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Rasmussen demotes Paul to second place in Iowa

Covers butt by saying, "...lots could change between now and January 3."

Iowa: Romney 25% Paul 20% Gingrich 17%


Was so tempted to put this in the Art category.

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I guess this gives our guy

I guess this gives our guy cover from attack ads and disinformation so he can quietly sail to victory.

It says it is the strongest

It says it is the strongest polling they have seen from Paul. This is a biased poll so I thinks this is good news but we must not sit back and act like we have won. We must triple our efforts!

Article on Rasmussen bias


Looks like Public Policy Polling is the most unbiased regarding republican/democrat tilt.

Actually I think this is a

Actually I think this is a rise in the Rasmussen Poll for Ron compared to their previous.

RCP average has him nicely in 1st

Love seeing that nice orange line rising up out of the heap of trash!