That you don't Believe.

I can honestly say,

that Ron Paul did not write the racist portions of those newsletters. Nobody, has ever heard Dr. Paul utter anything close to what was published.

I can also honestly state, that I don't know who wrote those newsletters.

But, the person that wrote them, should stand up, and take personal responsibility for their actions, like a real man or woman would.


Whoever wrote those newsletters, best stand up, even if it is Lew Rockwell, and I'm not saying it is.

But right now, Dr. Paul and his mission is bigger than Lew Rockwell, and bigger than you and me and everyone else combined.

This is a choice between PEACE and endless WAR.

I pray to God, that this will be resolved.

Quit Beating a Dead Horse

It wasn't even racist comments anyway, it was simply politically incorrect verbage. Enough. Be done with it.

I am done with it

There has been a resurgence of this on a massive scale and you must have an answer to this better than Ron Paul wouldn't say that. Unless your die hard Ron Paul fanatics like us, you haven't watch every one of his speeches to know him on a personal level almost. And to those people we need to step forward, my friend who is just starting to really come around to Ron Paul said the answers he has been giving in his last 2 interviews were not sufficient. And I have to agree, Ron Paul has the memory of a computer!He knows but he is too polite and nice to sell them out! I believe that is extremely selfish of him to jepordize this entire movement(even though he started it, it's bigger than him)because he is to nice to throw that person under the bus, the peoples reaction to this seems similar. Oh it's not Rockwell he is Pauls friend so therefore he can never do any wrong. Read he writing style and racist remarks he's made. So I think the drop it "cop out" is irresponsible, Ron Paul and us must have a more complete answer to tell people other than if you know Ron Paul he would never say that, what if you don't know Ron Paul???

I would call them "insensitive"

I agree with you. The comments were not racist. They were insensitive and improper for the newsletter, but not racist.

Nonetheless, it is clear that Ron Paul didn't write them. All you have to do is read the volumes of things written by Ron Paul to see that the comments don't come close to matching stylistically.


"[o]rder was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks." that is pretty racist. Clearly Ron Paul wouldn't speak like this, but this one of the 3 main problems strangers bring up to me about why they don't like Ron Paul. We needed to prepare for this long ago with a better response than well if your a Ron Paul expert and have watched all his speeches you would know he would never do that. It went on too long to pawn if off on I didnt know who wrote it for past 7 years

--"[o]rder was only restored

--"[o]rder was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks."

sometimes the truth is "racist". it was in poor judgment for a newsletter to say something like this, though.

If Lew Rockwell

Mr Rockwell why don't you take the responsibility for the infamous Ron Paul newsletters? With so much at stake isnt it worth it to own up to what seems to any casual observer, opinions and prose more consistent with your style than Dr. Paul's? You've already supported the views of pseudo-scientist and known racist Phillipe Rushton and expressed views that are less than favorable to blacks and other so called "minorities". Being called a bigot would have no material affect on you. These charges against Dr Paul however leave us all open to the encroaching police state and economic meltdown you speak about so frequently. Do the right thing. Take ownership of your views so Dr Paul can focus on campaigning without this over his head.

Please do not respond to this

Please do not respond to this thread. Let it die.

(It was already bumped to the top when I posted this.)

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

Get this crap outta here

8 weeks in and you're trying to start your own DUMB revolution...

It may very well be Rockwell

I also bet this is what people in the media have figured and its why they haven't run with the story. It would backfire big time on the media if Rockwell were to come out and take credit for newsletters and that would end the story Ron Paul would get a pass.

Hell even if Rockwell didn't write them he would still probably come out and claim them.

Even if he doesn't come out and claim responsibility the story cant sustain itself longer than 1-2 days.

Besides there still is a segment in the party that is rascit and sadly, for all the wrong reasons, would probably help Ron get the nomination ( remember the southern states).

Its a wild card for the media to play and even if it were to stick it still wouldn't pale in comparison to the crap the other candidates have been accused of.

Remember it took what 5 women spaced out over two weeks to take Cain out. They need something else besides the newsletters to actually damage Ron.

Besides the race card doesn't work anymore.

FINALLY!!! someone with intelligence

Lew Rockwell taking the heat for the newsletters is the smartest way to handle it. It diffuses the WHOLE thing over night. The worst that could be said about Ron Paul is he didnt know and he is very disappointed in Lew for not taking ownership sooner. Lew gets a slap on the wrist and we get ourselves a blemish free candidate once again.

Thank you for thinking outside the box. We cant call other people sheeple then when faced with adversity we say "baa baa he didnt write it" in unison as some sort of fkn defense. It doesnt work like that.

Lew..Take the heat. You know you wrote it.

What are you thinking?

Ron Paul didn’t right them.
Anyone with a brain knows he isn’t racist. That is all that matters.

Why would you want to lead an attack on someone else over something that is 20 years old??

Lew Rockwell has worked hard for the cause of Liberty and attacking him would serve no purpose. In a free society, bigots are tolerated, not well liked, but tolerated.

If you must attack someone I am sure there are members of your friends and family who are not perfect human beings, attack them, and keep it private.


Liberty = Responsibility

Problem is that if Lew wrote them

Ron Paul is taking the heat for them. This isnt time for a theoretical libertarian class. Ron Paul needs a quick out from all this because the charges are shocking and they are not GOING away becuase we so called "Paul-tards" say it should. The media incinerated Newt's campaign over the past few weeks and now its Ron's turn. Anyone that didnt see this coming is naive.

I concur

with that pristine line of rational. Let the LSM have at it all day long, it's all they've got to keep them occupied.
That's it and nothing more, no sexcapades, no hint of corruption, NADA !

Long Live The Republic

2012 Ron Paul 2012

STOP refering to them as the "racist" newsletters...

they were investment newsletters and most of all, there is NOTHING racist about them. Zero. Ziltch. I used to subscribe to them long ago and I can assure you they were not racist, antigay or antiblack... what they were was ANTI-Liberal Black, anti-LIBERAL Gay, and so on...

The New Republic, a neoliberal mag, who has long been at war with the ROn Paul Newsletter likes to take things out of context and spread it all around. Then unthinking BOOBS like to ASSUME they are right, and fret and worry about it. Stop! Think!

Now, get a real grip on what IS and what is NOT racist. Don't assume or take the liberal PC multicultural crap without THINKING...

Ron Paul wisely has said, I did not write that, I disavow Those kind of words (he is not saying its racist wise up) and I apologize and take responsibility for it if anyone is offended -- ie leftist PC multicultural LIBERALS who are black and gay are Offended. Conservative blacks and gays are NOT offended, get a clue!!! Read gay conservative/libertarian Justin Riamondo on the "racist newsletters and the Beltway smear job from leftist gay libertarians who were upset at Ron Paul supporting pat Buchanan. Get a clue will ya?

Pick your battles, Ron Paul has, and he is not going to go around and EDUCATE boobs who don't know what real racism is or looks like. Move on, next battle.


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
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I support Ron Paul. I have read the newsletters. They are

racist in many ways. Period. End of story. For a group of people who do so much investigation and demand so much evidence for supporting their candidate how can we now turn away from the blatantly obvious. Its troubling but he made money on those newsletters. I believe he didnt personally write them but permitted them to be created as a supplement to his income and probably because he didnt think he'd go back into politics. Our words do come back to haunt us and I said REPEATEDLY to the campaign 4 years ago that this wasnt going away.

I was ignored.

Create a stronger counter argument than to try to convince people that the words in those newsletters aren't racist. It makes you look willfully ignorant of the facts

I can't prove a negative, you must prove a positive.

You claim they are racist... "Period". Well pick one one and lets go at it. You may learn from our dialogue here what is and what is not racist. ...

Friend me on Facebook and lets let everyone listen in and learn

Treg Loyden

Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

If Lew Rockwell were any friend of freedom as he likes to say

He would take responsibility for the newsletters.

yeah. It's still simply an

yeah. It's still simply an opinion and speculation. We need an open admission from the individual who wrote them.


I'd like to see the "smear" tactics go away as much as anyone else...BUT...once again Dr. Paul is right. There is no reason for a "witch hunt" or "outing" here. The bottom line is anyone can see that Dr. Paul has never said those types of things..never done anything that could show him in that light..and just doesn't stand up to who he is.

It would be all fine and dandy to "out" someone...but it won't change the smear, it also won't stop another attack that will come in some other form.

I totally understand your view point on this, but as hard as it is to swallow..there is so much more to this that just getting Dr. Paul in office. It's about hearts and minds. Folks have to come by it in their own time.

Fast forward to Dr. Paul's first term...do you realize how hard the correction is going to be? Do you realize how bad things might have to get before the correction happens? If folks didn't get there on their own they will never be able to accept the correction. This is totally and always will be a war for hearts and minds. Folks have to believe the message. Dr. Paul (as much as I adore him) is just the messenger.

This is the only selfish

This is the only selfish thing I have ever seen from Ron Paul

Even if what you said is true, Ron Paul is 100% selfish. His desire to get America back to a path of freedom is for himself, his kids, his grand kids. He loves it when young people listen to him and carry on his legacy. Everything he does is motivated by self-interest.

Ron Paul is the champion of self-interest. Stalin and Hitler were the champions of self-sacrifice, the opposite.

I just wanted to clear that up for you.