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Newt Gingrich SCARY Singaporean style drug policy.

Ran accross this video. As we all know newt Gingrich like most establishment support the failed drug war... but He promotes expanding it to an entirely different level. He supports the singaporean style drug laws/model along with bill o'reilly

Heres the vid clip

Things like

a) Mandatory drug tests door to door
b) Mandatory drug rehab if your caught with it or in your bloodstream
c) Singapore Executes all its drug dealers he suggests that he would want that 2
d) Also agrees we should have troops stationed at the border "Guarding things going in AND going out" (perhaps people fleeing the obama regime)

how do we get this clip over to matt drudge , radio hosts, and perhaps even the ron paul campaign to use in an attack ad

**btw portugal decriminalized ALL its drugs in 2001 and they're doing fine everythings gotte better

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